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Bob Webster: Creation vs. Evolution, Chapter Six

March 21st, 2011 by Halli

By Bob Webster

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five


Q1. Is it possible that God used evolution as the process to create the earth and its living things?

A NO, because the theory of evolution is based on many false assumptions that:
1. There is no God/Creator.
2. The universe, earth and life are all the result of accumulative accident, not an intelligent plan of deliberate creation.
3. The forces of nature and the laws of space simply exist, and are not controlled by any supreme being.
4. Today’s apparent slow, gradual rate of geologic change on earth, eg. Sedimentation, mutation, chemical half-life, etc. has always been the same over millions of years (theory of uniformity, II Peter 3:3-9)
5. All living things have evolved from a common ancestor in a family tree originating from the ocean, in which non-living chemicals combined by chance into a living one-celled form, and from that into today’s variety of complex forms.
6. Any living species can be caused to mutate into a changed form.
7. The existing life forms are the successful, dominant species in a continuous “natural selection” process governed by a supposed natural law of the “survival-of-the-fittest,” in which strong forms survive and weak forms die out of existence.
8. There has always been death among living things on earth.
9. The earth is millions of years old, and will likely continue to exist for millions more.
10. There is no life after death, no plan or destiny for man or other creatures hereafter.
11. There is no need for or reality to the concept of a religious savior, no sin, no forgiveness, no resurrection or life hereafter.
12. Earth will not be suddenly changed from its present state into a Terrestrial Garden-of-Eden state again, nor into a final Celestial globe as its ultimate eternal destiny as the home for God’s most faithful children.
13. There is no such thing as Three degrees of Glory in three separate kingdoms hereafter for mankind, based upon the merits of earth life experiences.
14. It is unlikely that other earths contain the same life forms as this earth, because all is random.
15. There was no pre-earth life for man or other living creatures now on the earth.

Q2. Could earth have been created by God deliberately from pieces of other worlds that were destroyed in space?

A NO, because:
1. Each earth is created by God deliberately from “matter unorganized,” not by accumulative accidents. Even such fundamental elements as oxygen are organized into that element.
2. The ultimate destiny of each earth, including its natural resources, is to be Celestialized, not destroyed into chaotic fragments in space. All of each earth’s life forms, coal, oil, etc. belong to that earth, not to any former earths destroyed in space. Such chaos is not God’s plan. God’s plan is perfectly organized, orderly and purposeful. It is purposefully designed to bless and uplift mankind – God’s own offspring, and consists of an intelligently-planned sequence of various conditions (states), each of which is to last a specific period of time.


Q3. Are there other earths with human life on them?

A YES. God, through His agent and Son, Jehovah/Jesus Christ, has created worlds without number for the same purpose as this earth. Many earths now exist; many have completed their probation and have been Celestialized. As one earth graduates in its progress, another is created to take its place. This Eternal Plan of Salvation is endless.

Q4 Where does God live?

A God lives on a Celestial globe (star), as this earth will become. The nearest creation to God’s home is a star He named Kolob. Kolob is set to govern this earth and others of our same order. ONE DAY ON KOLOB EQUALS 1000 YEARS ON EARTH. All planets and stars are governed in their location, rotations and revolutions by other superior stars. God’s galactic creations in space seem as numberless as the grains of sand on the beaches, but they are all known to Him and numbered by Him. He made them all.

Q5 Is carbon dating a correct and reliable measure of how old things are, including the earth itself?

A NO. Any man-made procedure which results in a dating that conflicts with the revealed, true age of the earth is incorrect, and that procedure needs to be revised to conform with truth. Such erroneous dating processes are based on human assumptions and constants employed in formulas. For example, a carbon dating of human bones which assigns them an age of more than about 6000 years is incorrect. Adam was the first human being on earth, placed here by the Creator in full intelligence as a prophet of God. No life on earth can be more than about 6000 years of age since there was no death or wearing out (aging) process prior to the Fall of Adam into mortality (the start of aging and counting of time).

Life prior to Adam’s Fall existed in an endless, timeless, ageless state. There was no wearing out process in either organic or inorganic elements. The counting of time and the mortal aging process all began simultaneously at the Fall of Adam for all things on earth, about 6000 years ago.

Prideful science progresses gradually toward discovery of truth. Once science discovers truth and comes into harmony with revealed truth, than that science is perfected. Until then, science contains imperfections in its concepts and practices – errors which need to be measured carefully against the standard of revealed truth.

This earth is scheduled to exist in its mortal state, since Adam’s Fall, for six God-days of 1000 years each. We are nearing the end of the sixth millennium. Then the earth will be changed back into its Terrestrial Garden-of-Eden state for the seventh and final millennium. Finally, earth will be changed into its ultimate Celestial state, which, like God’s home, will last forever.

Any dating formula based upon incorrect assumptions, constants or principles will yield a predictably incorrect result. Science would do well to accept all available evidences in its search for truth, including scriptural, oral tribal histories and empirical data presently being ignored, avoided or suppressed in favor of preferred theories of men. For those who wonder what modern prophets and apostles have stated about the theory of evolution, some choice statements follow in Chapter 7.

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