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Andi Elliott: Pressure Mounts on Obama Regime

August 10th, 2011 by Halli

By Andi Elliott

National pressures continue to mount on the Obama regime. Groups all over the nation are joining together to oppose his dictatorial powers and his oppression of every day Americans. The regime has taken to calling those who oppose the government “hobbits”, “right wing extremists”, and the brazen Vice President Biden publicly calls them “terrorists” seeking to marginalize and make them the objects of retaliation efforts. Government supported voter intimidation and “vote buying” episodes are becoming more predominant and conveniently “overlooked” by the Department of Justice head, Eric Holder. Word is spreading among the general populace that future elections may be in jeopardy as the government seeks to find cause to impose martial law.

An in depth examination of those who participate in the radical Tea Party groups reveals an unusual conglomeration of Americans who oppose Obama and his Socialist appointees. Peaceful protests in the nation’s capital and indeed all across the nation have only heightened the government’s personal attacks on the leaders of the movement. Students on campuses around the country are awakening to the fact that the government is seeking to change the basic fiber of America so that they will never know the freedoms under which they were brought up. Grandmothers find that they must become a political force in order to salvage their country and leave their children and grandchildren a future that is unfettered with debt and oppressive regulations and control.

Despite the fact that many of the Tea Party “terrorists” support black candidates such as LTC Allen West and Herman Cain, the under-educated, those mainly inhabiting the inner cities, continue to believe that this discontent and public outcry is predicated solely on the fact that the president is black. This unsubstantiated belief is fueled by those who make their livelihoods and political careers by enhancing racial divisiveness something that the “political savvy” President has used to his advantage on multiple occasions.

America is reaching a crossroads as the “melting pot” of Americans continues to simmer. It is only a matter of time before the discontented masses, many desiring a return to the Constitution, boil over. These “terrorists” will no longer remain silent. Tea Party “terrorists” will oppose those who seek to radically transform their country, and will work to prevent their America from becoming a third world nation.

Andi Elliott

Tea Party Patriots Idaho State Coordinator

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2 Responses

  1. Marcia Says:

    Your crazy, and I mean literally crazy. There is no one more dictatorial and oppressive than the Tea Party. Tell me where to find any truth to what you are saying. I find that your “facts” have no foundation whatsoever.

  2. Marcia Says:

    As far as I’m concerned you have just traded your white hoods for those cute little three-cornered hats. Crazy, hateful and dangerous people.

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