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Bob Webster: Creation vs. Evolution, Chapter 10

April 18th, 2011 by Halli

This is the final chapter of Bob Webster’s manuscript, Creation vs. Evolution.

Chapter 9


From THE CREATION, by Frank B. Salisbury, we glean the valuable information paraphrased here in Chapter 10.

P. 160 Only a small portion of the Geologic Time table exists at any one. location. All methods of age dating apply the principle of uniformitarianism.

P. 162 Sediments cannot be directly dated by the radioactive clock.

P. 175 No one in science has bothered to look for the evidence of cataclysms on a worldwide scale.

P. 180 – There is no way of demonstrating from the fossils alone that any one life form evolved into another.

P, 207 Darwin’s scheme of evolution depends completely upon some source of variety. Variety is the Achilles Heel of the entire evolutionary concept. Evolutionary theory requires mutations to provide variety: yet most mutations are either harmful or fatal.

P. 219 God hasn’t told the whole story, and science hasn’t collected all the data. The facts simply are not all in. Both sides require faith.

P. 221 The stratigraphic fossil record has always been evolution’s most attractive evidence.

P. 223 After 200 years of careful study, there is no fossil record of gradual evolution of phyla and divisions of living creatures! There are no intermediate stages! Complex forms appear suddenly in the record. The transitional forms simply are not there. No major group has obvious fossil predecessors!

P.225 – It is impossible to find rigorous p roof that any one fossil was the descendant of any other. The evolutionary sequences are merely implied!

P. 226 In many locations all over the earth, the cataclysmic origin of fossils is clearly indicated.

P. 227 There is no place on earth where all of the strata of the of the Geologic Time Table lie one on top of the other. The GTT was constructed on the pre-assumption that evolution occurred, and that organisms began simple and became increasingly more complex through time. This is merely self supporting “circular logic,” which is illogical and unscientific!

P. 228 – Numerous examples are known in which simple (supposedly older) life forms occur on top of more complex (younger) forms, with normal contacts between the sedimentary strata. This reality defies evolutionary theory. *** If even one strata or one fossil form is out sequence, then the entire evolutionary theory held by geologists is wrong! No compromise position is possible!

P. 231- Trinil Ape Man, alias Java Man (Pithicanthropuss erectus), is a proven hoax! Peking Man, once considered one of the strongest links in man’s alleged evolution, is even more tenuous than Java Man.


P. 234 The scientific community has been totally convinced about an idea that has turned out wrong.

P. 235 The fossil record is the evolutionists’ strongest argument; yet it does not prove, nor even strongly support the theory of evolution.

P. 239 Scientific classification of living organisms, showing the complexity of their anatomy provides some of the strongest evidences against evolution. Evolution predicts a continuous sequence of organisms from the simplest to the most complex. But science shows that discontinuity is the over whelming rule in the geologic record.

P. 240- In natural selection, it is unlikely that a particular feature (such as the eye) would appear more than once during evolution. Yet many types of eyes exist in nature. The whole idea of evolution is completely disproven if evolution insists upon exact application of natural selection.

*** The reverence which men used to reserve for God is now bestowed upon assumed chance directed processes of nature, based on unprovable, atheistic assumptions.

P. 245 – In nature, homologous structures need not be controlled by identical or even related genes, and characters that are controlled by identical genes need not be homologous. These observations destroy the very foundation of the theory of evolution!

P. 247 – At one point, evolutionists proudly listed 180 “vestigial organs” which they claimed linked man with the “lower” forms of life. True science has shrunk that list to almost zero, as the true functions of these supposed “vestigial organs” are understood.

P. 251 – Molecular biology supports intelligent Creation.

P. 252 Minor creature adaptations are a far cry from producing new phyla, orders, families, and genera from some common ancestor. So called proof of evolution is in reality reduced to a few micro scale adaptations.

P. 253 It is enormously invalid to believe that the micro cases of adaptation prove the macro stale adaptations claimed.

P. 251 It is in the genes that evolutionary changes are alleged to originate. Yet, even the common genetic molecule called cytochrome C is too complex to be accounted for mathematically by the theory of evolution. Not even within the farthest limits of the conceivable expanses of Space is it mathematically possible!

P. 261- The evolutionist must rely on faith, much as the Creationist does. But evolutionary theory has no director. It is purely opportunistic and fortuitous.

P. 262 The evolutionary process faces impossible odds at each step, where the environment demanded the evolution of some new enzyme. Each time, the chances become vanishingly small. Consider all the coordinated body parts and intricate chemical react ions that would have to evolve separately, yet simultaneously.

P. 263 – Molecular biology has given us a deeper appreciation for the complexity and intricacy of life. Natural selection is inadequate to explain it. It is incapable of providing it. Variety would not appear often enough. Complexity is not accounted for by evolution’s purely mechanistic, chance directed, atheistic assumptions. Living cells must divide, multiply, and specialize at precisely the right times and places.

P. 265 Shakespeare was not written by letting monkeys randomly pound typewriters. Neither can
intricate enzymes be generated by chance All things testify of an intelligent and purposeful Creator.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

SCIENCE AND MORMONISM, by Melvin A. Cook and M. Garfield Cook is possibly the best LDS source of information on “LDS viewpoints.” The Cooks present, quote and compare the positions of all the “big names” among LDS scientists and theologians.

It becomes obvious that one can “prove” his own preferred position by quoting those LDS “big names” who favor that viewpoint. Just as in the rest of society, there are “big names” among LDS who favor literal Creation, others who favor evolution, and many in between. In other words, being LDS does not automatically mean you are anti evolution. Mormons appear to be just as diverse in their opinions on this subject as are members of any other religious group. But, Church Presidents have always supported Creation.

This reality makes it all the more important for the LDS individual to exercise his free agency and discover the truth for himself. As stated in the Foreword of this book, of all people on earth. members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints have the greatest advantage, and opportunity, to settle the science vs- religion controversy in their own minds. No other people have access to such a wealth of information on this subject as do the Latter day Saints.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The rough draft for this publication, CREATION-VS-EVOLUTION, was begun in 1975. In late 1999, as I was preparing it at last for printing, I saw a new book of articles by LDS authors with impressive credentials, both scientific and ecclesiastic. But I rejected it for detailed study after reading in the Introduction that the compiler felt that in the case of any conflict between science and religion, he would favor science. Soon after, I noticed another new book, EARTH IN THE BEGINNING, by Dr. Eric N. Skousen (ES). There are many, many books on this topic, each with its own interpretations and conclusions, of course, like mine. ES discredits organic evolution as the source of living organisms, yet identifies a possible way in which the ancient fossil records could be as old as claimed, yet not conflict with Creation and The Fall of Adam theology. ES’s book seriously challenged my paradigm. I am thankful to have found it before finishing my own effort. It is a valuable addition to this section.

