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David Ripley: Planned Parenthood Seizes the Moment

November 28th, 2012 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

Planned Parenthood & Company are continuing to work the election by taking full advantage of President Obama’s re-election. The organization had a lot of money at stake and invested heavily in his campaign. Not only are they in line to make millions from the federal treasury, they are seeking to establish a political narrative designed to scare Republicans and silence pro-Lifers into accepting their version of history.

While Planned Parenthood has a right to take a victory lap over re-electing the most abortion friendly president in American history – they do not have a justified claim to rewriting history. We must fight that effort because it will have long term consequences.

The suggested narrative is that conservatives – but particularly pro-Lifers – cost Romney the election. To win national elections in the future, Republicans must abandon moral issues, moderate on fiscal questions and open a bidding war to pander to Hispanic voters. That is the analysis and prescription being offered by the media, the faithful handmaidens of the Abortion Industry.

Many in the Republican Party are only too happy to accommodate.

Frank Cannon of National Review takes particular note of John McCain’s unprincipled groveling on the abortion issue. In a piece entitled “McCain’s Truce”, they quote the erstwhile presidential candidate as proclaiming, “I can state my position on abortion but, other than that, leave the issue alone, when we are in the kind of economic situation, and frankly national security situation that we’re in.”

Mr. Cannon correctly chastises McCain as being morally bankrupt on this crucial issue. If he is actually pro-Life, then how can he agree, for political purposes, to “leave the issue alone”? If human lives are at stake, what kind of moral compass would allow a person of integrity to simply walk quietly away so as to not offend the Planned Parenthood acolytes who flocked to Barack Obama because he is an attractive black man promising free birth control pills?

And does John McCain actually believe that if we all quietly pretend that millions of preborn children are not being slaughtered, somehow these naïve and deceived young women will suddenly flock to the banner of men such as himself?

Not only is McCain’s foolish political advice proof of his moral failings, it is confirmation that his defeat in 2008 stemmed in large part from his bad political judgment and lack of a coherent political philosophy worth following.

Many have rightly criticized the Obama Campaign’s sordid enterprise of buying one constituency group after another with taxpayer funds and promises of more goodies to come. It is the Achilles Heel of a democratic society.

As a consequence, many profound questions have been overwhelmed by venal, pedestrian politics.

But the prescription for this obvious social decay is not the abandonment of morally-sound politics. The hard truth is that America is in need of a re-education program about how economics, freedom and morality are inextricably bound together. Politicians like John McCain are incapable of providing such leadership.

It is impossible to say how long Barack Obama’s America can function. But we know from history that it is an unsustainable dynamic. Sooner or later, you run out of other people’s money. And sooner than later, the power of Sin destroys those who embrace it.
Reality will intervene, probably through social and economic unrest.

Rather than joining Obama’s circus, Republicans must develop strong new leaders capable of speaking to average Americans about their vital stake in rebuilding a morally sound society. At the end of the day, this means a spiritual awakening that probably can’t be led by politicians – but it can be aided by statesmen.

Pro-Lifers must rebound from the last election and vigorously engage Planned Parenthood over their attempt to write the history of recent events. We must fight the Lie that America has suddenly embraced their love of Death. From history flows the future. And much more than politics is at stake here. Rather than jettison our proven values, we need to abandon has-been politicians like John McCain.

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