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David Ripley: First Thoughts on the National Debacle

November 9th, 2012 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

It will take many months to really understand why the national election came out as it did, and even longer to figure out how we move forward from here.
Certain obvious things need to be said upfront: The re-election of Barack Obama is a disaster for preborn children, and for the nation as a whole. As we have written many times, President Obama’s assault on the preborn child is unprecedented in American history. Without hint of regret or guilt, he has traded their lives for his political profit. In fact, the centerpiece of his re-election message was not how he would put Americans back to work – but how he would expand government’s support for the Abortion Industry. As the campaign developed this fall, our hopes rose – in part because of Obama’s focus on the petty and sordid.

There seemed no way that America would re-elect a man – a father of two teenage daughters, by the way — willing to pander for votes using the image of a young woman salaciously comparing her vote for Obama to her first sexual encounter.

Contrasting sharply with this demeaning abuse of girls and women, Romney rose in stature as a decent and strong man, capable of meeting the grave challenges facing this nation. He seemed to be the only adult in the conversation.

As we came to election night, it seemed all but certain that America would gladly accept the gracious offer of Mitt Romney to use his considerable skills and experience to restore American economic and moral strength. (One could almost feel sorry for Romney at the prospect of tackling a mountain of problems certain to leave him with few grateful friends after four long years of mending the torn national fabric).

With many of you, we watched in silent shock as the electoral map began to take shape. The painful reality that we will have to watch Barack Obama strut around the world stage for another four years is still seeping in. Let’s say it: The prospect is downright depressing.

Some of that pain was salved by Romney’s extraordinary concession speech Tuesday night. His earnest plea for prayers on behalf of President Obama and his family was but one element of an impressive, moving and mature moment in American political history.

First among the shocking realities is that ObamaCare is here to stay. As the years roll along, there will no doubt be amendments, changes, adjustments. But the nationalization of health care will be an accomplished reality by the end of Obama’s second term. That will certainly bring some help to some people – but the general result will change America in important ways. The power of bureaucrats to interfere with our medical decisions will be greatly expanded. Our privacy will be greatly compromised. The costs will crush us. But the most tragic implication is that ObamaCare will extend the Death Culture into deeper crevices of American society. More babies and old people will die.

And within hours the perennial assault on the pro-Life movement began. Pundits and political operatives – most of whom are genetically hostile to preborn children and their adult advocates – began arguing that Republicans must “reach out” to young single women by co-opting Planned Parenthood’s agenda. These cynics argue that Romney’s pro-Life values hurt him badly with single women, cost the GOP seats in the U.S. Senate. The old values had to be discarded if the Republican Party is to compete in a “changing America”.

Rubbish. Most credible national polls demonstrate that a majority of Americans are pro-Life, and deeply disturbed by the callous disregard for Life now embedded in the Democratic Party.

The pro-Life movement is the whipping boy after every national election, so this “soul searching” drama is nothing new. But what makes this year’s version especially annoying is the simple fact that Mitt Romney was the paragon candidate of the Establishment. His campaign was notably disciplined about sticking to one – and only one – message. While Obama dissected the culture and pandered for votes, Romney talked only of the economy.

If anything, a case could be made that Romney made a mistake by not offering a broader vision to the American people. We have already seen evidence that some 7-10 million white voters failed to vote this fall. We don’t know who these people are yet, but it is possible that a good chunk of that vote were comprised of conservative Christians who were not, for reasons difficult to comprehend, sufficiently motivated to vote against Barack Obama. Perhaps they needed to hear more from Romney about his pro-Life and pro-Marriage values.

But now we get too far into the weeds. In the days and months ahead we can seek deeper answers and what we need to do to recover.

For now, we can confess our grief and our need to turn to the Lord of Hosts for comfort, wisdom and strength. At the end of the day, we are simply sojourners on our way to a better land.

In closing, we offer our prayers for the Romney and Ryan families. They conducted themselves with honor. And we join them in praying for Barack Obama and his family.

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