EARTH IN THE BEGINNING, by Eric N. Skousen, PHD, 1997, Verity Publishing

ES agrees with the “true science” evidences already presented herein that mortal death began after The Fall of Adam, that radiogenic dating methods cannot give accurate dates of anything older than the Fall – about 6000 years ago, that Adam was the first man on earth and the first mortal “flesh,” and that the earth’s mortal/temporal existence is programmed to last only about 6000 years (6 God-days) until the 7th God-day, the Lord’s millennium, that catastrophism (not uniformity) is the main geologic force.

Where ES opens “eyes to see” is his detailed and systematic interpretations of the scriptural stages of Creation, supported at key points by LDS General Authority (GA) statements. His sequence, in brief is:
1. Organization of intelligence and matter by Gods.
2. Birth of living spirits (spirit creation), including the living earth, creatures and God’s own children – all near Kolob.
3. Three Creation Epochs:
1. Placing spirit lives on the spirit earth for experience (Moses 2) near Kolob.
2. Transplanting of physically-born lives onto the physically-born earth in a lengthy, preparatory period (Moses 3; Abra. 3-5) near Kolob.
3a. Sanctification of prepared earth (extinction/removal of all preparatory life) at the 6th-7th Day/Time.
3b. Transplanting modern, immortal, physical life forms onto the “prepared and sanctified” earth on the 7th Day/Time – near Kolob.
3c. Fall of Adam, and the fall of earth from Kolob into solar orbit; initiating mortality (7th Day/Time).

ES feels that earth strata containing “ancient fossils” are from the preparatory period (#3.2 above). In other words, ES says there was death and aging during the preparatory period before the Fall. Then, once earth was cleansed and sanctified of all preparatory life (by extinction or removal), the “modern” physical life forms for which God originally intended to occupy earth during mortality were transplanted here as immortal/Terrestrial beings, with no death until the Fall.
This is how ES accommodates the abundance of scientific evidences of ancient life forms found in earth’s rock record. None of these ancient, preparatory forms, however, are ancestors of the “modern” forms. In fact, all life forms are individual creations, incapable of replicating outside the orderly, genetic limits of their own kind. All were transplanted to earth from sources on other planets.

According to ES, EVOLUTION IS FALSE, because:
1. Science doesn’t support it; there is no geologic record of any ancestral origin or transition stages from ancient forms to modern forms, nor within any ancient or modern forms. No “missing link” or transition forms exist in the scientific, geologic evidence.

2. All life is created/born/organized by intelligent God-Creators. Development of life by accumulative accident is irrational, illogical and unscientific. All scientific evidence displays order, control and similarities.

3. Earth and the “inorganic” elements are all living intelligences. Earths, planets, stars, moons and all physical objects in all galaxies of space are NOT merely the result of accidental, natural forces of the universe. Intelligent and purposeful Gods control and use the natural laws to organize/create all matter, for the ultimate purpose of developing and perfecting Gods’ offspring into Gods, like their parents. It is a sophisticated, intelligent and stringent process.

4. ?”Time” is irrelevant and unmeasurable in the geologic evidence. ES’s Geologic Column (formerly called the Geologic Time Table) classifies rock strata from oldest to youngest, but does not assign any ages. Age dating anything older than the Fall (6000 years) is not scientifically possible with available technology, because of all the unknowns of the geologic process.

ES’s book expands one’s paradigm of Gods’ creation sequence, and also accommodates the known fossil evidence. Since the fossil record is obviously real, it must be explained somehow, and ES feels the answer is in the preparatory period described above. His interpretation also explains the doctrinal problem of “no death until after the Fall,” and reaffirms that modern life did not descend from those ancient forms. Those preparatory forms lived, and then either died out (extinction), or were removed before the earth was sanctified for modern forms, including Adam and Eve. Consequently, there were no “pre-Adam men,” only a rare few preparatory hominids.

1. In spite of ES’s careful discussion points, I still struggle with the seeming inconsistency in whether the physical earth of ES’s 2nd Creation Epoch was placed promptly into solar orbit after its birth, or kept near Kolob. ES says earth wasn’t put into solar orbit until after the Fall. My problem with this view is that our earth needed a day-night environment, and Kolob’s neighborhood is in the galactic center where there is constant light and no night. Our solar system, however, is an experienced “jig” designed to process probationary earths like ours, and has all of the day/night, warmth, tide-pull conditions necessary for the scheduled preparatory life period ES describes. I grant God the ability to make necessary adjustments in solar orbits to supply the slightly warmer and brighter conditions, which ES says were present during the preparatory period, and then to “fine tune” it again for the modern life period – first paradisiacal, and then mortal earth.

2. ES also discounts the concept of a rainbow-free thick vapor atmosphere prior to Noah’s Flood. It still seems plausible to me, as described elsewhere in this text, although I agree that the moisture-rich atmosphere was not the major source of the deluge waters. The lack of UV light screened out by a thick atmosphere could well explain the longevity question of Adam and his pre-diluvian posterity. Having a moisture-dense atmosphere does not imply that there was no sunlight or night/day conditions.

3. My third area of struggle is with ES’s view that the earth’s original, single land mass of “Pangaea” was “divided” by the Pacific Ocean, not the Atlantic Ocean. After such detailed documentation on other points in his text, this undocumented opinion shocks me. The subsequently “divided” Western Hemisphere obviously matches Europe and Africa on the Atlantic side. This is the least acceptable of all of ES’s points.

My major paradigm shock is accepting the preparatory period at all, with its death and decay, and “millions of years” dating. If time and decay were operational during a preparatory period, but irrelevant then, how can those ages from that period now be somehow “counted” by modern dating to be in the millions of years? Yet, ES’s quote (p.313) from LDS GA’s is stunning – that concepts of “no death before the Fall” is not an official doctrine of the Church ),J.E. Talmadge 4-7-1931.This is what opens the door of possibility for ES’s preparatory period scenario, to fill the geologic rock records as modern scientists now identify them.

In brief, ES’s position changes the doctrinal viewpoint from one of “No death before the Fall” to “No death during the Garden of Eden period, until after the Fall.” That is a significant difference. The rock record is there. It has to fit somehow, and ES’ view fills that awkward and disputed void.

If evolution’s detestable “millions of years” ages can now be tolerably explained and accepted as having occurred in a preparatory period, as ES proposes (before the Fall only), then those fossil ages don’t conflict with either the scriptural doctrine of “6000 years of earth’s mortal existence (since the Fall)” or the “No death until after the Fall” doctrine. By satisfying both of those two major conflicts, ES relieves most of the perpetual stress between science and religion, and at the same time maintains two other sacred positions –
1. That modern life (especially man) is NOT descended from any ancient forms (certainly not lower forms), and
2. That evolution theory is still verifiably as scientifically bankrupt and atheistic as religion has always claimed it is.

