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David Ripley: From the Idaho Reporter – Feds Dump More Money into Idaho

December 22nd, 2013 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

This news update from Dustin Hurst over at Idaho Reporter:

Health centers around Idaho will receive an additional $275,000 to promote Obamacare throughout the state, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced.

The new cash pushes Idaho’s total federal aid for pushing the health care law to just more than $1.6 million. In July, the federal agency announced $1.38 million in grants to 11 Gem State health centers to help Idahoans enroll in the controversial program.

In the latest announcement, HHS said it expects health centers in Idaho to sign up more than 13,000 people for Obamacare.

Across the nation, the July grants cost taxpayer $150 million. This latest round of cash payments will cost $58 million.

“This investment means that health centers can provide expanded assistance for people in communities nationwide looking for resources to help them understand their insurance options and enroll in affordable coverage,” HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius said last week in a prepared statement.

Ben Domenech, a health policy expert with the Heartland Institute, told earlier this year that the grants are nothing but public relations slush funds. “They’re going to use this money to hire Obamacare promoters, who will push people who come through their doors to sign up for taxpayer-subsidized coverage, whether through Medicaid, the CHIP or the (private insurance) exchanges,” he said.

Health care sign-ups, slowed by tech chaos at the federal level, stand at an anemic level in Idaho. According to report released earlier this month by HHS, just 1,730 Idaho residents have selected health plans through the state’s exchange website.

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Richard Larsen: Quiet Rage Building Across the Nation…Conservatives Largely to Blame

December 22nd, 2013 by Halli

By Richard Larsen

Earlier this week I posted a graphic on my FaceBook wall that stated, “All across America a quiet rage is building against the assault upon American values. More so than ever in the history of America, the concerns and patience of its people are being tested, tried, and attacked by a group of elitists that are hell-bent on the destruction of this country.” It then ended with the phrase, “Refuse to remain silent!”

The post elicited responses by some who concurred with the sentiment, and some who didn’t. The posting afforded a teaching moment about what the right of the political spectrum feels about the “fundamental transformation of America” that has been occurring for several years, but accelerated dramatically over the past five.

Some were upset that the term “rage” was used, and thought it improper to be enraged toward those who’re dismantling our republic. But in a politico-cultural context, emotions like anger and rage can be a powerful motivator, especially in regard to values, convictions, and ideals that are violated and impinged upon.

Likewise, those of us who treasure America as the land of the free and the home of the brave, see contemporary statists, those who are actively engaged in expanding centralized governmental authority at the expense of personal liberty, as adulterators and enemies of freedom. They are “fundamentally transforming America” into a fiercely potent centralized government that was never intended for this republic; a fascist police state that, regulates, coerces, bullies, and spies on its citizens. And they have done it surreptitiously, clandestinely, and dishonestly. How any thinking person, who professes love for America, can accede to the destruction of American idealism perpetrated by those who have a stated objective of “fundamentally transforming” the nation is beyond my comprehension!

And for those on the left who are obsessed with race, obsequiously regurgitating racist epithets against we who love what America used to stand for, it makes no difference what color the skin is of the torchbearer leading the destruction of American values. He could be green, white, red, or purple, and we’d still object to the dismantling of the country, as we’ve observed the past few years. Stated more succinctly; you mess with what made America great, and you start simmering a pot of patriotic rage until it reaches a boiling point, and race has absolutely nothing to do with it.

For men and women of principle, who believe that this country was special and intended to be different from the rest of the world, what is happening to America is not just unacceptable, but it’s evil. How else can the destruction of good be characterized?
Edmund Burke stated that, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” We can no longer do nothing! The silent majority must find its voice, and a backbone!

When you think about it quantitatively, conservatives are mostly to blame for our current modified state of the union. How many conservatives refuse to vote if their candidate is not in the race, or are disengaged or oblivious to the destruction occurring around us, or do nothing, or say nothing, to preserve and protect our constitutional republic?

Conservatives have allowed this transformation to occur, by acquiescent reticence. I think no one has stated it more perfectly than Albert Einstein who said, “The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

Speaking out against this erosion of freedom is good, but it’s simply not enough, and it must be more vociferous and protracted. Too many battle among themselves for ideological purity, fight amongst themselves over the most efficacious political tactics, or just throw verbal stones at those whose destructive policies are morphing the country into something never intended, but then flame out before anything is accomplished. If they don’t bother to vote, don’t get involved in the process, and don’t try to make a difference electorally, and worse yet, are divisive to the conservative ranks, they deserve some of the blame for what is happening. Every conservative must do what he can, and most of all, to vote. If every conservative voted in every election, statists wouldn’t stand a chance.

