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David Ripley: Tissue of Jewish Victims Found in France

August 5th, 2015 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

A number of news organizations have reported on a macabre discovery at the Strasbourg Medical Institute, located in Strasbourg, France. Tissue samples, carefully collected from the victims of the Nazi holocaust for medical research, were acknowledged to exist by research center just this week. Turns out the vials contained such things as skin samples, and tissue from various victim organs – like liver, stomach, intestines.

The human experimental tissue was carefully marked with the matching identifying numbers from the tattoos used to track each of Jewish victims of the Nazi assault on humanity some 70 years ago.

According to news reports, the human tissue was originally collected for the medical experiments of an SS officer and doctor, August Hirt.

The current research director of Institute, Raphael Toledano, explained that the superb Nazi record keeping system allowed him to connect the tissue samples with 86 specific victims of the Holocaust.

We bring this story to your attention because it seems horribly connected to the recent revelations of Planned Parenthood’s dark practice of harvesting and selling tissue and organs from carefully destroyed human babies. Like the Nazi researchers before them, Planned Parenthood has justified such unethical conduct as “advancing medical science”.

Many people who have viewed the luncheon meeting of Dr. Deborah Nucatola have been dumbfounded: How can a person so casually discuss the dismemberment of a human baby while sipping a glass of red wine? How could anyone talk about harvesting livers and hearts from defenseless babies to meet the growing demand from medical research companies while chewing down a lovely Caesar salad at a high class restaurant?

The truthful answer is similar to the one to be discovered by confronting the evil of the Nazi regime. There is a powerful movie available on cable which recreates the scene of key Nazi leaders meeting at “liberated” Jewish mansion outside Berlin in about 1943 to discuss the “Final Solution” over wine and the most delectable cakes and sandwiches. The viewer is left wondering how men could talk about the destruction of millions of human beings while slurping down the finest wine? The answer, in part, is that Nazi leaders had convinced themselves that Jews were actually not people. They were vermin, who could be used, temporarily, for profit. Likewise the folks over at Planned Parenthood look at preborn human children as some kind of virus to be cleansed.

In the wake of WWII, civilization rose up to deliver a considered moral judgment on the madness of Nazism. Trials were held at Nuremburg – including a series of trials known as the Nuremburg Medical Trials. We will write more about the relevance of this history to today’s scandal involving Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of human tissue and organs. It seems that we have lost the wisdom we purchased at such a terrible high price.

But the question we must ask ourselves right now is simple: What is the moral difference between the conduct of Nazi medical researchers and Planned Parenthood?

Will we allow this gross abuse of humanity to stand in our America?

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