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David Ripley: Planned Parenthood Weighs in on Boise City Elections

October 27th, 2019 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

Planned Parenthood has long been a player in Boise and Ada County elections. But their role has generally been disguised by moving money through other PACs in order to avoid shooting their own candidates in the foot with a controversial endorsement. After all, it is a tough sell to carry the “stamp of approval” from the largest Abortion Chain in America.

But that time of shadowy deception has passed. Given the fact that Idaho Republicans have largely abandoned Boise, Planned Parenthood and their allies have become emboldened. Democrats obviously feel that they no longer have to worry about appealing to moderate or conservative voters. The fight now is to push Boise politics as far left as possible. And the crown jewel of Leftist politics is defending the “right” to kill your baby under any circumstances – with taxpayer support if necessary.

They have raised over $21,000 to help elect three candidates to office in Boise.

The Abortion Industry is backing Lauren McLean for Mayor. They have donated $1000 to her campaign and have spent substantial amounts in independent expenditures to motivate abortion-minded voters to back her bid to oust Dave Bieter.

We have no idea what Bieter did to antagonize Planned Parenthood. While he was in the Legislature, he faithfully supported their agenda – earning a perfect ‘0’ rating from Idaho Chooses Life.

There are also two candidates for the Boise City council who have received the official backing of Planned Parenthood: Patrick Bageant and Meredith Stead. Both have received money from abortionists, and both of these folks have proudly proclaimed their endorsement by Planned Parenthood on literature mailed to Boise voters.

Friends, this is a disturbing development. It is bad enough that Boise City leaders have created a friendly environment in which Planned Parenthood can operate its killing factory on State Street. But to have the next generation of political leaders in Boise proudly proclaim their fealty to the Abortion Industry – as if this were a good thing – is very troubling. It is a critical warning sign to conservatives that we must rouse ourselves from slumber and despondency to fight for the future of Idaho’s capital city. It is simply irresponsible to allow Boise to become a one-party town, dominated by an increasingly radical social and economic agenda.

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David Ripley: LOCAL Media Misleads Women

October 27th, 2019 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

Idaho media have been running a story this week about women’s access to family planning services under Medicaid. In their stories, they claim that the Legislature imposed new barriers on low-income women seeking birth control and other services.

Here is lead paragraph from an AP story Betsy Russell has re-posted on her blog: “Idaho officials have submitted a Medicaid expansion waiver requiring patients to get referrals from primary physicians before they can get family planning services such as birth control, abortions or pregnancy care.”

That sentence is patently false.

The referral language the Legislature adopted has to do with obtaining family planning services from someone other than your primary care physician. As in Planned Parenthood. The rules adopted by the Legislature for Medicaid encourage the woman to obtain family planning services from their primary care physician. In no way is the Legislature denying access to such services.

The Legislature did this because certain birth control methods carry significant health risks. And it is best for the woman if she is under the care of a primary care physician, so that any health problems can be monitored. Even Planned Parenthood officials have publicly admitted as much, even as they bemoan the potential loss of tax dollars subsidizing their operation.

One could surmise that local media are attempting to manipulate women into supporting Planned Parenthood by giving them false information.

Obviously false media reports are not just a national problem; we have our very own local version.

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David Ripley: Sickening New Details About Planned Parenthood’s Trafficking Emerge

October 19th, 2019 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

The trial going on in San Francisco is reminding America about the whole Planned Parenthood baby parts trafficking scheme. While the judge in this case is going to great lengths to shield the Abortion Industry from public scrutiny – details are seeping out of the courtroom.

Here is a new and sickening fact for you: Planned Parenthood clinics are selling the scalps of freshly-killed babies for profit; companies are buying the scalps to test products for treating baldness.

Let that sink in for a minute. Please.

Is it really possible that this kind of barbaric profiteering is tolerated in America?

We do, indeed, live in such a time. White has become black; evil is called “good”. The people who traffic in aborted baby parts are the victims; those who expose their barbarity are on trial.

There were more revelations in court yesterday, as Planned Parenthood’s “star” victim took the stage to explain how she has been victimized by the undercover videos. Abortionist Deborah Nucatola became infamous when a video surfaced of her eating salad while discussing the procedures she uses to maximize organ harvesting from late term babies right before she snuffs them out.

She took the stand on Thursday, tearing-up as she told the jury that she has been personally and professionally damaged by the release of the video. One report indicated that she even worked up a sob or two. But under cross-examination, Nucatola reportedly cracked when confronted with a prior deposition in which she contended that she had “done nothing wrong” and “didn’t care” if the video of her luncheon were publicly released.

In a surprising move, the judge in the case, changed his mind and allowed the defendants to play the infamous video for the jury. It was the first time he has allowed any of the video evidence collected by the Center for Medical Progress to be introduced in the trial.

It is not hard to understand that Mrs. Nucatola is having a hard time with the truth in a courtroom. Research has come to light from Operation Rescue that she conducts something like 200 abortions each and every month. Over the course of her 21 year killing spree – the estimate is that she has personally destroyed the lives of some 50,000 preborn children.

