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Andi Elliott: Legal Fabric Unraveling

July 16th, 2013 by Halli

By Andi Elliott

Every so often serendipity happens. For me it was in June when my husband was on the witness stand testifying in my third trespassing case. The prosecutor asked my husband why he felt the need to accompany me on my animal cruelty investigations. He sat there silently, a very long pause. I could see those wheels turning. Engineer’s brains work differently from the rest of us I’ve found. Then John said…Because I’ve learned that you are not seeking the truth. I’ve been with Andi the last two times you have charged her with trespass, yet I haven’t been charged. Needless to say, I was very proud of him for having the courage to say what needed to be said at that appropriate moment.

And so the acquittal was entered into court records which ended a 6 year long ordeal with the Sheriff and the Prosecutor. But justice has yet to be served. You see, there is the deputy that admitted under oath about creating documentation AFTER he charged me. And there are those who filed false complaints against me in violation of Idaho law. And as you would suspect other unethical behavior occurred during the course of my trial.

For six years I have witnessed a travesty of justice taking place in Jefferson County. I’ve written before about the “rule of law” and how it has been circumvented by a small group of county officials. We have become complacent with the “rule by men” and we have failed to stand up to them and have emboldened them. Our failure to stand up to them has made them reckless. When our Prosecutor can undertake the “quiet title” process without lawful authorization and when our Sheriff can pressure a citizen into signing a false citation, then we have allowed tyranny to insidiously infect our county’s legal fabric.

So, I have filed a complaint against the deputy. And I am asking the Sheriff and Prosecutor to file charges against those who have falsely accused me. By the way, when I asked them to do so in the “mother dog with broken legs” case I was totally ignored. And then there is a slander suit to initiate followed by civil suits. As John Paul Jones is noted for saying, “I have not yet begun to fight.”

Remember, every time you witness or experience injustice and remain silent, you allow officials to usurp power. It’s time that We The People of Jefferson County Idaho step up and reclaim our rightful place and reaffirm to county officials and employees that WE are their bosses and they are to abide by the law.

This could have been you in my place. Think about that.

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