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Bob Webster: Creation vs. Evolution, Chapter 9

April 11th, 2011 by Halli

By Bob Webster

Chapter 8


Whereas in Chapter 8, the author, Velikovsky, ascribes the cause of earth’s major cataclysms to passing planets changing earth’s axis, the authors of Chapter 9 focus on Noah’s Flood. From THE GENESIS FLOOD, by John C. Whitcomb Jr. and Henry M. Morris, scientific evidences are examined which seriously expose and challenge the foolishness of modern geologic illogic, namely the twin false theories of UNIFORMITY and ORGANIC EVOLUTION. Some of the more obvious evidences, particularly from Chapters V, VI and VII of their book are summarized in this chapter 9. Page numbers at the left margin of this chapter are approximate references to their pages in THE GENESIS FLOOD.


p. 149 – The vast Columbia Plateau of America’s Northwest is covered by water-eroded canyons, hanging valleys, dry waterfalls, basins and bizarre geologic/geographic features which testify of a sudden, vast flood – the only type of force capable of creating these features.

p. 151 – The Grand Canyon is the geologist’s pride and joy, his showcase of uniformity, of supposedly gradual erosion processes. This semi-arid Colorado Plateau region covers 250,000 square miles in four states, displaying mostly horizontal sedimentary layers thousands of feet thick collectively. But its sediments are of marine (ocean) origin.

The entire region has been uplifted from far below sea level to more than a mile above sea level. This uplifting process took place in several stages, and is not unique. A similar plateau three times larger and formed in similar fashion exists in Tibet.

First, these marine sediments were deposited rapidly in a brief, continuous period of time. Then came the great regional uplift, fracturing the crust deeply. The erosion which formed the Grand Canyon spectacle we see today occurred while the sediment layers were still relatively soft, and under the influence of much greater volumes of water than present today. While the entire region was still near sea level, it developed a typically flat-land stream meander pattern, in which the rivers eroded laterally into those soft sediments. The sudden regional uplift caused rapid down cutting, but it still followed the previously established flat-land meander patterns.

p. 161 – In the famous Bone Bed of Agate Springs, Nebraska are found thousands of fossil animals, buried and solidified in a horizontal, water-deposited layer for a large distance in a limestone hill. Within this layer are fossils of rhinoceros, camel, giant bear and numerous exotic animals, all suddenly packed together in a scene of mass chaos.

P. 166-167 – Remarkably clear tracks of three-toed dinosaurs are found in the Cretaceous rock surface in Texas, only inches away from equally clear foot prints of a giant human. Tracks made in soft mud, as these obviously were, usually disintegrate rapidly. How and why did these side-by-side dinosaur and human footprints become preserved as solid rock immediately after they were made in the mud of the Paluxy River Bed near Glen Rose, Texas? Only a sudden and catastrophic drying action could do it. What answers do evolutionary geologists have? (Maybe Alley Oop was real after all) [See Figures 11 A – B]

The evolutionists’ theory that such dinosaurs became extinct some 70 billion years before man evolved is here shown to be absurd and grossly false! Both dinosaurs and men were co-habitants in Texas in recent historical times. The human footprints are 15 inches long (Genesis 6:4). Similar giant footprints of men have been found in Arizona, near Mt. Whitney California, near the White Sands in New Mexico and in other locations. Did you ever hear of this in science classes? Look at the pictures in The Genesis Flood.

In 1842, a human skull was found within a Tertiary-age coal bed in Saxony, Germany. This skull is on display in the coal collection in the Mining Academy in Freiburg. The coal bed is supposedly millions of years older than man. In other words, real fossils of man, geology’s most recent creature, are found imbedded within the supposedly ancient pre-historic geologic coal deposits. How?

p. 176-177 – Lizard-like Beakhead reptiles supposedly went extinct 135 million years ago, by the geologists’ Geologic Time Table. Their fossils are found in Cretaceous and older rocks, but none in younger rocks. Yet, the Tuatara Beakhead lizards still live in New Zealand today, and nowhere else. This sole survivor of its species exists despite purported millions of years of adversity during which it went extinct. Why would survival-of-the-fittest forces destroy all other Beakheads in the world and permit this one to perpetuate itself on one island? Despite the persistence of living Beakheads, not one Beakhead fossil has been found in any rocks younger than Cretaceous. Furthermore, the Beakhead fossils in “100 million year old” Jurassic deposits of Europe are identical to the living Beakheads in New Zealand. How can this be explained? It must be explained; it cannot be ignored. This reality exists.

p. 178 – A living specimen of the extinct coelacanth fish, whose fossils are abundant in the Paleozoic and Mesozoic (500 to 370 million years) strata, was photographed by the London Times in 1939. That same year, other primitive crustaceans were found in New Zealand beach sands. Geologists, please explain.

Mollusks, which supposedly went extinct 280 million years ago, were dug up alive in the 1950’s from ocean floor mud 11,700 feet deep off Central America’s Acapulco Trench. Why haven’t Mollusk fossils so common in Paleozoic strata been found in more recent Mesozoic or Tertiary marine strata?

In 1953, a primitive crustacean was dredged from shallow mud in Long Island Sound. Its closed relative, Lepidocaris, lived in Middle Devonian time, 300 million years ago, geologists claim.

p. 179 – Fossil remains of the tree Metasequoia are widely distributed over Northern Hemisphere rocks, and dated by geologists from 60 to 300 million years ago. They say those trees went extinct 20 million years ago, with no fossils known in rocks younger than Miocene. Yet an entire stand of Metasequoia trees lived in China in 1948, which was studied by a paleobotanist from the University of California. Were you told this in school?

p. 180-193 – Rock strata are dated by geologists according to the fossils they contain, based on the Geologic Time Table. How do they explain why and how enormous land areas covering hundreds of thousands of square miles contain older strata on top of younger strata? It must be explained, not ignored!

Near Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, a 30 mile by 60-mile block of Paleozoic rock lies horizontally and conformably on top of rock beds supposedly 250 million years younger. There is no evidence of faulting or thrusting disturbance at the contact line between the strata, and no apparent sources for this older block. The “older” layers appear to have been deposited normally upon the “younger” strata. How does evolutionary geology explain this impossible contradiction identified by honest geologists?

Larger examples of similarly reverse-aged beds are found in Glacier National Park, in Canada, France and Switzerland. Geologists simply ignore such obvious scientific observations – which show no
evidence of grinding, sliding, shearing or fracturing forces at the contact line between these reverse-aged strata! The upper layers were obviously deposited upon the lower.

p. 200 – The theory of UNIFORMITY is utterly inadequate to explain the earth’s most significant geologic features. Neither the character nor the rates of the earth’s geologic forces of erosion, glaciation, deposition and volcanism have continued uniformly and unchanged over the ages. Yet, UNIFORMITY remains as the BASIC GEOLOGIC PRINCIPLE, despite worldwide evidences of repeated catastrophism.



p. 222 – The first and Second Laws of Thermodynamics operate upon two master concepts: ENERGY and ENTROPY. These two natural laws describe the behavior of matter, both when it is in a state of equilibrium and when it changes from one state of equilibrium to another. All physical, chemical, biological and geological processes operate according to these FIRST TWO LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS. Matter itself is a form of energy.

