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Bob Webster: Creation vs. Evolution, Chapter 7

March 30th, 2011 by Halli

By Bob Webster

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter Three
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6


Statements by LDS Church leaders concerning false evolutionary theories have never been repealed:

There is no evolution. Each species exists as God made it. John Taylor, Mediation and Atonement p160

As man now is, God once was: As God now is, man may be. Lorenzo Snow, Improvement Era (Spring 1840) Vol. XXII No. 8 p. 656, June 1919.

“Evolution theory is false. Man began as intelligent man, not from lower forms. Man can never discover the mystery of life’s origin, but God has revealed much of it, and we are duty-bound to accept it. God made each species, but only man is in God’s image.” LDS First Presidency: Joseph F. Smith, John R. Winder and Anthon H. Lund.

Not only is the theory of evolution a false theory, it is often perpetrated by deliberate deception, with fraudulent evidence. For details, read chapters seven through eleven in Man, His Origin And Destiny, by Joseph Fielding Smith. A sampling of some of his comments on the hypothesis of organic evolution follows:

p. 136 This question (of evolution) has never been answered successfully other than the account in the scriptures … there is no evidence that will support it (evolution). All evidence points to the contrary.

p. 137 It requires a vast stretch of the imagination, far beyond the realms of reason, for one to accept such a theory as this. Does it not all sound extremely ridiculous? Well, so it is! Yet it is this kind of rubbish that is put forth apparently in all seriousness. Books are written about it; lectures are given in classrooms, from pulpits and platforms, and thousands of well-meaning people say they believe it.

p. 138 So we find ourselves floundering in the depths of an unfathomable hypothesis about which no one has been able to do more than make an uncertain guess.

My dear friends, cannot you see how utterly foolish it all is? Why is it that thousands of intelligent-looking human beings are willing to accept these stupid teachings? Frankly it is because Satan has deceived them and they love darkness rather than light. (See II Thes. 2:8-12)

. . . Darwin’s . . . hypothesis is not only groundless, but absurd and harmful to society. It is groundless because there is not a single fact in the universe that can be cited to prove that man is descended from the lower animals. Darwin does not use facts; he uses conclusions drawn from similarities. He builds upon assumptions, probabilities and inferences, and asks the acceptance of his hypothesis notwithstanding the fact that connecting links have hitherto not been discovered. There are myriads of creatures about us . . . and not one is in transition from one species to another ….

p. 140 The evolutionist guesses himself away from God

p. 141 . . . be prepared to ridicule these pseudo-scientists who come to you with guesses instead of facts.

p. 142 If the Bible said anything so idiotic as these guessers put forth in the name of science, scientists would have a great time ridiculing the sacred pages . . . . We have all read such silly things in supposedly scientific articles. Surely an hypothesis is hard put to have to resort to such foolish things as evidence.
p. 144 . . . in all of (Darwin’s) works, there is nothing but speculation and supposition. Not one single fact.

p.144-57 (paraphrased) Deceptions, restorations, imaginations, reconstructions, estimations, misleadings, weird theories, hoaxes, presumptions and manufactured evidences to fraudulently deceive have been used to convince the world of so-called missing-link pre-humans, such as Trinil Ape Man, Neanderthal Man, Cro-Magnon Man and Piltdown Man.

p. 157 . . . the advocates of this pernicious theory go to the most ridiculous lengths and resort to the most absurd conclusions based on imaginary discoveries and fables. . . . they can create species and groups and supply missing parts which in their imaginations disappeared millions of years ago. . . and then the plotters have been forced to resort to fraud and deception to bolster up their futile attempts to prove a Satan-inspired cause, the real purpose being to destroy faith in God.

p. 159 . . . yet little or no notice is taken of any arguments against evolution, and hence for the most part students hear only one side of the case.

p. 160 The powers advocating evolution are now sitting in our schools, colleges, scientific circles and controlling the press to a great extent.

p. 161 . . . so they guess that once many millions of years ago, life must have come on the earth spontaneously. They have no proof, they can discover no proof, and before any court where justice is dispensed and evidence is required, their case would have to be thrown out of court.

There is, I repeat, no greater crime than turning away of our fellow man by the teachings of corrupt and malicious doctrines from the true worship of their Heavenly and Eternal Father, the maker of all things.

p. 163 . . . there is something more in life than the mere forces of chemistry and physics.

p. 167 . . . no inorganic substance has ever taken upon itself animation and developed into life.

The Lord placed a line of demarcation between the animal creation and the human family in the very beginning, before the foundations of this earth were laid. In fact there is an eternal decree that animals of different families, or species, shall remain separate from other species, and there are bounds they cannot pass.


p.145 In the American Museum of Natural History, New York City, in the “Hall of the Age of Man” is a sequence of three busts purporting to be restorations which show the evolutionary development of man. These three missing links between apes and man, as restored by J. H. McGregor, show sequential changes in certain physical features, such as prominence of the chin, reduction of the eyebrow ridges, reduction of the prominence of the lower face, and increases in cranial capacity for the brain.

Each “missing link” supposedly represents an entire evolutionary stage or race of beings, all of whom had that appearance and development. Arranged left to right from oldest to youngest, these three missing link busts are called Trinil Ape Man (Pithecantrhopus erectus), Neanderthal Man and Cro-Magnon Man. With true apes on the left and, and modern man on the right, this sequence of busts is commonly shown in science books and encyclopedias as the true developmental pedigree of man. Apes are apes, and men are men, but let’s examine how those three “pre-historic” men, and a fourth one – Piltdown man – were really discovered and “reconstructed” by evolutionists to fill the imaginary gap between apes and man.

