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David Ripley: Winmill Strikes Again

September 27th, 2011 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

As has become customary with him, Federal Judge Lynn Winmill issued a late-Friday bombshell. He has established a de facto right-to-self-abortion in Idaho for first trimester abortions. Such a ruling apparently defies Supreme Court precedent. And he has gone farther: Winmill has now made it impossible to hold a woman accountable for virtually any behavior connected with killing her child. He has also provided protection for anyone aiding a woman in obtaining an illegal abortion.

Winmill has done this by granting a “temporary restraining order” against enforcing two provisions of Idaho law which have been in effect since the 1970s.

Planned Parenthood must be giddy. Idaho women will no longer have to consult with a physician before obtaining an abortion. In fact, it seems a fair interpretation of Winmill’s aggressive policy-making that Idaho women will no longer be required to involve a physician in first trimester abortions.

The only wrinkle in their plan would be the FDA requirement that RU-486 be prescribed by a physician. Surely the death merchants at Planned Parenthood will be able to work their way around that little problem – particularly since Winmill has removed any effective means of enforcement.

The way now seems open for Planned Parenthood to deliver RU-486 chemicals to women and girls without fear of prosecution, using mere clerks to take phone and internet orders from across Idaho.

Naturally, this will lead to increased rates of abortion. It seems fair to guess that many of those will be unreported to the state, because current law limits reporting requirements to physicians.

It is also certain that Winmill’s decision will put many girls and women at serious risk. Deaths have been reported to the FDA as a result of RU-486, and his order invites dangerous abuse of the drugs. Both Planned Parenthood and Judge Winmill seem unconcerned that the FDA has legalized RU-486 for use only during the first 46 days of pregnancy. Their guidelines require that a physician confirm the gestational age of the baby before offering a prescription for RU-486; and it requires a follow-up visit to ensure that the girl is not carrying the remains of her baby.

The deadly abuse of RU-486 seems to be of little concern to Judge Winmill as he continues his zealous search for ways to expand abortion in Idaho.

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Andi Elliott: Dear Sheriff Olsen

September 23rd, 2011 by Halli

from Andi Elliott


Sheriff Olsen,

I wanted to personally let you know of my decision to oppose you in the upcoming May election. Should you want to discuss the issue, feel free to contact me. You have my number. I look forward to hearing from you.

Andi Elliott

To the Media
22 September 2011
Since 2007 I have been approached by Jefferson County residents and folks from outside of the county asking me to oppose Sheriff Blair Olsen in the next election.

After waiting for several years in hopes that someone would take the challenge, I realized that with my personal experiences with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, I am the person I have been waiting for.

After consulting with family, friends and interested parties, I have contacted the Elections Clerk at the Jefferson County Courthouse and have determined that I do indeed meet the qualifications to run for Sheriff of Jefferson County, Idaho.

So therefore, when the filing process becomes open after the first of the year, I will be filing the appropriate paper work to oppose Blair Olsen in the May 2012 elections.

Interested parties can contact me at:

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Richard Larsen: Faux Conservatives

September 22nd, 2011 by Halli

By Richard Larsen

America’s fundamental principles of life, liberty, and property are as critical, if not more so, at the local and state levels of governance as they are at the national level. The larger national issues are, to an extent, easier to juxtapose with the founding principles to illuminate the errors and voice our grievances. But those same precepts are under assault at the city, county, and state level as well. And unlike the national level where one voice is drowned out by the cacophony of millions of similar and dissimilar voices, at the local level, a few well-founded voices can make a difference right here at home, where it arguably matters most. Let’s examine a few examples.

The Greenway has been discussed ad nauseam over the past couple of years. And it still astounds me that we have city officials who would vote for, and express support for, the trumping of individual property rights by the special interests of a few influential activists. While they will rightfully say that the property owners who’re unwilling to surrender their property for the greenway would be offered “market prices” if eminent domain is declared, they would still be forced to sell their property. It’s bad enough that the government, with all its supposed omniscience and wisdom, dictates so much regarding land use. But it’s even worse when local government feels it can force their citizens to do something with their property because of someone’s “feel-good” idea. Individual property rights must be preserved and protected at the local level if we ever have hope of protecting them on a national scale.