This law of energy conservation affirms that, although energy can be converted from one form to another, the total amount of energy remains unchanged. Energy is neither created not destroyed; IT EXISTS!

Although the total amount of energy remains unchanged, at each energy conversion to another form, less energy remains available for useful work, because some energy is released in the conversion. This loss of available energy is called ENTROPY. Friction and heat are two common examples of ENTROPY.

Point #1. During Creation, matter and energy were organized into higher and more complex systems. That’s what Creation is – organization into higher forms, not degenerating into lower conditions.

Point #2. During the Garden of Eden time, and before the Fall of Adam, all created things, living and non-living, existed in a suspended state of endless constancy, with neither any more creation, nor deterioration.

Point #3. But after the Fall of Adam, the earth and all other created things associated with it, living and non-living, began a steady degeneration or decay (ENTROPY) toward a less organized state. This ENTROPY, including aging, death, decay and radioactive half-life, did not begin until after the Fall of Adam.

Earth today is still degenerating under the SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS toward a less organized state o disorder, disorganization and disarrangement. This physical law verifies that the Fall of Adam brought death into existence on earth for the first time! Since then, all things wear out, lose energy (ENTROPY) and eventually die and decay to a lower state.

The contrast between Creation and Evolution should now appear more obvious than ever.
First, the theory of Uniformity assumes that all physical and biological processes on earth have always proceeded at today’s same slow rate. This is, of course, exactly the opposite of the Creation story, in which organizational events happened suddenly, by external sources of power (God’s will).
Second, the other twin theory, Evolution, claims that biological processes on earth changed from lower forms to higher forms over enormous lengths of time, resulting in forms of greater organization, complexity and selective ability to survive into positions of dominance.


p.224 – Geology may observe and classify the strata of the earth’s crust as it exists today, but it is powerless to reconstruct or identify the order of events during this earth’s origin. WHY? BECAUSE THOSE CREATION PROCESSES AND CONDITIONS NO LONGER OPERATE. The earth is now under an entirely different set of conditions – mortality. Creation dynamics are passed. Creation is no longer taking place. Today we and everything associated with this earth are all subject to the SECOND LAW OF THERMODYNAMICS. This law rules as ruthlessly as time; it cannot be changed, stopped or denied by any person or force on earth, only by the Creator. ENTROPY REIGNS today and every day since the Fall of Adam, until the Creator, Jesus Christ, intervenes once again, to move the earth and man closer toward the final eternal destiny that was originally pre-planned before the earth was ever formed. The next major divine intervention will introduce the prophesied Seventh Day of earth’s mortal existence, the MILLENNIUM.

p. 226 – It is as impossible to convert a land vertebrate into a fish as it is to turn a fish into a land vertebrate. No amount of time will make it happen! The evidences of so-called micro-evolution within given species are not only irrelevant, but are actually denials of the very theory of evolution which claims them as proof! Any true evolution would show creative changes toward higher states of organization, greater complexity and order. But the mutations which evolutionists claim to be the very vehicle of evolutionary progress are deteriorations from a higher state to a lower state! MUTATIONS ARE DESTRUCTIVE, NOT CREATIVE! THEY CAUSE LOWER, DEFECTIVE FORMS, NOT HIGHER! Mutations verify ENTROPY. They render organisms LESS able to survive and reproduce, not more able.

Evolution has been merely ASSUMED to be true, despite absence of scientific evidence to support it, and in direct contradiction to known laws of nature. Making truth out of this enormous lie is one of the greatest paradoxes in all history or science. Remember, when you ASS-U-ME, you make an ASS out of U and ME. How Satan, the father of lies, must laugh at the children of God.

When men deny God as Creator, and deny His word as truth, they automatically declare God as false (a liar) and set themselves up as His replacement, self-declared gods. That’s Satan’s mentality!


p. 331 – First, there are problems in the accuracy of dating procedures:
1. Accuracy in measurement procedures is seldom duplicatable, hence, scientifically unreliable.
2. Alteration and contamination of the samples to be measured, both in nature and during human collection and handling of samples, affects scientific accuracy adversely.
Second, the whole problem of dating revolves about the BASIC ASSUMPTIONS implicit in all radioactivity methods of age measurement:
1. The assumption that the rate of radiogenic decay has always been the same as at present (Uniformity theory).
2. The assumption that all of the radiogenic isotopes being sampled and dated has been derived from a parent isotope by the process of uniform radioactive decay.

Both of these assumptions are essential to obtain meaningful scientific age calculations. Yet, they both defy scriptural; accounts of a divine Creation and the catastrophic and universal flood of Noah.

From the discovery of uranium and lead Isotopes in the 1930’s, serious errors in both analysis and dating were common. THE PUBLISHED GEOLOGIC TIME SCALE WAS BASED ON DISCORDANT AGES.
Nature provided pure original lead, as well as Uranium and Thorium, which decay through various isotope stages to become lead. Natural ‘weathering (dissolving by ‘weak natural acids, leaching away, escape of gaseous by products, etc.) makes it difficult to identify or obtain samples that are uncontaminated, and which are of known composition enough to provide reliable samples for measurements. Uranium and Thorium are more common in igneous rocks, and are rare in the fossiliferous sedimentary formations which are used for age dating.

Sedimentary fossiliferous rocks more commonly contain the alkali metals Rubidium and Potassium, especially Potassium.. The decay rate of Rubidium into strontium is not known precisely, making it questionable for age dating.
Potassium decays by two routes into Calcium and Argon gas. Again, uncertain decay rates and loss of the Argon gas make age dating unreliable.



P. 344 Creation concepts also require some basic assumptions
1. There ‘was an intelligent, purposeful creation by a creator.
2. All elements were created simultaneously, including all stages of the
radioactive chain, from unstable parent isotope to final stable element,
such as from Uranium to Lead.
3. The entire universe was created as a functioning system.
4. ‘Decay rates did not begin until the Fall of Adam. At that point, decay
and aging began.
5. Some decay rates can be altered slightly by heat, pressure, and chemical


1. Alpha Decay Helium 4 nuclei emitted from Uranium and Thorium nuclei.
2. Sets Decay Beta electrons emitted from nuclei of Rubidium and Potassium.
3. X Rays Potassium 40 to Argon 40.
4. Fission Nucleus splits.

It is not known WHY these reactions occur in nature.

P. 350 Cosmic radiation can and does penetrate atoms to cause changes and decays to occur, both in the atmosphere and in the earth” crust.

