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David Ripley: Bill of Rights Becomes Property of the Left

February 22nd, 2011 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

There are inalienable rights, and then there are those the Left would grant us in limited circumstances.
An important lawsuit is highlighted in Sunday’s Washington Times. It puts flood lights on the disturbing trend within both academia and the medical professions to deny Christians the right to practice medicine unless they are willing to leave their spiritual and moral values at home.

Julea Ward was dismissed from a graduate program in psychology a couple of years ago because she referred a potential client to another graduate student. The issue? The client was suffering depression related to his/her practice of homosexuality. Ms. Ward is a devout Christian who felt that she could not, in good conscience, affirm the patient’s lifestyle during counseling sessions.

Rather than defend her professionalism in referring the case to a more sympathetic counselor, as well as her Constitutionally-protected right to live her faith – administrators at Eastern Michigan University dismissed her from the program. In doing so, they found her to be an unsuitable candidate for the counseling profession because of the “conflict between [her]values and those behaviors expected of [the counseling] profession”.

It was not good enough that she made a good faith effort to obtain alternative services for the patient. As the author of the article so aptly put it: If you are a conscientious Christian, we don’t want you in our profession.

The young lady sued the school on the grounds of religious discrimination. A federal district judge denied her claims in the summer of 2010. She has appealed to the 6th Circuit.

Those ever-vigilant champions of the Bill of Rights – the American Civil Liberties Union – have now weighed in, against Ms. Ward. The Washington Times reports that the ACLU amicus brief argues that “compelling someone to act against [their] religious beliefs does not violate [their] freedoms of religion or speech”.

[If you can't follow that last bit of logic, you obviously did not go to a prestigious left-coast law school].

One would like to assume that this is an isolated case. The scary truth is that it is not.

The Times article documents several cases of students being tossed from graduate program for similar reasons. And we’ve seen New York City attempt to force all medical students participate in abortions as a “core” requirement of their medical education.

But we need look no further than the Idaho Legislature to see how common this totalitarianism has spread. Liberals in our own Legislature continue to fight the new Conscience Protection Law because they firmly believe that a nurse or doctor or pharmacist who will not participate in abortions or assisted suicide should not be allowed to retain their license to practice medicine.

Interestingly enough, we have also faced this same ACLU in court around pro-Life laws we have worked on over the years. They have vigorously defended abortion doctors from being compelled to share evidence of abortion’s negative effects with would-be victims on the grounds that such informed consent laws violate those doctors’ free speech rights.

It is important to note that this ideologically-restrained view of freedom has now become rather common: Ms. Ward’s own case shows that members of the legal profession are compromised – including the federal judge who denied her claims. And what to say about “academia”, once so proud of its pursuit of intellectual freedom?

The Bill of Rights obviously no longer applies to all Americans.

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