Closely related to the Greenway issue is the “Open Space” plan adopted by the city, with the mayor casting the tie-breaker vote. Open space is another of those great “feel good” plans that on the surface seems so innocuous and positive for preserving our quality of life that no one should question it. Yet all across the nation, those feel-good open-space plans have turned from a good idea, to policy and statute curtailing private property rights. Will Pocatello’s well-drafted and craftily worded plan turn out any different? It’s not likely, as it represents the nose of the camel invading the tent of personal property utilization rights.

While we’re on the subject of property, what are we to think about a city council that authorizes the purchase of a piece of property for over a million dollars that just over a year earlier had been appraised for about $300,000? I would be willing to bet that none of those councilmen would be willing to shell out a 330% price premium on a piece of private property they wanted to buy. But for some reason, such transactions are okay when done with someone else’s money.

The city’s recycling plan is a noble effort and is commendable. It is logical to have that service available at a reasonable cost in a municipality of this size. I also appreciate the fact that participation with the program is voluntary, as it should be. However, with a voluntary program, it rather seems that the cost should be borne by those who volunteer to participate with it. Instead, all city residents pay for it whether they participate with the program or not. As a matter of principle, it seems a bit incongruous and even disingenuous to offer a “voluntary” program to citizens but have everyone equally charged for it. Many government services’ costs must be spread across the tax-payer base, whether the services are used by all the taxpayers or not, but voluntary “opt-in” programs should not be. As is, the funding formula is just like government-funded abortions: everyone pays for them, but participation is “voluntary.”

At the county level, no discernable progress has been made to undo our recent massive budget increase. Three years ago the commission increased the county budget by $10 million, nearly a 30% increase in one year. Two of the three commissioners involved in that fiasco have been retired by the voters. Our present county commissioners sold themselves to voters as conservatives, promising more fiscal restraint and judicious spending. Unless something is done in this regard, the present commissioners just might be facing early retirement as well.

In spite of the fact that we have more self-avowed “conservatives” on the city council and on the county commission, local government continues to grow, budgets expand, and costs of government continue to escalate. “Bait and switch” is illegal in marketing, but obviously is standard practice in politics. We need people in those positions who would be as parsimonious with our money as they are with their own.

Award-winning columnist Richard Larsen of Pocatello is president of the brokerage firm Larsen Financial. He graduated from Idaho State University with degrees in history and political science.

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Richard Larsen: The “Gaps” in Evolutionary Theory

September 21st, 2011 by Halli

By Richard Larsen

Last week presidential candidate Rick Perry was asked about evolution, to which he responded, “it’s a theory that is out there — it’s got some gaps in it.” Perry’s answer drew the predictable ire and reprehension we’ve learned to expect from the establishment media, and leftist anti-God pundits, who arrogantly surmise that the science is just as settled with regard to evolution as it is with regard to anthropogenic global warming. Perry was exactly right, there are “gaps” in evolutionary theory.

Empirical scientific observations are classified roughly into three categories: hypotheses, theories, and laws. The weakest of these are hypotheses, while laws provide the strongest scientific explanations.

Evolution, as taught in most schools, is classified as a theory. Some aspects of evolutionary theory are correct, and are validated by the paleontological and genetic evidence. Natural selection, survival of the fittest, and adaptation, are all well documented. If evolution is defined as cumulative change over time then it is verifiable. Even “descent with modification” applied to specific species is scientifically verifiable. But Charles Darwin claimed much more than this, as he asserted that all species originate from one. This is Darwinism, and is scientifically unverifiable and, as such, is little more than conjecture.

To apply the valid tenets of evolution and then make Kierkegaardian” leaps of faith” to make assertions that are not supported by the science is what Darwinism does. Such assumptions include, but are not limited to, trans-genus, trans-class, or trans-species evolution. There is no paleontological evidence of gradual and progressive evolution of bugs to mice, or frogs to birds, etc. And to make the presumption that this all started from a big bang which itself is causally inexplicable to scientists is another such leap of faith.

