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Press Release on Jefferson County, Idaho, Animal Cruelty

August 31st, 2011 by Halli

Once again Jefferson County Sheriff Blair Olsen and Prosecutor Robin Dunn have charged animal welfare advocate, Andi Elliott, with trespassing.

Neighbors called Andi after multiple complaints about Dan Murdock’s (of Hamer, ID) half starved horses had been ignored by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

While Andi was taking pictures of the horses from the roadway, Murdock’s neighbor, Kent Young, came out to see why his dog was barking. Seeing Andi taking pictures of the Murdock horses in poor condition, Young began taking pictures of Andi taking pictures of the horses. Andi’s husband was there as a witness and was taking pictures of both Andi on the public roadway and of Young taking pictures of her. All photos were turned over to the JCSD.

The complaint said that Andi had returned to the Young’s property after being warned not to by Deputy John Clements. Andi has never even been on the Young’s property at all…not even the first time as she was taking pictures of horses across the street. (She did not realize at the time that neighbors had also made complaints about Young’s horse. Deputy Clements told her this information at a later date.) The state veterinarian has now been out to examine the horses and Deputy Clements told Andi that they were now being checked on a monthly basis and that the horses were gaining weight.

It was a little over a year ago, that Sheriff Olsen and Prosecutor Dunn failed miserably in trying to prosecute Andi for trespassing on the property of Raul Torres of Mud Lake, when they sent her out to offer assistance for the Torres’ mother dog left in the yard for 5 days before receiving outside help. Animal cruelty charges were never filed against Torres’ even with an Ada County veterinarian’s documentation of multiple broken legs.

Earlier this month, Andi released information on her newly published book, AND NONE WOULD HELP…Barbie, The Story of the Mother Dog with Broken Legs, which documents the failure of Olsen and Dunn to uphold Idaho’s animal cruelty laws and instead embarked on a vendetta against Andi (because of a previous horse starvation case in Menan, ID in which Olsen failed to act) and another rescuer from Boise.

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David Ripley: Biden Sanctions Forced Abortions

August 23rd, 2011 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

During his tour through China this week, Vice President Joe Biden officially blessed China’s forced abortion policy:
“Your policy has been one which I fully understand — I’m not second-guessing — of one child per family.” (Remarks of VP Biden in Chengdu).

What a tragic milestone in America’s moral leadership. Gone is the fight to protect women from being forced into killing their own baby in order to accomplish the eugenics and population control aims of the all-mighty Chinese state. Erased is the external political and moral pressure from leaders like Ronald Reagan and George Bush – both of whom refused to see American tax dollars used to brutally assault vulnerable mothers.

We’ve yet to hear a single voice of protest from the elite media or the professional feminist class over this outrageous and official abandonment of those women and babies.

Today, Joe Biden is the face of a false feminism, which will no longer bother the Chinese leadership over the trifling matter of millions of women forced to commit unspeakable crimes against themselves and their babies.

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David Ripley: Will House GOP Get Job Done?

August 19th, 2011 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

Planned Parenthood of America snuffs out roughly 910 innocent lives each day. That translates into 38 babies killed each and every hour of each and every day by one of Congress’ favorite objects of taxpayer largesse.
Literally billions of dollars have been poured into Planned Parenthood’s operations by American taxpayers in the decades since Title X was created. Call it Welfare for the Death Industry. Or maybe it would be best referred to as “workfare” – since it would be a blessing if Planned Parenthood did nothing for the tax money they receive.

The summer witnessed a major struggle over the nation’s finances. Members of the media were happy to predict all sorts of economic disaster if the national debt ceiling was not raised to accommodate profligate spending by an Obama Administration bent on remaking America. Strangely, economic chaos has followed anyway.

And it turns out that, soon after Congress returns from Summer Break, the drama will return to occupy the nation’s attention. With appropriations for the current fiscal set to expire by September 30, we will no doubt have all the village idiots returning to our television screens, explaining that more spending is necessary to “save the economy”, and how cuts in various programs will spell ruin for America.

It is appropriate, in that context of moral and financial turmoil, to ask whether the Republicans in Congress will finally be able to put an end to taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. Under the leadership of Speaker Boehner and Congressmen Pence, Labrador and Simpson, an attempt was made earlier this year. The U.S. House approved the Pence Amendment by a vote of 240-185, which would deny funding to Planned Parenthood.

Yet, under intense resistance from Senator Harry Reid and President Obama, the river of public dollars continues to flow.

Terence Jeffrey has a provocative article in Human Events in which he challenges the GOP Speaker to stand firm as we approach a fresh appropriations struggle:

“Between April 14th, when the Boehner-Obama Continuing Resolution (CR) passed, and September 30th, when the fiscal year ends, 141 days will have passed…. If Planned Parenthood continued to abort babies during that time at its self-reported 2009 pace of 910 babies per day, it will have killed 128,310 innocents during the tenure of the Boehner-Obama CR.

“Boehner cannot undo that part of his legacy. But he does not have to capitulate again.”

Indeed. And to add salt to our bleeding wound, Jeffrey points out that any additional monies given to Planned Parenthood in the next fiscal year will be borrowed money … an obligation passed along to a generation we are helping to destroy through abortion.

All stripes of conservative – social and fiscal – can surely agree on the necessity of ending this insane abuse of American taxpayers.

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Andi Elliott: Pressure Mounts on Obama Regime

August 10th, 2011 by Halli

By Andi Elliott

National pressures continue to mount on the Obama regime. Groups all over the nation are joining together to oppose his dictatorial powers and his oppression of every day Americans. The regime has taken to calling those who oppose the government “hobbits”, “right wing extremists”, and the brazen Vice President Biden publicly calls them “terrorists” seeking to marginalize and make them the objects of retaliation efforts. Government supported voter intimidation and “vote buying” episodes are becoming more predominant and conveniently “overlooked” by the Department of Justice head, Eric Holder. Word is spreading among the general populace that future elections may be in jeopardy as the government seeks to find cause to impose martial law.

An in depth examination of those who participate in the radical Tea Party groups reveals an unusual conglomeration of Americans who oppose Obama and his Socialist appointees. Peaceful protests in the nation’s capital and indeed all across the nation have only heightened the government’s personal attacks on the leaders of the movement. Students on campuses around the country are awakening to the fact that the government is seeking to change the basic fiber of America so that they will never know the freedoms under which they were brought up. Grandmothers find that they must become a political force in order to salvage their country and leave their children and grandchildren a future that is unfettered with debt and oppressive regulations and control.

Despite the fact that many of the Tea Party “terrorists” support black candidates such as LTC Allen West and Herman Cain, the under-educated, those mainly inhabiting the inner cities, continue to believe that this discontent and public outcry is predicated solely on the fact that the president is black. This unsubstantiated belief is fueled by those who make their livelihoods and political careers by enhancing racial divisiveness something that the “political savvy” President has used to his advantage on multiple occasions.

America is reaching a crossroads as the “melting pot” of Americans continues to simmer. It is only a matter of time before the discontented masses, many desiring a return to the Constitution, boil over. These “terrorists” will no longer remain silent. Tea Party “terrorists” will oppose those who seek to radically transform their country, and will work to prevent their America from becoming a third world nation.

Andi Elliott

Tea Party Patriots Idaho State Coordinator

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