P. 352 Earth’s atmosphere has not always been the same. During creation, and after the Flood, a less dense thermal vapor layer would allow a much greater amount of cosmic radiation to reach the earth, and thus increase radioactive decay rates. The external sources of cosmic radiation may also fluctuate. Cosmic rays have been detected to penetrate 400 meters below the earth’s surface in modern times.

P. 353 Van Allen radiation belts around the earth provide a significant source of external radiation, which could influence radioactive decay rates on earth.

P.355 Neither the original ?creation? amount of radiogenic material, nor the decay rates can be determined. COMPUTATIONS BASED ON UNIFORMITARIAN ASSUMPTIONS YIELD AGE ESTIMATES THAT ARE ABSURDLY TOO OLD.


I. Ratio of Lead 206 to Uranium 238.
2. Ratio of Lead 207 to Uranium 235.
S. Ratio of Lead 206 to Lead 207.
4. Ratio of Helium to Uranium.



P. 356 It Is not possible for any human experimenter to study or duplicate the Creation process. Creation is scientifically unverifiable. Likewise, the theory of Uniformity is equally unverifiable scientifically.

ORIGINAL CREATION. The true facts of Creation can only be verified by divine revelation, not science.



p. 362 – Arthur Holmes, one of the originators of the Geologic Time Table, or Time Scale, stated in 1931 that, “… we have to steer a difficult course through a maze of data of very variable quality, guided in some places by atomic weight evidence, in others by series of accordant ratios, but in far too many by a subjective weighing of probabilities … only a few points can be fixed with precision Into the geologic column, and the total assemblage of data is too confused to permit detailed accuracy …”

But despite Holmes’ open admission of questionable scientific data to support The Geologic Time Table, he still justifies it with this amazingly unscientific conclusion, stating, “… it is remarkable how consistently the most probable ratio for each of the various suites falls into its proper place and order as judged by geologic age.”

In other words, a so called scientist chooses to accept highly questionable data, just because it can be imagined to fit into his pre-conceived idea of a Geologic Time Scale, and furthermore he will reject good data which appears to conflict with that Time Scale.

P. 363 – Adolph Knopf, editor of the 1957 National Research Council symposium on geochronology added, “?Not a single one of them eras, periods, and ages, let alone zones has yet been reliably determined.” Knopf stated that the accepted Geologic Time Table is based on only three dates:

1. 60 million years the age of pitchblende at Central City, Colorado.
2. 220 million years the age of pitchblende at St. Joachimstal, Bohemia.
3. 440 million years age of the uranium bearing shale at Gullhagen, Sweeden.


That’s science?

P. 363 – Genetics can show only micro-mutations within species as “proof” of historical evolution. No true mutations exist as evidence. The position of geology is equally void of evidence. Geology can point only to rock layers which have been age-dated based on false assumptions and philosophies of men, despite great contradictions in data and evidence.

As stated earlier, the Geologic Time Table is based on three dates derived from “reasoned guesses” of relative thickness of strata. OF THOSE THREE BASELINE DATES, ONLY ONE WAS DERIVED FROM RADIOACTIVE DATING (in 1939), AND THAT DATING HAD A 100% VARIATION OF ERROR!!

In 1936, the sedimentation authority, Twenhofel, said that estimates of time based on thickness of strata “are hardly worth the paper they are written on.”

P. 365 – In 1958, Teichert wrote in the Bulletin of the Geological Society of America that radioactive datings were mostly derived from igneous rocks and cannot be applied to sedimentary fossiliferous strata. He concluded, “At present, no coherent picture of the earth could be built on the basis of radioactive datings.”


Other age-dating methods are based on even flimsier evidence and assumptions than are the erroneous radioactivity methods, We know nothing about the age of the universe or its origin. All is theory. Our earth’s calculations of the speed of light may be incorrect out in Space.


P. 370 The most accepted “scientific” method of dating the age of fossils is the Carbon 14 method. This method professes to supply absolute dates for events the past 30,000 to 40,000 years. Carbon 14 dating was developed in 1946 by W. F. Libby. Earlier, Mr. Serge Korff was first to discover the natural process of the formation of Carbon 14. Carbon 14 is created when cosmic ray neutrons from outer space radiation are captured by nitrogen nuclei to form the radioactive isotope of carbon, with a mass of 14. This isotope has a half life of 5,500 years, meaning that it decays by one half in 5,500 years.

This Carbon 14 in the earth’s atmosphere becomes attached to oxygen to form carbon dioxide. It is then incorporated into water bodies and the physical bodies of plants and animals. Theoretically, the percentage of radiocarbon 14 which can be identified among the NORMAL carbon atoms within a living organism can be measured, to establish a date at which It stopped living and stopped taking in Carbon 14

P. 371 But, just as with other age dating methods, there are some basic assumptions required in order for Carbon 14 dating to be accurate. IT MUST BE ASSUMED THAT:

1. The concentration of Carbon 14 in the atmospheric carbon dioxide is always constant.
2. The amount of cosmic radiation entering the atmosphere has always been constant.
3. The Carbon 14 rate of decay is now and always has been constant.
4. Dead organic matter is not and never has been altered by chemical, biological or other activity.
5. The concentration of carbon dioxide in both the atmosphere and the oceans is now and always has been constant.
6. The size and quantity of ocean water on earth is now and always has been constant.
7. Both the rate of formation and the rate of decay of Carbon 14 have always been the same, and in constant equilibrium.

Every one of these assumptions is highly questionable! And all of these assumptions are rooted in the theory of uniformity. They defy both the divine Creation and the great deluge of Noah.

P. 372 Even Dr. Libby, the inventor of the Carbon 14 dating system stated, “The first shock Dr. Arnold and I had was that our advisors informed us that history extended back only 5,000 years. We had thought initially that we would be able to get samples all along the curve back to 30,000 years… We learned rather abruptly that these numbers, these ancient ages, are not known; in fact It is at about the time of the first dynasty in Egypt that the last historical date of any real certainty has been established (by Carbon 14)” (W. F. Libby “Radiocarbon dating,”American Scientist, Vol. 44, Jan. 1956, p. 107.)

In other words, the only events for which Carbon 14 dating is even possibly valid are those of known historical dates since Noah’s Flood. Those seven major assumption. listed above could potentially be valid only for post diluvial dates. FOR ALL EARLIER DATES, THE BASIC ASSUMPTIONS ARE INVALID, AND THE DATES DERIVED BY THE CARBON 14 METHOD ARE LIKELY WRONG!

P. 372 In 1955, the President of the American Geologic Institute cautioned that ,”In order for a technique or discipline to be useful in scientific work, its limits must be known and understood, but the limits of usefulness of the Radiocarbon age determinations are not yet known or understood. No one seriously proposes that all the determined dates are without error . . . and we do not know which dates are in error or by what amounts, or why.” (Charles B. Hunt: “Radiocarbon Dating in the light of Stratigraphy and Weathering Processes,” Scientific Monthly, Vol. 81, Nov. 1955, p. 240).