We who consider ourselves to be patriots, devotees to the principles that made America great, need to be proactive in our resistance to those who are corrupting and transforming our republic. We can no longer sit idly by complaining, and doing little else. The silent majority must find it’s voice, and then act!

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David Ripley: Idaho Enrollment Continues to Be Pitiful

December 22nd, 2013 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

The Idaho Insurance Exchange, a creature of ObamaCare, reports that it has enrolled just 1730 as of the start of this month. That figure represents just 4.3% of the total expected.

What is not clear from the data released is how many new Medicaid applicants have been processed through the exchange apparatus created by Gov. Butch Otter. Look for substantial budget issues to emerge in the next legislative session as more welfare recipients swell state costs.

If the start-up costs of the Idaho Exchange are $20 million, we have a real bargain at work: Taxpayers have only spent $11,560 per Idaho ObamaCare recipient. Wouldn’t it have been cheaper to simply buy them an old insurance plan? At least those people would have received actual benefits. As it stands now, all that tax money has simply gone into building a new bureaucracy designed to “serve” the uninsured by imposing ObamaCare on the citizens of Idaho.

Ya gotta love government.

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Andi Elliott: Utility Company Mailing List

December 13th, 2013 by Halli

by Andi Elliott

OK, I have to ask…how many of us would use Rigby’s utility bill mailing list to send out a personal letter even if it were available to us?

And is it even ethical to do so? Please tell me that City Attorney Rob Dunn footed the bill for this mailing. Is there proof that he did so or is this something else that taxpayers unwittingly paid for? The City of Rigby has slightly over 4000 residents and 994 families as of the last census. That’s a lot of families and a whopping postal bill.

I bet the Jefferson Star or the Post Register would have printed his letter at no charge with much greater exposure too…but then most of their audience couldn’t vote in the Rigby elections. Or, wonder why Dunn didn’t send out his public plea in the regular utility bill mailings and save postage. Oh, that’s right. He couldn’t wait that long. The city elections were right around the corner and if Sites and team had won, they promised to investigate city shenanigans. It’s becoming clear now.

You know if Dunn conducted business above board and in full public view he wouldn’t have felt as if he had to personally contact each utility customer saying “Don’t make me an issue in the election”. It’s a good thing he isn’t City Attorney in Idaho Falls…then he’d have to have contacted nearly 21,000 households. Now there’s a whopping postal bill!

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Andi Elliott: Fishy Smell in Jefferson County

December 13th, 2013 by Halli

by Andi Elliott

I grew up on the James River…a 5 mile wide river deep enough to host ocean going ships. My sister and I along with our Dad spend many an hour fishing. Great memories! The smell of the salt water and the feel of the spray on our faces are still vivid in my mind. I remember too the smell of fish…dead fish rotting on the beaches. The brain never forgets a smell like that.

But that smell resurfaced as I read the Jefferson Star’s article on Sheriff Blair Olsen. Blair became chair of the Idaho Police Officer and Standards Council in 2011 and his term is up in January. But Olsen resigned….3 months early. All of a sudden Olsen is too busy and resigns? And why are we hearing about it 5 weeks later? Is it a coincidence that it coincides with the current investigation of our sheriff by the Idaho Attorney General’s office?

I’d like to think that the impetus was my complaints to POST about Olsen urging someone to file a false complaint about me, or perhaps it was the statement made by one of his deputys that they were out to shut me down, or maybe it’s because charges were filed against me without viewing the evidence.

Well, whatever the reason, he’s done at POST. Now let’s see what the ongoing AG’s investigation reveals…if Prosecutor Dunn allows the information to be made public. Darn, can’t get rid of that fishy smell.

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Andi Elliott: Mitt Endorses Mike

December 13th, 2013 by Halli

by Andi Elliott

Well, I’m disappointed that Mitt Romney has endorsed Congressman Mike Simpson but we knew all along that Mitt was not a Conservative. So this should be no surprise. Now that Mike is facing a viable Conservative challenger, he’s once again embracing “his conservative roots”. It’s in his best interest to do so at this point in the election cycle.

And many of us have been disgusted with the unexplainable actions of the Speaker of the House John Boehner, a good friend of Simpson’s. No wonder Simpson has just landed a lucrative appointment to a critical committee dealing with the INL. That’s not obvious political posturing…not much. Guess Boehner thinks Mike needs a lifeline.

There’s plenty of time to check out Mike’s record. If you liked the Cash for Clunkers program, then for sure you’ll want to vote for Mike. If you agreed with those stimulus funding bills much of which went to ensure Obama’s re-election, then check that box for Mike. When we’ve got a Congressman who can see the “fear in their eyes” and throws common sense and our money to the wind and repeatedly votes to flush our money down the drain, then we got a sure-fire winner here. He likes those spending bills and the Democrats can always count on Mike. Though personally, I was kind of hoping that Idahoans could count on Mike…and not the Dems.

