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David Ripley: House Gives Final Approval to Opt-Out Bill

March 24th, 2011 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

The Idaho House approved SB1115 on Wednesday (03.23.11), by a whopping 56-13 vote. This is the final legislative step for this critical bill – which now heads to the Governor’s desk.
SB1115 takes advantage of a provision in ObamaCare which allows states to “opt-out” of covering elective abortions which may eventually be established in Idaho under Obama’s scheme to take over health care in the country.

This legislation is largely defensive in nature – and protects Idaho’s policy on tax-funded abortions established back in 2001. Under the Davis-Loertscher Amendment, tax-funded abortions are available only in cases of rape, incest or life of the mother. Without the passage of SB1115, Idaho would have been forced into paying for elective abortions. That would certainly have led to increased abortion rates.

Perhaps the most contentious element of debate over the legislation, particularly in the House, was Democrat sensitivity over the term ‘ObamaCare’. During our presentation in the House State Affairs Committee, the Executive Director of Idaho Chooses Life was rebuked by Rep. Phylis King for use of the term.

Idaho Democrats would prefer that we all use the Orwellian terminology developed via focus groups: “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act”. But such terminology is, to be kind, misleading. There is nothing “affordable” about the federal health care take-over. And our greatest concern with the legislation – increased abortions and rationing – certainly prohibits using the word, “protection”.

And how can one use languid words like “reform” or even “overhaul” when discussing such a massive government intrusion into healthcare decisions?

We’ll continue using the term ‘ObamaCare’, thank you. It is probably the kindest terminology we can speak with integrity.

Our gratitude to Sens. Curt McKenzie and Rep. Brent Crane for leading the charge on behalf of SB1115. Our friends at Americans United for Life were extremely helpful in preparing the legislation. Hopefully it will encourage other states to take decisive action to mitigate the devastating effects of ObamaCare.

We pray blessings upon the wonderful pro-Life grassroots folks who continue to support this ministry’s work in the Idaho Legislature!

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