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David Ripley: Winmill Strikes Again

September 27th, 2011 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

As has become customary with him, Federal Judge Lynn Winmill issued a late-Friday bombshell. He has established a de facto right-to-self-abortion in Idaho for first trimester abortions. Such a ruling apparently defies Supreme Court precedent. And he has gone farther: Winmill has now made it impossible to hold a woman accountable for virtually any behavior connected with killing her child. He has also provided protection for anyone aiding a woman in obtaining an illegal abortion.

Winmill has done this by granting a “temporary restraining order” against enforcing two provisions of Idaho law which have been in effect since the 1970s.

Planned Parenthood must be giddy. Idaho women will no longer have to consult with a physician before obtaining an abortion. In fact, it seems a fair interpretation of Winmill’s aggressive policy-making that Idaho women will no longer be required to involve a physician in first trimester abortions.

The only wrinkle in their plan would be the FDA requirement that RU-486 be prescribed by a physician. Surely the death merchants at Planned Parenthood will be able to work their way around that little problem – particularly since Winmill has removed any effective means of enforcement.

The way now seems open for Planned Parenthood to deliver RU-486 chemicals to women and girls without fear of prosecution, using mere clerks to take phone and internet orders from across Idaho.

Naturally, this will lead to increased rates of abortion. It seems fair to guess that many of those will be unreported to the state, because current law limits reporting requirements to physicians.

It is also certain that Winmill’s decision will put many girls and women at serious risk. Deaths have been reported to the FDA as a result of RU-486, and his order invites dangerous abuse of the drugs. Both Planned Parenthood and Judge Winmill seem unconcerned that the FDA has legalized RU-486 for use only during the first 46 days of pregnancy. Their guidelines require that a physician confirm the gestational age of the baby before offering a prescription for RU-486; and it requires a follow-up visit to ensure that the girl is not carrying the remains of her baby.

The deadly abuse of RU-486 seems to be of little concern to Judge Winmill as he continues his zealous search for ways to expand abortion in Idaho.

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