Samples can be contaminated in warm, damp locations. Was the radiocarbon in the sample original, secondary, intrusive, or altered in ways other than natural decay?

Local Variation, especially in shells, can be highly significant. The problem of biological alteration of materials in the soil becomes more serious with greater age. For example: dating a supposedly 10,000-year-old specimen can have a 50% error in age due to a 25% replacement of the carbon atoms. It only takes a 5% error in age to give a 50% error in a 40,000 year-old specimen dating. A mere 1% carbon replacement can cause a dating error of 5,000 years!

P. 373 – When comparing carbon dating with samples of known age, it has been found that the
activity of radiocarbon in the atmosphere has been fluctuating since even before the industrial revolution’s production of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels.

P. 375 Prior to the Flood, the earth’s atmosphere was more universally warm and moist a global semitropic climate which provided greater vegetational coverage, due to the thermal-vapor canopy of the atmosphere. These factors caused the amount (or ratio of radiocarbon to ordinary carbon) to be much less than today.

With a dense atmosphere, more of the cosmic neutrons reacted with Deuterium (heavy hydrogen) to form Tritium, which in turn readily decays to 3He (an Isotope .of helium). This accounts for the present heavy concentration of 3He, a concentration which could not have happened under earth’s present circumstances.

Earth’s present 3He concentration demonstrates that either the earth had a more dense thermal vapor in the past, and/or it has been bombarded with more intense radiation at some time prior to our modern times. Only creation and/or catastrophism can explain our atmospheric 3He. The theory of uniformity cannot.

P. 376 – The amount of Carbon 14 was less before the Flood. Consequently, pre diluvian fossils would have little or no radioactivity, even though only a few thousand years old. This means that ALL RADIOCARBON DATES FOR EVENTS SINCE THE ICE AGE ARE OF QUESTIONABLE ACCURACY.

The plants and animals living shortly after the flood would contain much less radiocarbon
than those living under modern rates of radiocarbon formation and equilibrium. By falsely assuming that the rate has always been the same over the ages (uniformity), the carbon dating of Flood age fossils would appear erroneously to give much older ages than they really were. Similarly, all pre diluvial fossils would appear to be dated too old, all because of the false assumptions of uniformity.

A truly scientific approach, rather than using false assumptions, confirms the Biblical account of a recent Creation and universal flood.

According to uniformity, if the earth was 5 billion years old, the entire earth should be 54feet thick In meteoric dust today assuming that 14.3 million tons of meteoric dust settles from the atmosphere uniformly each year, continually. Such dust heavy with nickel, iron, cobalt and other metals, does not exist on earth.
The fallacy of trying to age date meteorites is equally obvious. For example, by merely changing the method of calculation from helium to potassium-argon, the calculated ages of meteorites changes drastically from 60 million to 4,600 million years. Different methods, if valid, should yield the same age. The meteorites don’t change age while sitting on the scientists’ table waiting to be age dated.


Glassy rneteorites (tektites) have been dated younger than the. rock strata in which they were found. Tektites in Checkoslovakia are found in Miocene strata, in Texas – in Eocene strata, in Australia Recent strata. No Tektites are older than Tertiary strata, however. If Uniformity was true, Tektites would be found uniformly throughout all ages consistently.


There is not enough radioactive helium in the earth’s atmosphere to account for the supposed millions of years age of the earth claimed by the uniformity evolution theory.
Neither has the earth’s upper atmosphere been heated up to between 1800 to 2300 degrees Celsius necessary to cause excess helium to escape earth’s atmosphere, to end up with the small amount of helium content found today.

If uniformity was true, either the atmosphere would be loaded with helium after all those millions of years, or earth’s air would have to have been “cooked” to expel it as a gas, down to present concentrations.

P. 385 – SEA SALT

Assuming that the ocean originally had no salt (a false assumption), all of its salt would have to have come from land erosion (also false), and that earth’s erosion rate has always been the same as today (uniformity again), then the maximum age calculation for earth is 50 million years. But this approach conflicts with actual earth evidences that salt water ocean basins existed in pre Cambrian times (supposedly 500 million to 1.8 billion years).

In 1955, salt water ocean fish sharks and sawfish were found and described living in a fresh water mountain lake 20 miles inland and 200 feet above sea level in Dutch New Guinea. Fish can evidently adapt more easily to a less-salty water than to a saltier fish habitat. But how did they get there?


The 1943-52 Mexican Volcano, Paricutin, issued vast amounts of ?fresh volcanic water, which is water created for the first time from primary constituents. In Noah’s Flood, the Bible says the “fountains of the great deep” contributed water to the Flood.


Volcanic rock and soils constitute a small part of the earth’s crust of rock and soil. If the earth’s crust developed as uniformity claims, by consistent rates of volcanism and erosion, no reasonably scientific calculation could yield an age as old as 4 to 5 billion years. Such an age assumes only four active volcanoes like Paricutin (.8 cubic kilometers of ash per year). More realistic assumptions of only volcanic activity easily reduce the age estimate to to 20 million years.

THE ONLY CERTAIN BASIS OF PREHISTORIC CHRONOLOGY MUST COME BY WAY OF DIVINE REVELATION. Bible dating puts the Flood at 2350 B. C. (about 4350 years ago, 1650 after the Fall of Adam began the counting of mortal time on this earth)
9 – 12



The giant Sequoia trees and ancient Bristlecone Pines of California and Washington live in their original locations, No known plant is older than these 4600 years. Why aren’t there any older parent trees, or older snags of parents, or any younger offspring generations succeeding this one single generation of unusually ancient plants? Uniformity, please answer!


Things are dated only by men. Their real ages exist, but men must discover them. No verifiable archaeological datings are known older than about 3000 B. C. The most ancient record keeping people known lived in the agricultural centers of civilization around the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers, the Nile River, and other Near East sites. This corresponds with the Biblical records of the post diluvial spread from
Noah’s Ark. Why won’t science accept this obvious evidence? Swiss, Danish, and Chinese cultures began about 2700 to 2200 B.C. as people migrated out from the region near the Ark (The Tower of Babel was about 2200 B.C.).


Linguists likewise confirm that languages trace to a common center of origin in central Europe, from which they radiated: Semitic (from Noah’s son Shem) in Asia; Hamitic (Ham) in Africa; and Japhetic (Japeth) in Europe. Ever hear of the Tower of Babel? It happened soon after the Flood.


Some 160 years before Darwin, Malthus stated that the animals and man increased in population at geometrical rates. If this was strictly true as a scientific principle, then a man evolving onto the scene and finding a mate 30,000 years ago would have by now created a population belly to belly over every inch of the dry earth. Such unscientific speculation is the root of modern population explosion hysteria.

