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Bob Webster: Creation vs. Evolution – Chapter 4

March 7th, 2011 by Halli

Some charts are omitted because of formatting problems. If you would like to have the document in its original form, use the contact form.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three


In this chapter we are at last ready to dive into the heart of the controversy surrounding CREATION-VS-EVOLUTION. As we discussed earlier, the focal point of conflict seems to be the 1 God-day equals 1000 years in the Creation story, as opposed by the millions of years age of the earth declared by evolutionists. The previous chapters presented the scriptural evidences that the CREATION position is literally true.

When originally created, this physical earth was in a TERRESTRIAL status. During those peaceful Garden-of-Eden conditions, there was no aging or death on earth! All living creatures lived endlessly. All land was in one place, and the sea covered the rest of the earth’s surface. The surface of the earth was relatively smooth, mild and peaceful, producing its foliage and food spontaneously for the benefit of all creatures. No form of life harmed, attacked or ate any other, only its foliage or fruit.

Adam and Eve were the first human flesh on earth, although they were not yet mortal. There were no pre-adamite “cave-men” progenitors. These two children of God, Adam and Eve were fully intelligent, yet as innocent as the cattle. All creatures lived in peaceful harmony, without pain, disease or death. Like all other creatures, Adam and Eve were designed with the ability to bring forth offspring after its own kind, but as yet ignorant of and unmotivated about how to do so. Genetic cross-breeding or mutation was impossible, being restricted in its genetic code by limits set by the Creator. Those limits lovingly protect each species and avoid chaos. There are different kinds of flesh for man, beasts, fishes and birds. They did not evolve from one common ancestor, although there were similarities in many of the regeneration processes. Each kind of creature was a specific creation, genetically different from all others.

When first placed on earth in their TERRESTRIAL state, all animal creatures could intercommunicate in a common language. Adam had not been taught any “reckoning of time,” since time was irrelevant; time was endless. Then Satan was allowed by God to enter the scene to provide the opposition necessary to help Adam and Eve exercise their free choice between right and wrong. Satan, filled with hate from his rejection, was determined to destroy the Father’s Plan of Salvation, which now condemned Satan and his angels of misery and hate.

Soon after placing them here, God had carefully instructed Adam and Eve to:
1. Multiply and replenish the earth.
2. Take care of the Garden, and have dominion over all the earth.
3. Not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Using his persuasive skills again, and speaking through the voice of the subtle serpent, Satan presented portions of truth, mingled with deceit and twisted logic, to convince Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit. Yes, the fruit was an actual fruit, not sex, despite how modern distortions portray it. Eve desired to gain knowledge, and to be as the Gods, knowing good from evil. She especially needed knowledge to keep those first two commandments. She made her choice.

Eve ate deliberately, and found the fruit to be delicious as promised. Quickly, she realized that she alone had eaten, and would be left alone, isolated from both Adam and the Father. She earnestly reasoned with Adam to eat of it also, breaking the third commandment so they might remain together to fulfill the first two, which they could only accomplish together. Adam agreed with this necessity, and also chose to eat of the forbidden fruit. Otherwise, they would have remained separated forever without knowledge, posterity or joy.

Together Adam and Eve reasoned that it was worth the penalty of suffering and even eventual death in order to know good from evil, and to complete their God-given commandments. In their original innocent state, Adam and Eve had no awareness of their sexuality, or how to multiply and replenish the earth, as commanded. But with the change that came into them now, they became mortal and understood.

With this willful breaking of a simple commandment (a law), sin entered the world. This is The Original Sin. Since no sin whatever may remain in or enter God’s presence, Adam and Eve were exiled from their beautiful Garden-of-Eden home near present Independence, Missouri, to a nearby location known as Adam-Ondi-Ahman, Missouri. God prepared their first clothing from animal skins, and taught them by His own voice how to struggle and survive “by the sweat of their brow.” He also taught them the need for a Redeemer, and promised to provide one.

But the consequences of their original sin extended far beyond Adam and Eve themselves. All of the earth and all creations under Adam’s jurisdiction also fell from the blissful TERRESTRIAL state to a lower TELESTIAL state of mortality. All of Creation, organic and inorganic entered mortality together. This is The Fall Of Adam.

It is at this point that the aging process began, leading toward death and decay. Also at this time began the counting of TIME in mortality, for Adam and for all the earth. There also began a new enmity and adversity between creatures, developing into predator-prey food chain relationships. The earth itself became harsh and rough, yielding its resources only with difficulty, particularly for mankind. Some climatic influences became severe and troublesome.

Just as the TERRESTRIAL Garden of Eden state of innocence would have endured endlessly without the Fall of Adam, so also this new TELESTIAL fallen state would have continued forever, unless rescued by the pre-planned effect of a SAVIOR. The SAVIOR would pay the ransom debt of Adam’s original sin, mercifully satisfying the demands of justice.

Justice requires that every sin be paid for by innocent mortal blood. The SAVIOR would make it possible for Adam and all his posterity to be freed from the penalty of an endless death caused by the original sin, and to enjoy the presence o f the Father again. His ATONEMENT would also erase men’s personal sins, upon conditions of personal repentance.

It is because of these religious reasons that the earth is like it is today. Consequently, it is futile to try to understand earth and life under any other explanation or theory. Creation is not a theory; it is fact! Evolution is only a theory (a guess), and a false and unverifiable theory at that! It is worse than false, Evolution is anti-God, anti-truth and anti-salvation! It is Satan’s counterfeit for truth, a counterfeit religion!

Now that the earth had entered mortality, how long will it stay that way? When would the SAVIOR free it from both original and personal sin? When would the anticipated end come, so that God’s children could come home again? As pre-planned by God, mortal earth (after the Fall of Adam) would exist for six God-days of 1000 years each, followed by a seventh day of rest.

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