Stephen Gould, Professor of Geology and Peleontology at Harvard, although an evolutionist, has admitted, “The absence of fossil evidence for intermediary stages between major transitions in organic design, indeed our inability, even in our imagination, to construct functional intermediates in many cases, has been a persistent and nagging problem for gradualistic accounts of evolution.” He continues, “All paleontologists know that the fossil record contains precious little [actually, nothing] in the way of intermediate forms; transitions between the major groups are characteristically abrupt.” Even pre-Cambrian fossil discoveries in China did not provide the evidence sought by Darwinists.

Another major gap in Darwinism is the genetic component. Dr. Stephen Meyer, director of the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute in Seattle, has said that the information stored within our DNA is essentially a genetic code, much like a computer language. Because of this characteristic, mathematical probabilities can be calculated based on presumptions of Darwinistic evolutionary theory.

One such calculation has been conducted by Dr. Frank Salisbury of the Division of Biomedical and Environment Research at the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission many years ago. He examined the chance of one of the most basic chemical reactions for Darwinistic evolution to take place. This reaction involves the formation of a specific DNA molecule within a 4 billion year time period. He calculated that chance as 10 x 415-power. This number has 415 zeros after it! That’s for one molecule. The evolutionary improbability grows exponentially when you consider there are billions of such molecules in human dna.

Dr. Emile Borel, a French mathematician, formulated a basic law of probability. It states that the occurrence of any event where the chances are beyond one in 10 x 50-power, a much smaller figure than what Salisbury came up with, is an event which we can state with certainty will never happen, no matter how much time is allotted.

Clearly, then, it’s a mathematical impossibility for life to have evolved as Darwinists claim. Not only does paleontological evidence not support it as there is no evidence of transitional fossils, but the massive strides in genetic research made over the past few decades actually make it more difficult to support.

Evolutionary theory scientifically explains much regarding the advancement of life. But the pure science cannot explain the original of the universe, the origin of life, or the biological origin of man, empirically, inductively or deductively. To claim they can is factually and scientifically incorrect.

Even I, a non-scientist, can reason through what is scientifically verifiable and what is not, regarding evolutionary theory. And an educated electorate, which is demanded by a republic such as ours, must be able to do so as well. Otherwise, “scientists,” media, and teachers with agendas, will prey upon our collective ignorance to convince us it’s not scientific to question Darwinism or other postulations.

A Darwinist must exercise faith to come to the conclusion that all life evolved from a single organism, just as a man of faith might accept an intelligent design explanation. I, for one, would prefer a theological possibility, rather than a paleontologically unverified mathematical impossibility.

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David Ripley: Obama Targets Downs Babies

September 13th, 2011 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

We learn from a report out of the American Life League that Obama’s Department of Health & Human Services has issued new regulations designed to eliminate the birth of children with Down’s Syndrome. As part of its guidelines for a national prenatal screening program, HHS has formally set its sights on “preventing” the birth of babies suspected to have Downs Syndrome.

One must always be careful about using over-the-top language – but it is very hard to avoid the conclusion that Obama and his people have determined to encourage women to kill babies through abortion if testing suggests they have Downs. It is even more difficult to avoid seeing the relationship between such a campaign and history’s other heinous programs aimed at “cleansing” the human race.

As the American Life League starkly put it – a government program designed to increase the rate at which Downs babies are killed in the womb can hardly be called “preventive medicine”.

It should be rightly called what it is: eugenics, simple and evil.

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Richard Larsen: Love the Person, Reject the Agenda

September 8th, 2011 by Halli

By Richard Larsen

This past week we’ve seen played out in the pages of the Idaho State Journal the modus operandi of the left in reframing and reshaping fundamental issues regarding cultural and societal standards, by denigrating and disparaging those who believe differently. Lynda Eggimann, an intelligent, affable woman of exceptional courage and moral clarity brought to readers’ attention two local events. One is an attempt to further disenfranchise the all too reticent majority’s freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and the other a further degradation of our cultural mores.

She didn’t seek to silence the self-proclaimed “Thinkers, Atheists, and Agnostics for Religious Tolerance.” nor did she advocate disallowing them their rights of expression and free exercise of their beliefs. She rather lamented that due to their intolerance, they were prohibiting people of faith from exercising their inalienable rights.