There were about 300 million people at Christ’s time. Some 700 years later there were still 300 million. In 1650 1200 million, and in 1950 2.4 billion. From that growth curve it is reasonable to interpolate back to Noah’s family of eight at about 3300 B. C., just as the Bible states.

The Bible reports longer life spans (900+ years) before. the Flood, and rapidly declining ages after the Flood (80 today). Earth’s heavy atmosphere prior to the Flood contributed to long life by protecting living things from direct, harmful short-wave radiation from outer space. Radiation retards growth and shortens life. The new rainbow effect testified to Noah of the first clear skies after the Flood period, exposing earth to direct solar and cosmic radiation, and shortening life.


Mutations are harmful alterations of normal organisms, and mutants are less able to survive. Radiation is the chief cause of mutations. Mutations are permanent hereditary changes in the genetic structure of the reproductive cells.

Can creatures like man be altered into new life forms? And can radiation be a cause of species mutation? The pioneer in genetic mutation, Dr. H.J. Muller, stated In 1950, “Radiation is in fact the only type of agent yet known to which human beings are likely to be exposed in quantity sufficient to cause any
considerable production of mutations in them.”

But laboratory evidence shows that radiation caused mutations are always harmful! RADIATION EITHER KILLS OR IMPAIRS. A mutation is a random change of an already highly-organized and smoothly-functioning living body.


Anybody who ever raised chickens can tell you the fate of any odd or defective members of the population. The normal, healthy ones peck and chase the defective individuals until they die. That’s natural selection!

True scientists warn of the danger of fatal and damaging nuclear radiation as a serious threat to living organisms. But the evolutionist theorizes that the same radiation is the source of all improvements in the earth’s genetic evolution, not only of man, but of all living things. Do you sense a problem of credibility
between the two? Which position is based on evidence, and which is theory?


The present rate of sedimentation varies so widely that it is impossible to determine an average rate of sedimentation for modern times, and more impossible to do so for past times. Yet uniformity ass-u-mes sedimentation rates have always been constant.


Well-defined ripple marks have been found at 600 foot depths on the Pacific Ocean floor. Likewise deep sea deposits of fresh water diatoms are found far off the African equatorial roast on the Atlantic floor. Some ocean floors were once above sea level, and have been sunk several miles beneath. Does that hint of uniformity or catastrophism?


Uniformity cannot account for huge subterranean domes of salt found in places around the world. Catastrophic volcanic activity is more likely the cause.


Amethyst Mountain in Northwest Yellowstone Park shows 18 successive petrified forests layered in a 2000-foot vertical section of uplifted mountain rock. Each forest is buried in a lava flow. But these forests were not grown in place and then buried. The forests are primarily stumps that were violently sheared off, uprooted, and mass transported in repeat wave cycles of water. They represent cyclical oscillations of water transported tree parts, buried in intermittent volcanic ash or lava. Amethyst Mountain is solid geologic evidence of geologic catastrophism.
The trees are only stumps; there are no limbs, fossil foliage, or root systems. Uniformity, explain that!

P.432 Oil has been called ‘black gold” because of the wealth it can bring in modern times. Where can it be found? How did it get there? Do geologists know?

Oil has been found in rocks of practically all geologic ages prior to Pleistocene, and it cannot be easily located by geologic stratigraphic criteria. Oil is found in pre Flood deposits. All oil deposits are associated with water influence and are organic in origin. Crude oil originates with compaction of sediments. Vast organic remains were dissolved and changed into petroleum hydrocarbons.

P. 436 – There is no reason to think that these processes may have required long ages. Even under modern conditions, petroleum hydrocarbons can be formed rather quickly, as shown in recent sediments from the Gulf of Mexico. Likewise, geologically-formed “oil traps” have been created during post deluge Pleistocene times, as demonstrated in California’s Ketterman Hills.

Petroleum geology has developed independently of historical geology. The theories of uniformity and evolution are irrelevant to the actual practice of petroleum discovery, However, the practice of petroleum discovery harmonizes well with the Deluge history.

P. 437 ORES

Commercial ores of all kinds can be found in rocks of all geologic strata, and are usually associated with igneous intrusions. Again, uniformitarian historical geology is of no more value to locate ores than
it is to locate oil.

Ore formation occurs independent of geologic strata. It seems most closely associated with catastrophic volcanism in the upper four miles of the earth’s crust. Such catastrophic volcanism was common both in the original Creation of the earth, in the Deluge period and at Christ’s crucifixion.

P. 439 Present geologic rates and processes cannot account for the earth’s geologic history. THE CONCEPTS OF UNIFORMITY AND EVOLUTION ARE BANKRUPT THEORIES!


Earth’s sedimentary formations art largely Deluge related. You may ask, “What difference does it make which theories are correct?” The difference is significant!

There are only two competing philosophies or RELIGIONS: GOD-WORSHIP or MAN- WORSHIP. They affect our total existence.

MAN WORSHIP focuses on man as the most important entity. The evolutionary concept of a nature caused world appeals to man’s self pride and vanity at earth’s most advanced life form. Such a self centered, egotistical concept manifests itself in many of man’s activities (philosophies, religions, economic and political systems) from primitive animism to existentialism and atheistic communism. All of these focus on man and his own works. From earliest history, the conflict has existed between these two ideologies: theism vs atheism (humanism).

P. 441-2 – Darwin’s philosophical predecessor, M. DeLamarck, and all of the prominent proponents of the theory of evolution – Darwin, Huxley, Spencer, Haekel and others were firm opponents of the Biblical view of earth and man. They ridiculed the Creation account as “the mystical approach” which hides its insufficient understanding of the facts behind such empty words as creative evolution. A true biologist is forced to ignore them, the evolutionists taunted. “There is no longer need or room for the supernatural,” Sir Julian Huxley said in 1959. “Earth was not created, it evolved. So did all the animals and plants that inhabit it, including our human selves, mind and soul, as well as brain and body. So did religion.”

The world’s intellectual community seems almost unanimously committed to this atheistic philosophy. They have completely rejected true Biblical Christianity in favor of atheistic evolution. It is the backbone of the entire scientific structure of communist philosophy. Karl Marx dedicated Das Kapital to Charles Darwin. At Marx’s funeral, Engels said, “Just as Darwin discovered the law of evolution in organic nature, so Marx discovered the law of evolution in human history.”

P. 444 This man~centered atheistic philosophy dominates political thought all over the world. Communism, the United Nations, secular humanism, and other one world government movements all promote man’s own welfare and advancement on a materialistic “scientific ethic,” for the greatest good of the greatest number in the long run (U.S. Forest Service Motto).

Evolution combines humanistic ethic. with a mechanistic philosophy. All sciences are universally dominated by and completely organized in terms of evolutionary concepts It is the very foundation of the entire educational philosophy. The acknowledged architect of education’s evolutionary foundation was John Dewey of the University of Chicago and Columbia University.