While it is easy to look at a person like Abortionist Nucatola as evil, the real challenge for all of us is to face the truth: She operates because we allow it. She is protected by the law and a media conspiracy of silence and deception; Nucatola is allowed to continue her ghastly butchery because too many of us are complacent in the face of pure evil. American society has fallen into a deep tar pit from which it may not escape – certainly not without great cost.

May the Lord rescue us.

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David Ripley: What is WRONG with California

October 15th, 2019 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

That’s certainly a big topic. Many conservatives in Idaho and across the country could produce volumes of critique. Or we could open the phone lines to those new Idahoans who packed up and left one of the most beautiful places on earth to raise their families in the Gem State.

Taxes. Gun control. Sanctuary cities. Voluntary shutdown of the state’s power grid. Corruption. Homelessness. Just to name a few.

But we would submit this insanity as the core problem: California just passed a law requiring all state universities to become first trimester abortion centers, while simultaneously forbidding the sale or production of animal fur products in the state. The moral confusion among this state’s Democrat leadership is so profound that they now, legally, prioritize the lives of animals over the lives of human beings.

Under California law, every public university will now have to distribute RU-486 pills to students as part of their basic health plan. That means colleges in that left coast state will become abortuaries. And there is no protection for health care workers in those student health centers who might object to becoming abortionists. Nor is there any conscience protection for pro-Life students or taxpayers who object to seeing their taxes and fees being used to destroy innocent human life.

To make matters worse – if that is even possible – it turns out that Planned Parenthood will come in for substantial subsidies through this new expansion of abortion in the once-golden state. As we read the initial story, we wondered whether Planned Parenthood would be upset with the new competition. But those concerns were clearly addressed by lawmakers who depend on the Abortion Industry to get elected and pay campaign bills. Planned Parenthood will get millions in “consulting fees” as it assists the various health care centers on campus distribute the drugs. We would not even be surprised to learn that Planned Parenthood will serve as the wholesale agent for the lethal drugs since it continues to benefit from a sweetheart deal with the drug’s manufacturer.

The course of self-destruction so eagerly sought by California lawmakers and a substantial portion of the electorate is really difficult to watch. And, at least on human terms, there seems little hope of a course correction. What a travesty and blight on the Republic.

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David Ripley: George Soros Sends More Help to Planned Parenthood

October 11th, 2019 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

One of George Soros’ favorite “charities” is Planned Parenthood. He sees the organization as a key player in his drive to impose his radical socialist agenda on the world. We ran across a story recently which details his most recent gift of $350,000 to the organization to aid in its work in Virginia. At all costs, President Trump must not be allowed to carry the state of Virginia in 2020.

And speaking of Planned Parenthood, the national organization announced this week that it will spend $45 million to elect abortion advocates to the House and Senate in next year’s national election. That is a massive amount of money. If used correctly, it could tip some close elections.

Of course, Planned Parenthood will need all of that and more.

The simple truth of the matter is that we are winning this cosmic struggle. Data came out a week ago showing that the number of abortions has dropped by some 800,000 each year. That is 800,000 babies alive. 800,000 women who don’t have to carry the painful burden of knowing they chose wrongly.

We have much work yet to do. And pro-Lifers must begin preparing now for the election season which is thrust upon us. Donald Trump must be re-elected and we must retake the U.S. House from the clown show which daily denigrates that proud institution. Let us begin with prayer.

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David Ripley: Just What IS Life Chain?

October 1st, 2019 by Halli

Idaho Chooses Life

The annual Life Chain is coming up this next Sunday (October 6th). It is an event that has been held since the 1980s to publicly challenge our nation’s slide into barbarity. The event has grown to over 900 cities, held on the first Sunday in October.

Many churches mark that Sunday as “Pro-Life Sunday”, in which congregations are reminded of what the Lord thinks about the sacrifice of preborn children. Prayers for His help and mercy in ending this barbarous practice are lifted up. In some churches, this commemoration led Christians into realizing that more had to be done. It was not enough to talk to each other. We had to take the Gospel outside of the meeting house and into the community.

The notion of Life Chain was born.

Pro-Life signs were printed, or hand made. Groups of pro-Lifers gathered on a busy street to hold up the signs while they spent time praying. Messages like, “Adoption, the Loving Option” or “Abortion Kills Children”, or “Stop Abortion Now” confronted people on their way to shop or spend a nice fall afternoon in the park.

For just a moment, or maybe quite a few, our neighbors were made to recall that the lives of vulnerable babies were being snuffed out on an industrial scale, each and every day. An uncomfortable moment to be sure, but one that could lead to action. Action that not only saves a baby – but a nation as well.

The Treasure Valley Life Chain will be held again on the 6th, from 2-4 pm. Miracles often happen. Several times we have had pregnant women intent on aborting their babies drive through the Life Chain, turn around and come to the table, asking for help in finding a better answer. All they needed was to be reminded of what they already knew in their hearts.

We pray that you might take some time to join us. Join us on the line to rebuild the walls of protection around preborn children. Give voice to your faith; action to your pro-Life convictions.

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