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David Ripley: The Many Blessings of 2013

January 8th, 2014 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

As we close the books on 2013, it is valuable to search for news of the blessings which may have missed our attention in an environment dominated by Barack Obama’s evil agenda for preborn children.

Let’s give thanks for the recent rulings by federal judges in New York and Houston rightly declaring Obama’s attempt to strip Americans of their Religious Liberties void. The president’s attempt to force employers to purchase baby-killing drugs for their employees is reeling, and we need to continue pressing the Lord for release from this heavy burden in 2014.

We give thanks also for the 10 Republican Senators, 1 Democrat Senator and 32 House Republicans who voted with us in the 2013 Session to amend Governor Otter’s Insurance Exchange so as to safeguard the religious liberties of Idahoans from the threat of Obama’s abortion mandate. While that effort was unsuccessful, we have hopes that the law can yet be amended or repealed.

Much of the past few weeks were dominated by the comments of the Senior Duck Man, Phil Robertson. He stood unapologetically on the Lord’s side in our culture wars. We celebrate the fact that the Lord stood with Robertson and moved His People to rise up against the cultural terrorists of the Left. They suffered their worst rebuff in many years. Perhaps all that anti-bullying media is beginning to bear fruit.

The Lord is due praise and thanks for bringing Star Parker into Idaho last month. It was one of our best Christmas Dinner celebrations, and she provided a spark of enthusiasm for the work ahead. And speaking of that dinner, it is important to acknowledge God’s grace in holding up this ministry during a tough year; we are still standing because of His loving mercy for preborn children and those who would defend them.

Pro-Lifers should also celebrate news that a record 87 Killing Centers shut their doors in 2013. Operation Rescue reports that the number of Abortuaries operating in America has been cut to 582. Looking back, that is a huge drop-off from the high of 2176 Abortuaries back in 1991.

And we declare a blessing the publication of a major new study exposing the connection between an abortion history and increased risks of contracting breast cancer. While the liberal press and Cancer Industry continues to suppress this information reaching women – we are confident that the Truth will win out.

Among the most encouraging news of 2013 was the decline of public support for both Barack Obama and his scheme to impose federal control of healthcare. It would seem the People have begun to awaken to threats and deceptions of ObamaCare – a trend we fully expect to continue into the new year.

We are hopeful about the year ahead. We look forward to seeing what the Lord will do to liberate His People from the oppression which seems to have spread across the nation. There is good reason to look forward to the ousting of Prince Harry from his Senate perch, and a modicum of sanity being restored to our nation’s capitol.

However that battle turns out, we pray the Lord’s protection and blessing upon you and your household!

And we ask for your prayer support as we prepare to wage battle in the 2014 Session of the Idaho Legislature.

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