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Bob Webster: Creation vs. Evolution – Chapter 5

March 16th, 2011 by Halli

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four


The truth is:

1.All life has been originated deliberately and purposefully by an intelligent Creator who is following an eternal plan. This Creator, God, performed this creation by action of His Son, Jesus Christ, who has made worlds without number for God’s endless children – man.

2. There was no death on earth during the Garden of Eden period, until “The Fall of Adam.”

3. Only God can create life. He created all life. Life comes only from existing life, not from non-living matter. All living things were first created/born as spirits, before being created as temporal/physical beings on earth. Man’s spirit body is God’s littoral, personal offspring.

4. God purposefully created earth for man, and has provided al the conditions and resources needed to sustain life, and for man to progress.

5. God created the Terrestrial earth in 6 God-days of 1000 years each, and rested a 7th. Then came the “Fall of Adam” bringing mortality to all the earth. Since then, the planned life for earth will be 6 God-days, or 6000 years, plus a final 7th day of 1000 years of rest. Finally, the earth will be changed into a Celestial star, the eternal home for God’s faithful children, who can continue to progress and become Gods themselves, continuing creations in space.

6. God placed Adam on earth as the first human being, as an intelligent son of God, prepared to begin earth’s human population. There were no pre-Adam humans. As man follows God’s instructions, he prospers. As he disobeys, men degenerate spiritually, physically and culturally. All primitive cultures have degenerated from Adam and Noah.

Satan’s Evolutionary Theory Assumes:

1.All life evolved from a common ancestor, which originated from chance chemical combinations in the sea. Man evolved from ape-like progenitors through cave-man/stone-age stages to today’s status and culture.

2. Ocean chemicals combined into 1-celled life, gradually adapting and changing over millions of years into the various life forms known today – all from one common ancestor.

3.There has always been mutation, change in all life forms, and death (uniformity theory).

4.Life began spontaneously on its own. There is no need for a God/Creator, and no pre-earth life. Man is merely one of the animal kingdom species, which has evolved to its higher state of intelligence through gradual survival-selection changes.

5.Earth and the solar system are the result of chaotic physical/chemical and electromagnetic forces in the universe, accidentally resulting in earth’s conditions which support life.

6.Earth has existed for millions of years, and may continue on for millions more. No one knows the future. Man evolved from ape-like ancestors through crude cave-man, stone-age stages to today’s status and culture.

The Truth Is:

7. Each species is created capable of regenerating after its own kind only, within genetic limits set by God. They cannot cross-breed or mutate beyond those limits. There are different kinds of flesh for fish, fowl, beasts and man – not one common ancestor.
8. Natural social laws among all living creatures result in associations between their own kind, and destruction of abnormal, sick, or deviant mutants. No new type could survive, nor find a similarly abnormal mate to propagate a new dominant race. No new life forms are presently evolving on earth. If evolutionary theory was true, examples would be evident. The most helpless of animal of all, man. Is the dominant life form on earth – the opposite of evolution theory of survival-of-the-fittest. In contrast, the largest and strongest creatures, dinosaurs, have gone extinct.
9. Earth’s creation was brief (7000 years) and cataclysmic, and its planned mortal existence will be equally brief (7000 years). All of earth’s mortal physical, chemical and organic life conditions exist within this brief time. Dramatic, cataclysmic earth-forming changes happened suddenly in brief time periods.

10. Evolution theory cannot account for realities controlled by God’s power, such as:
* The change from Garden-of-Eden (no death or aging) to mortality at the “Fall.”
* The Flood.
* Division of the one-land-mass-earth into continents and islands.
* Origin of languages and races from the Tower of Babel period.
* Changing of earth and sun movements.
* Worldwide storms and destructions at Christ’s crucifixion.
* Plagues on Pharaoh by Moses.
* Red Sea crossing by Moses.
* Raising of the dead and healings by Jesus.
* Millennial changes, burnings, restoration of earth to a single land mass in Terrestrial status.
* Eventual Celestialization of earth
* D&C 121:12


7.All life has a common ancestor and has evolved gradually over millions of years into its present diversity of life forms and species.

8.Genetic mutation over millions of years has caused the present variety of living creatures, governed by survival-of-the-fittest struggles for existence. This is called “natural selection.”

9.According to the theory of UNIFORMITY, the slow, gradual physical/chemical processes evident today have always been the same – e.g. chemical half-life, sedimentation rates, mountain building, polar ice caps, global weather changes, etc. Geologic ages lasted millions of years, undergoing slow, gradual changes.

10.There is no such thing as the Fall of Adam, and no convincing evidence of a universal flood, changes in sun location, raising the dead, resurrection, Garden of Eden or a God/Creator. Knowledge of the future is impossible. Man invents his own gods as a crutch. As man matures emotionally and intellectually he needs no crutch, and discards the need for a god or other superstitions and beliefs in an unseen, supernatural power.

The Truth is:

11. Christ has created worlds without number, which are inhabited by God’s children, the same as this earth. Many earths have completed their temporal lives and are now celestial. Many others now exist as this earth does. Others are being created. The process is endless. All space is governed by orderly laws of the universe. All creations are made for the benefit and progress of man. Men, as Gods, are in charge of the universe and all of space, in conformity with natural laws of the universe.


11.Life may potentially exist on other planets in space. Space seems endless, violent, chaotic and mysterious. Much is unknown, but science is discovering more. The number of stars in our galaxy are estimated to be in the millions. The number of galaxies visible from earth’s telescopes appear numberless also.

With the wealth of revealed knowledge shown in the previous chapters, anyone can feel prepared to answer some of the most commonly asked questions concerning CREATION – VS – EVOLUTION. A few of hose questions are answered in the pages of Chapter 6.

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