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David Ripley: Hypocrisy of Feminism Explored

June 22nd, 2011 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

The Wall Street Journal is carrying a superb article on the chilling disregard that elite feminists have shown for the rampant destruction of girl babies through abortion. Sex selection is a terror in much of the developing world – none more staggering than the forced abortion policies at play in China.

Those policies have largely been embraced by leading elites of the Left as part of their embrace of legalized abortion and population control.

The fact that girls are the most likely victims of such evil policies seems not to trouble feminists at all.

How can such a movement and leadership have any credibility to speak for women?

Read the fascinating, disturbing article for yourself: The War Against Girls.

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David Ripley: Thank You, Senators Crapo and Risch

June 17th, 2011 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

Idaho’s two great senators, Jim Risch and Mike Crapo, were among twenty-eight members of the U.S. Senate to rise up in defense of Indiana in its battle with the Obama Administration over its welfare program for Planned Parenthood.
The letter urges Secretary Sebelius to revisit the decision to force Indiana continue its unwanted partnership with the mechanized death machine that is Planned Parenthood. Senators argued that the states have a right to manage their own Medicaid programs.

Not only are Risch and Crapo defending our fellow citizens in Indiana – their letter goes to the rights of every state, including Idaho, to resist the tyranny of the federal government. After sending its threatening letter to Indiana officials, the Obama Administration upped the ante by copying all state officials around the nation with a warning to cut off all federal monies for Medicaid if they dared mess with Obama’s pals at Planned Parenthood.

This is not republican, constitutional government – it is thuggery. Sort of like being in business with the Mafia, in which the ‘largesse’ of the federal government is only an enticement to the bondage of addiction.

There are many, many reasons to rewrite the entire Medicaid program after Obama’s ouster from Washington – but at the top of the chart has to be severing the dark and unwanted partnership between the nation’s abortion industry and taxpayers.

Idaho continues to be blessed by a stellar congressional delegation who understands the grave contest now underway in Washington. May the Lord continue to watch over them and grant them courage.

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Andi Elliott: Enough, Idaho!

June 13th, 2011 by Halli

By Andi Elliott

Isn’t it enough that our federal government is bloated with corrupt and self-serving “elected officials”? Yet even in Idaho…a state noted for its position supporting state sovereignty, individual responsibility, and supposedly, a respect for our laws and Constitution… we have a mirror image of our national government albeit on a smaller scale.

Elected officials use their position to prevent legislation from receiving an “up or down” vote just as the crooked Reid and Pelosi have been castigated for doing. Legislation is being manipulated to protect some of our elected officials’ personal interests. Spousal/child abuse and animal cruelty laws are archaic yet even these laws often go unenforced at the whim of local officials. Idaho, who led the nation in opposition to Obamacare, remains curiously silent about our illegal immigration problems. (I’m told by several sources that some of our “own” are benefiting from illegal workers. Do you think your neighbors don’t know what you’re doing?) We have state officials who have sold us down the “Huang Ho” River. And we have a legislator using state resources to encourage schools to promote her agenda of opposing laws passed by our elected representatives. (I understand she says she’s “sorry” …like Weiner??? There’re sorry alright…they’ve got a “sorry” character and are “sorry” they got caught.)

Whose interests are being promoted and whose pocketbook is being “lined”? Where are the men and women who place patriotism and duty before self? Where are those who will simply do what is right?

Andi Elliott
Hamer, ID

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David Ripley: More Tyranny from Obama

June 3rd, 2011 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

Much appropriate attention was given to the great solons of Indiana when they stepped-up to block taxpayer funding of America’s largest abortion business under the guise of providing “health care” to women. The new legislation, signed into law by Governor Daniels, would go beyond the Hyde Amendment. Indiana would ban any Medicaid funds from going to Planned Parenthood in the great State of Indiana.

A huge victory for the nation’s pro-Life movement.

However, on June 1, the hardcore abortion champion leading Obama’s Department of Health & Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, issued an order explaining to Indiana that such a move would not be allowed by the federal government.

If Indiana does not change its law, it faces penalties from the feds. Ultimately, Sebelius may force legislators in the Hoosier State to choose between principle and watching its share of federal monies under Medicaid held hostage.

Planned Parenthood operates 28 “clinics” in the state, four of them perform surgical abortions – though we don’t have information on how many others commit chemical abortions.

Several members of Congress from Indiana, including Mike Pence, had written a prior letter to Sebelius, arguing that Indiana had the right under existing law to target Planned Parenthood. The ideologues running our federal regime ignored their views.

Is this how our system of government was designed to operate?

The real problem here, of course, is that for many decades state powers have been practically undermined by the “largesse” of federal funds. All those “free” goodies come with a huge price, as the present situation well illustrates.

We pray that Governor Daniels and legislative leadership in Indiana have the guts to fight this thing for as long as they are able. The protection of Indiana’s prerogatives will ultimately depend on the outcome of next year’s elections. We need a transformation in the way Washington operates in order to begin a restoration of constitutional government.

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