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David Ripley: Continued Defiance of Obamacare

December 1st, 2012 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

Idaho’s Governor Otter has until the middle of next month to notify the federal government whether he will become its partner in the biggest expansion of government since the New Deal. Many powerful interests in Idaho have been pushing for him two years to submit. The fact that Otter has yet to comply surely indicates his great reluctance to embroil Idaho in Obama’s health care takeover.

There is still hope that ObamaCare can be defeated – or at least greatly tamed – through a determined and coordinated effort by Congressional Republicans and the nation’s 30 Republican governors.

Since the general election, a number of key Republican governors have announced that they will not mortgage their states by partnering with Obama: Jan Brewer of Arizona is the latest. That makes 17 so far who will not mortgage their states. They have wisely chosen to leave the responsibility for costs and inevitable failure with Obama and his congressional allies.

In addition, we are encouraged by the fact that opposition to ObamaCare has, if anything, grown since the general election. Gallup just announced that 57% of Americans are opposed to a government-run health care system. (Apparently a number of people who voted for Obama did so under the delusion that someone else would save them from the president’s scheme).

And then there is the widespread litigation going on across the country. We have learned that there are some 36 federal lawsuits moving around the country on the abortion mandate issue alone. This is just the beginning of massive litigation over the taxing, privacy and quality issues which permeate the entire socialist scheme of national health care.

Winston Churchill once said that in defeat, we should embrace defiance. We lost the general election, but we have no choice but to continue our battle against ObamaCare.

We must begin this phase of our struggle by encouraging Governor Otter to refuse his cooperation with an insurance exchange. Idaho should become the 18th state refusing to serve as ObamaCare’s administrator.

One analysis shows that the growing resistance by the states will greatly impede the implementation of ObamaCare. The Socialist Triumvirate of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama never contemplated that they would actually have to make ObamaCare work. They truly believed that states would leap to the promise of federal money and federal control.

We also urge our readers to contact local legislators – particularly House members – in support of Speaker Lawerence Denney’s bid for re-election as Speaker. He and Rep. Mike Moyle have publicly declared themselves opposed to Obama’s agenda for Idaho. They are the right leaders for this critical time in Idaho’s history.

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