Lynda was right on in questioning where we’re heading as a society when fundamental First Amendment rights are being deprived for the majority of the population by a small vocal group of intolerant extremists, who ironically have “Tolerance” in the name of their group.

To these individuals, freedom of religion can only be exercised by those who conform with their concept of religion, or lack thereof. Freedom of speech can only be exercised if it conforms with their ideology, and all other voices are to be proscribed. Adherents to this perverted logic reject the fundamental right of all Americans to express their faith freely and publicly, and rather advance a fascistic concept of tyranny of the minority by imposing their views on all others.

Her second point of contention was not against homosexuals, contrary to what her antagonists imputed to her. It was against the “in-your-face,” “ram down society’s throat” tactics of the radical advocates of homosexual normalcy. There are societal and cultural mores, or standards that vary by community. The mores of Pocatello and Eastern Idaho, however, are significantly different than San Francisco, where Lynda’s from, or from Amsterdam’s Red Light District, or New Orlean’s Bourbon Street or Sodom and Gomorrah.

Yet the events surrounding Pocatello’s homosexual pride event sound like they belong in any of those places, much more than they belong here. The very spectacle of a transgender hip hop “artist”, Katastrophe, leading a parade down Main Street seems incongruous with Pocatello’s cultural mores. Also disconcerting is the nature of his art form and his lyrics, and what he stands for. After all, his debut album as a producer was “Let’s F***, Then Talk About My Problems.” Participants at the event are warned five times in the rules and regulations that there is to be no public nudity. Do you think there just might be a threat of that? What kind of a debacle of debauchery has our mayor and city council authorized, even granting public alcohol consumption privileges to them? It would appear they are equally bereft of community standards of decency.

Alan Sears and Craig Osten in their book The Homosexual Agenda, identified the four stages that the movement has gone through to reshape the issue. It’s now in the fourth stage of legitimization where, with the full backing of the American Psychiatric Association, Hollywood, the mainstream media, and the education establishment, the issue has been taken from a treatable psychological disorder to normal, if not preferred, “lifestyle” in less than 40 years. If the practice is so “normal,” how long would civilization last if we were all that way?

Most of the movement’s success can be linked to reshaping the argument from a moral and logical debate to one of “human rights.” As such, all who question the movement and the practice are labeled as “homophobic,” “hateful,” or “intolerant” toward those who are merely “different.” And as we saw this last week, they do so with all the acrimony, animus, and vitriol they can muster and get away with in print.

Society has been reprogrammed to assume they’re victims, even with all the laws on the books preventing discrimination and in the Equal Opportunity Employment protections while seeking employment. With the passage of “hate crime” legislation, they now have super protection where opponents can and are literally deprived of their freedom of speech for expressing opposition to their agenda. In England and Canada ministers have been arrested for referring to it as a moral issue. With our hate crimes legislation on the books, it won’t be long before the same occurs here.

There is a sharp distinction that needs to be drawn between accepting and loving those of different persuasions and accepting the militant, extremist tactics of the movement purportedly advancing their cause. If anything, we need more Lynda Eggimanns who can make that distinction, loving the person, but willing to stand against the erosion of our cultural standards of public decency.

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David Ripley: Women Showing Greater Rates of Depression

September 6th, 2011 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

British researchers have just put out a new study finding that women are suffering much higher rates of depression than women of a generation ago. In fact, they claim that depression rates have doubled since the 1970s.
A similar study was produced by American researchers about a month ago.

Both research efforts argue that the epidemic of depression among women 16-42 has been brought on by the desire to “have it all” – that is, conflicts between the duties of marriage, career and motherhood.

There may be something to that. But we are certain that those same researchers have skimmed over the most obvious factor contributing to this widespread emotional trauma: abortion. As women wrestle with the largely false promises of modern feminism – they are often persuaded to use abortion as a method of controlling their futures.

Numerous other studies, conducted by people with a deeper thirst for the full truth, have uncovered the fact depression, guilt, remorse and even suicidal fantasies are part of the abortion experience for many women. Too late they discover one more lie of the modern feminist movement.

These studies – flawed as they are – should remind us that there are many victims of the Abortion Industry. The “walking wounded” need our prayers too.

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