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David Ripley: Celebrating the 61st Idaho Legislature

March 31st, 2012 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

Celebrating the 61st Idaho Legislature

The 61st Idaho Legislature adjourned for good on Thursday. Many legislators who have served Idaho well won’t be serving in the next one. It is right to thank them for their talents and sacrifices for the public welfare.
While much media hype was focused on the ultrasound bill this session, it is important to review the work of this Legislature with a wider lens. The 61st Legislature was good to the People of Idaho, and good to the pro-Life movement.

No doubt there is disappointment over the withdrawal of the ultrasound bill. But pro-Lifers across the state need to keep that single piece of legislation in perspective. It was wise for our friends at Right to Life to pull the bill back. With the help of the professional media, Planned Parenthood was able to frame the legislation in the public mind as some kind of attack on women. What’s that old saying? A lie travels around the world while the truth is putting its boots on. That certainly seems to capture the essence of why the ultrasound bill stalled this session.

But that is no reflection on the Idaho Legislature, or upon its commitment to protecting the sanctity of human life. And, in fact, we witnessed a number of heroes, particularly in the Senate, wage battle on behalf of women’s right to know the truth about abortion. That in itself is worthy of celebration.

In the last two years, 6 pro-Life bills were approved by these men and women and signed into law by Governor Otter. This year produced a very important step forward in securing greater protections for the elderly and disabled dealing with pressure from the medical establishment to prematurely relinquish their lives. SB 1348 establishes specific rights to food, water and medication; no longer can these basic human needs be classified as “extraordinary” medical intervention.

In addition, the Legislature did not impose President Obama’s “insurance exchange” upon the good people of Idaho. This was our highest legislative priority and we give thanks for the victory. We have seen this week that ObamaCare is in deep trouble on Constitutional grounds, and we are hopeful that the Supreme Court will put a stake in the heart of this dangerous abuse of government power.

Thank you for your partnership through this sometimes difficult Session, and join us in honoring the accomplishments of the 61st Idaho Legislature.

Our attention now turns to the critical primary election. What happens on May 15th will set the table for Idaho’s future and our hopes for ending the scourge of abortion.

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