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Andi Elliott: Baloney

July 21st, 2013 by Halli

By Andi Elliott

Like many of you, I consider the George Zimmerman trial a witch hunt and an absolute sham…a judicial and political travesty of justice. The failure of the prosecutor to look at the evidence objectively is unconscionable. It is their duty to see that justice is done. Period. Not to manipulate, distort, promulgate lies, withhold evidence, and twist the case into something it never was. Their sworn duty is to see that justice is carried out…not to prove only guilt but also to prove innocence.

And these are the very reasons that I can identify with Zimmerman having just experienced many of the same tactics at the hands of the Jefferson County Sheriff and the Prosecutor albeit on a much less serious level. And five days after having been notified of my acquittal, the prosecutor tells me that this is the way the justice system is suppose to work.

Hogwash! How disingenuous after two years of repeated lies, waiting months for Discovery that proved they had the wrong person, unethical behavior by the Sheriff’s department, obfuscation, objections, and deliberately drawing out the process as long as possible. However, the delay proved to be very useful for my defense as it became difficult to remember lies told so long ago.

Jefferson County taxpayers…you have just spent two years of taxpayer money on a misdemeanor trespassing case that was nothing short of a trumped up vendetta. The files are available for your inspection should you have doubts about my complaints. Five full days of trial strung out over 17 months. Murder cases are tried in less time than that.

And is it too much to ask that the evidence be examined BEFORE charges are filed so a whole court day is not wasted covering up your malfeasance? I’m guessing that the plan was for me to cry “uncle” but instead I say “baloney”…unadulterated “baloney”. This was a textbook case of abuse of power if there ever was one and follows in the same vein as the “Barbie” fiasco. Do we really not have serious crimes here in Jefferson County to attend to?

But in retrospect, I should thank you for proving my innocence. The state’s witnesses were some of my best “defense”…as they were in the Zimmerman case.

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