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Andi Elliott: What’s the Difference?

December 13th, 2013 by Halli

by Andi Elliott

So tell me, what’s the difference?
After an Idaho State Police investigation in which they found wrongdoing, Jefferson County Commissioner Ron Baxter was forced to resign his seat on the Commission. And he also had to pay retribution for profiting as a business owner from county business while he was currently serving on the County Board of Commissioners.

Sheriff Blair Olsen’s wife used a county paid for cell phone for years…a phone that was assigned to another county employee who is currently suing the county. Olsen is currently under investigation by the Office of the Attorney General for this issue, inappropriate charges to the county, and hopefully, the complaints surrounding double-billing the county and the state.

Prosecutor Robin Dunn was charging Jefferson County taxpayers additional fees to represent the county in Federal Court…a case he lost, I might add. The Office of the Attorney General was asked to intervene by our state representative and it was found that Dunn improperly charged the county and now must repay $18,000.

The similarities are striking: they are all elected officials in Jefferson County. They are all long time county residents and men “of the church”. And they all have been found to have abused their positions of power and profiting from taxpayer largess. Baxter was forced to resign and repay the taxpayers. Dunn is being forced to repay taxpayers; where is his resignation? Olsen is currently under the gun and has curiously resigned his position as Chairman of Idaho POST 90 days shy of his three year tenure yet still remains in position as county sheriff. The Minnidoka Sheriff went to jail for much lesser transgressions. Olsen is arguably the most powerful sheriff (or he was) in the state. Will the “powers to be” be able to protect him? I guess that would be “the difference”.

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David Ripley: Star Parker – The Dishonest Sales Job of ObamaCare

December 10th, 2013 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

As we experience more of the unpleasant realities of the Affordable Care Act, Americans are questioning, finally, the forthrightness and honesty of their president in his selling of this law.

As millions of individual health insurance policies are cancelled, it is transparent that the president distorted the truth when he told Americans, “if you like your plan you can keep it.”

But misrepresentation goes beyond how a particular feature of the law was sold. It also applies to the selling of what this whole law was supposed to be about.

In a recent appearance at a synagogue in Dallas, President Obama summed up the supposed motivation in putting so much of the energy of his new administration behind passing this health care law. The bottom line, according to the president, was about making sure “that everybody had affordable, quality health care.”

Who, of any political stripe, would question the merits of this goal?

The problem is that the president is being as honest in stating that this was the goal of this health care law as he was in saying “if you like your plan you can keep it.”

The Supreme Court indicated this week that it would hear two cases of Christian-operated firms — Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. and Conestoga Wood Specialties Inc. — who claim their religious freedom is violated by provisions of Obamacare forcing businesses to provide employees, free of charge, contraceptives, sterilization and abortion-inducing pills.

How exactly does forcing businesses to pick up 100 percent of the costs of abortion-inducing pills for women employees reconcile with the alleged goal that all Americans get affordable, quality health care?

A White House blog about the cases written by Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett states, “Ensuring the full freedom of women as health care consumers to access preventative health services is a vital component of the Affordable Care Act.” And nothing is more “essential”, Jarrett goes on, than decisions regarding “reproductive health.”

In other words, to reconcile the words of Jarrett with those of her boss, the president, a “vital” and “essential” part of making sure that everybody gets “affordable, quality health care,” is giving women the “right” to do whatever they feel like regarding their sexual behavior, bearing zero personal responsibility for the costs associated with their behavior, and dumping those costs on someone else.
I hope you are scratching your head.

My experience with insurance plans is they lower premiums when customers demonstrate more responsible, cautious behavior — certainly not when they claim the right to act as they please and then have other people pick up the tab.

If you go onto the now-infamous website, you can click on a section that says, “What are my preventive care benefits?” There appears a special section on “Preventive health services for women.”

Why is there no special section “Preventive health services for men?”

A 2010 newsletter from Harvard Medical School talks about the “gender gap” in health, saying that when it comes to health, “men are the weaker sex.”

Life expectancy for women is five years longer than for men. Of the top 10 leading causes of death in the U.S., the incidence among men is markedly higher than among women in nine of the 10.

You would think if the health care law was going to focus on gender, it would focus on men.

The answer to all of this is that Obamacare was never primarily about getting the best, most affordable health care to Americans. If it was, there would have been open discussion from the beginning about how best to achieve this. That open discussion never took place. This was and is about bringing the left-wing agenda of the Obama White House to America. The result is displacement of religious freedom with left-wing tyranny and the beginning of more expensive, lower-quality healthcare.

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