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David Ripley: New Planned Parenthood Video Exposes Trafficking

March 6th, 2016 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

Just last week, the Center for Medical Progress released a new video, this one showing a Planned Parenthood abortionist in San Diego carry on a lengthy conversation about the ways in which she can help meet the demand for in-tact baby cadavers. Dr. Jennefer Russo discusses a complex business arrangement with a company called Da Vinci Biosciences.

Like previous abortionists caught on tape, Dr. Russo also confirms that she alters abortion procedures on babies as old as 6 months-gestation in order to harvest intact cadavers. She also suggests the possibility that those babies are being killed through a partial-birth abortion procedure since she is no longer using the drug digoxin to chemically kill the baby in the womb. Instead, the baby is delivered feet first in order to obtain the best tissue samples for its client, Da Vinci.

Da Vinci is a for-profit organ trafficking company, who markets baby parts across the country. Their price sheets indicate they are making handsome profits: $350 for half a baby liver; $500 for an aborted baby’s thymus, and $750 for a baby’s intact brain.

Those prices suggest each baby can be harvested for thousands of dollars, which raise clear questions about violation of federal law which makes such profiteering illegal.

In another important revelation about the organ harvesting/trafficking industry – the Center for Medical Progress has also documented that Da Vinci Biosciences is listed as charitable donor to the Planned Parenthood facility in Orange County. This would suggest another back-door revenue stream for Planned Parenthood clinics to get around the federal prohibition on profiting from organ “donation”.

The Select Congressional Committee, chaired by Rep. Blackburn, has opened its investigation into this sordid business.

And the Idaho Legislature has before it our proposed law to stop such barbaric practices in the state of Idaho. We ask for your prayerful support of SB1349.

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David Ripley: Idaho House Passes Ultrasound Bill

March 3rd, 2016 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

The House of Representatives passed HB516 on Tuesday by a wide margin. 56 legislators supported the idea of giving women more information about their babies before an abortion. 13 of 14 Democrats in the chamber stood proudly with Planned Parenthood.

The legislation is fairly modest: It would require the state to provide a list of pregnancy centers who offer free ultrasounds to pregnant women.

And yet, access to ultrasounds is one of the most powerful tools we have to combat the denial which permeates the abortion decision. A look at a moving, living, wondrous independent life in the womb makes it almost impossible to hang on to the self-deception that there is just a collection of cancerous-like cells invading a woman’s body.

Planned Parenthood knows the power of ultrasound. They fought the measure tooth-and-nail in committee. During that hearing before the House State Affairs Committee, Planned Parenthood tried to posture itself as already offering this service. Under some intense questioning, however, it became clear that Planned Parenthood uses ultrasound as part of its abortion procedure – so a woman would already have to commit to killing her baby in order to access Planned Parenthood’s “service”.

Of course, Planned Parenthood proudly proclaims that it “trusts women” and happily provides them with all the “scientific” information they need to choose abortion. But the truth is – they have fought every single measure over the past 25 years to ensure that women get information about the risks and alternatives to abortion. Every one.

One of the more bizarre turns of this legislative debate can be found in the press coverage of the House debate. Betsy Russell, of the Spokesman Review, actually reported a gender tally of those debating for and against the bill on the House floor. Russell, who clearly has no sympathy for the pro-Life movement, was apparently trying to help advance the narrative that abortion is solely a “woman’s issue”.

In response to such a suggestion, bill sponsor Rep. Ron Nate (R-Rexburg) argued on the House floor: “I’m a man, I’m a husband, I’m a father of three beautiful daughters … I also have a mother. To say that a man can’t have a voice here in terms of respecting women … is mistaken.”

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Rep. Tom Loertscher: House Highlights, Feb. 29

March 2nd, 2016 by Halli

by Rep. Tom Loertscher, R-Bone

The season of the Lincoln Day celebrations is in full swing and our part of the world is not an exception. It is what I have referred to in the past as my thousand mile weekend. For me it was a journey well worth taking and it was great to get back home and visit with folks. I can’t remember one of these events that I enjoyed more.

I have been asked to help with a working group to try and find a way forward with the discussions that are going on about Medicaid. One of the issues is about our current Medicaid plan. Since Idaho first began participating, the major effort has always been on finding the resources to pay the bills instead of developing a healthcare system in a managed care model. For that to happen Idaho must apply for a waiver to change to managed care, which would direct those on the program to less expensive primary care. It has been demonstrated in other states to reduce costs as well as provide better care.

The other element that will be looked into will be what to do with the “gap” population that the Affordable Care Act created. Governor Otter has proposed a way forward that has to this point been a hard sell. How that will all turn out is impossible to predict. This next week will be a busy one on this subject.

Many are excited about the announcement of a public-private partnership to establish a medical school in Idaho. Currently we are investing a lot of money in out of state schools for seats for medical students from Idaho. The school would be an extension of Idaho State University which currently has the mission of providing medical related education and it would be located in the Boise area. The effort would be one that would provide an incentive for our medical students to remain in Idaho. It is thought that the state funding we do in other states now could be re-directed to this effort. More details will follow shortly.

I had a representative of the new Catholic Bishop of Idaho in my office last week wanting to discuss some of the changes of emphasis they are making at this time. It was a very enjoyable meeting and he told me that they are feeling the most important thing we can all do, no matter what your religion, is to strengthen our families. I could not agree more. They would like to help along the way with any issues concerning families.

We are working our way through legislation and soon will be voting on budgets on the floor of the House. If all goes well we are on track for a shorter than normal session. That is a very big “if” knowing that the Governor may not be pleased with some items we may have to trim to keep the budget balanced as the constitution requires. Meanwhile we will soon see February revenue numbers and we are keeping our fingers crossed.

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