P. 148 NEANDERTHAL MAN: In 1856, in small cave at Neanderthal Gorge near Elberfield, Germany, two laborers found a piece of human skull. A local physician then assisted in the subsequent discovery of several other human bone fragments; those included: a well-preserved thigh bone; sever poorly-preserved arm bones; a piece of forearm bone; a right shoulder blade; part of a collar bone and five pieces of broken ribs.

There were no other artifacts or human tools with these human bones. Dr. Rudolph Virchow, President of the Anthropological Society of Berlin for thirty years, determined the skull to be a pathological specimen. He further stated that he had seen similar skull shapes on modern men who then walked the streets. Other scientists compared the sloping forehead to the great Sir Henry Irving, to the renowned Marquis de Lafayette and to Rudyard Kipling. Nevertheless, Neanderthal Man was placed in the middle of the three “missing link” busts.

P. 150 TRINIL-APE MAN: Dr. Eugene Dubois, a Dutch military surgeon, found the following bones in central Java:
1. In 1891 a small piece of upper skull and molar teeth, on the left bank of the Solo River near Trinil.
2. In 1892 a left femur bone 50 feet from the site of the skull find, along with a second molar tooth and another tooth from other locations nearby. Other bones had been excavated from this overall site before and after these finds.
From these minor fragments, Dr. Dubois reconstructed Trinil Ape Man (Java Man) and crowned him with the name, Pithecanthropus erectus. Dubois even assigned it a brain capacity of 858 – 900 cc., and declared it to represent an entire race of pre-men.
These Trinil bone fragments were shown in 1895 before the Third International Congress of Zoologists in Leiden, Germany. Dr. Rudolph Virchow, president of that assembly, and the world authority at that time, declared the skull to be that of a large gibbon ape, and criticized Dubois’s imaginary sub-man. Several other authorities also determined it to be a gibbon. Soon after, Dr. Dubois sealed up his Trinil bone fragments and refused further scientific examinations of them.

Even the organizer of the missing link bust sequence, Professor Henry Fairchild Osborn, and his two aids at the American Museum of Natural History, pronounced the Trinil creature to be an ape, and further denounced the theory of man’s descent from the apes. Nevertheless, Pithecanthropus erectus was placed as the oldest of the three busts, next to the apes.

P.150 CRO-MAGNON MAN: At Cro-Magnon, Dardogne, France were found three skeletons. They were not very old, were over six feet tall and had large cranial capacities. Logically, the evolutionists placed these bigger and more intelligent specimens at the top of the missing link sequence, closest to modern man, proudly welcoming them into their evolutionary family tree.

Stop for a moment and consider the absurdity of these unscientifically-assembled creatures as ancestors of man.
1. From a few bone fragments, found under questionable circumstances, complete skulls were reconstructed by imagination, and in opposition to recognized scientific authorities, and declared to be proof of evolutionary links between apes and man.
2. In some cases, from a few skeletal fragments, an entire skeletal frame was reconstructed with its height, weight, and body posture determined, all by imagination.
3. From the reconstructed beings, the overzealous evolutionists declared them to be representative of entire races which existed for centuries. From there, it was an easy stretch of the imagination to assume their cultural life styles, living standards, food and clothing habits, geographical spread, communications, self defense and sex life.

All of this imagination science has been foistered onto a gullible, modern world as truth, under the guise of science. What a shocking testimony of the unbelief of the children of God. To use an evolutionary slur, Man’s enlarged cranial capacity must not have been accompanied by a corresponding enlargement of the substance within.

As imaginary and fraudulent as were Trinil Ape Man, Neanderthal Man and Cro-Magnon Man, the extent of outright fraud in evolutionary reconstructions was never to more evident than in the case of

About 1911, in a gravel road near Piltdown Common, Sussex, England, a small portion of a skull was found by some road workers. This was given to a British lawyer named Charles Lawson. Later, in different parts of the gravel bed were found another piece of skull, a canine tooth and a piece of jawbone. All of these small pieces could fit in the palm of one hand. From these, Dawson reconstructed Piltdown Man, and proclaimed it to be a new genus which he humbly named Eoanthropus dawsonii.

P. 152 Dawson set the canine tooth in the lower right jaw. But scientists later found that the bone pieces did not belong to the same individual. The canine tooth was an ape tooth, which actually belonged in the upper left jaw position. Furthermore, the jaw and molar teeth were from a chimpanzee, whereas the skull cranial fragments were human. In 1916, scientific papers declared the Piltdown Man’s jaw to be convincingly and irrefutably that of a chimpanzee, and the skull top human.

P. 155 Finally, in 1923, the Piltdown skull was declared an elaborate hoax. Although the human cranial pieces were genuine, the jaw and molars were of a modern ape which had been deliberately filed down and stained, perhaps as a prank by the workmen on the lawyer. Thus ended the evolutionary claims for Piltdown Man as a missing link.

Piltdown Man hasn’t been the only hoax. Other fraudulently-created primitive men have also been discovered and proven false, such as LaQuina Lady, Heidelberg Man, Moustier Man and Peking Man. All were fabricated from a few scattered bone fragments, lacking evidence, and whose parents were imagination and deliberate deception. All found, for a brief time, a gullible audience of evolutionary worshipers, as anxious to denounce God as a mere theory as they were to believe in these frauds.

If you were a true seeker of truth, the information presented so far will thrill your soul, and you will never be satisfied with anything but the truth. Above all, however, remember that the proof does not come by the mind alone, but by the revelation from the Holy Spirit, which no science can measure. With the Apostle Paul, I appeal to you to , Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesyings. PROVE ALL THINGS; HOLD FAST TO THAT WHICH IS GOOD. (I Thes.5:19-21)

Chapter 8 will present some of the good evidences commonly being ignored in the world today, in favor of false theories of men.

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