Man is considered not only the crowning offspring of evolution, but now its proponent and glorifier. This enthronement of man forces the dethroning of God, and this is the true objective of atheistic philosophies. How tragic, for the creature to deny its own Creator!

P. 447 Evolution attempts to account for all things, omitting God. Evolution’s immoral “morality” assumes that progress and good come from the self benefit of some at the expense or detriment of others. In contrast, Christianity functions on unselfish sacrifice for the benefit of others. Evolution is a failure system; it comes from Satan. True Christianity comes from God, and it works!


p.448 Genetic mutations are proof against evolution, not for it. Mutations are harmful, not advantageous or adaptive. They KILL; they do not produce new, stronger forms. Mutation results in degeneration and extinction, not new species.

There is no evidence of biological change outside the narrow genetic limits set by God, the Creator. All true evidence supports reality, the creation by God of all things, “each after its own kind.”

Paleontology, which purports to show the actual record of evolutionary change, cannot honestly do so. Even Paleontology confesses that all species, genera, families, and all categories above families appear suddenly in the earth’s rock records, and are not preceded by any known sequences that are gradual, continuous or transitional. There is no such evidence. The real evidences conform to the real way it happened, naturally, by divine Creation.

Paleontological research cannot trace the phylogenetic history of even one single group of modern plants from its beginning to the present. The fossil records, the genetic mutation mechanisms, and the taxonomic classification systems all confirm clear cut kinds of living organisms with un-bridged gaps between them – just as the Creation account testifies.

P.451- Evolution hides deceptively and precariously behind the twin apron strings of THEORY:
1. Enormous periods of time.
2. Uniformity

Divine Creation testifies of sudden, deliberate, intelligent and purposefully-planned Creation, followed by many equally-sudden changes and interventions, finally to be climaxed by a sudden final change yet to come. (Matt. 24:37 39; Lk. 17:24 27; Heb. 11:7; I Pet. 3:20; 1 Pet. 2:5 and 3:3-10)

The divine Creation and Flood are witnessed not only by the natural evidences in the earth, but by human histories world wide, and by the two celestial laws of thermodynamics.

(II Pet. 3:11, and 17-18)

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Bob Webster: Creation vs. Evolution, Chapter 8

April 5th, 2011 by Halli

By Bob Webster

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7


Modern science, in its professed search for truth, has frequently ignored, avoided or suppressed plain, clear, obvious evidences which may appear to conflict with the pet theory of organic evolution. Our school students and society in general are being robbed of exposure to these clear and stimulating evidences of earth’s true composition, history and origin. TRUE SCIENCE, if it would honestly and objectively follow the scientific method of investigation would explode into a new age of discovery.

But can naked truth withstand the negative onslaught from the traditional educational and “scientific” communities? Seldom on earth has the truth been accepted by a majority of mankind – not in religion, not in science and not in politics.

Following are some questions about our everyday earth for which modern science still has no true answers, only theories. In his 21st century enlightenment, man still does not know:

* What gravity is.

* What electricity is.

* What caused the continents.

* How mountains came to be.

* How the sea became salty.

* What the earth is like five miles beneath the surface.

* Where oil came from.

* Whether the earth has ever had a different axis than now.

* Why there are more comets than planets.

* Why planets orbit around the sun in eccentric paths, are variable in their rotations upon their axes, move in differing directions around the sun, have different atmospheres, have widely differing satellite moons, etc.

* How the solar system originated.

In his book, WORLDS IN COLLISION, Immanual Velikovsky presents many HUMAN EVIDENCES that are already known and available for the truth seeker or honest scientist to analyze and evaluate. These verified, written and oral histories describe events that have taken place on earth during the lifetime of man. Consider the significance of these historical facts, as summarized below.

? Most of the surface of the earth has been broken up and altered by powerful and sudden catastrophes in man’s historical times.

? Earth’s highest Himalayan Mountains are of sedimentary rock origin containing marine fossils.

? The sea used to cover the American continent’s Great Plains from Mexico to Alaska.

? Bones of modern man are found deposited together with bones of extinct animals in “early prehistoric” deposits in many places around the globe.

? Remnants of tropical coral reefs are found with palm trees in the present North Polar Circle.

? Antarctica has coal deposits.

? At least four Ice Ages have occurred in the historic times of man.

? The continents of the Western and Eastern Hemispheres separated before the Ice Ages occurred.

? The Ice Age of tropical Africa moved northward, and the Ice Age of India moved northward toward the Himalayan Mountains.

? Africa, North America and Europe had Ice Caps, while frigid Asia and Siberia were free of Ice Cap evidence.

? The Mammoth elephants of Siberia, found first in 1799, were “quick frozen” with identifiable food in their mouths and stomachs. Their flesh was edible and fresh when thawed, and their hair and hides were perfectly preserved. The food they customarily ate was growing around them in a warm-temperate to tropical climate at the time of their “quick freeze.” Great quantities of Mammoth tusks wash up on the shores of arctic islands.

? Pictographs by man, and mass graves of mixed animals and man show that “prehistoric” Mammoths lived in historic times of man.

? North American Indian natives migrated northward, following the receding Ice Cap of the Ice Age.

? All world cultures have oral histories of violent world-wide catastrophes which changed the earth several times, and which involved floods, hurricanes , earthquakes and fires.

? Several cultures report that the sun stood still in the sky and did not set. Some report that the sun went down, but the sky remained light as day all night until the sun rose again the next day.
? The skies rained down burning stones and liquid material.
? Enormous boulders weighing more than 10,000 tons are found in erratic locations, great distances from their original sources.

? Great comet-planet bodies have passed close to the earth in historical times of man.

? Seas and rivers boiled, mountains melted, coastlines sank in the sea, valleys became mountains, great slabs of earth were ripped up into the air and disintegrated, volcanoes erupted, water piled up high into the sky, ocean waves crashed over the land, bed rocks were broken up, etc.

? Seasons and day lengths have been disturbed, and new calendars had to be created following various historical catastrophes of global scale.

? The sun used to set in the East and rise in the West. It has reversed its position at least four times in man’s history.

? North and South poles have changed location four times in man’s history.

? Some igneous rocks are magnetized in a direction opposite to the earth’s present magnetic field orientation.

Velikovsky’s exhausting collection of evidences is especially credible, because he does not attempt to ascribe these events to divine agency. To the contrary, he makes clear his effort to assign their cause to natural forces. He avoids God, but is fiercely truthful in exposing available evidences.

In his other book, EARTH IN UPHEAVAL, Velikovsky digs deep into the earth’s crust for solid GEOLOGIC EVIDENCES which testify of sudden catastrophic events which shaped our earth. Consider these testimonies from the earth itself, and compare them with the slow millions-of-years changes professed by the theory of evolution. Whereas Velikovsky ascribes the cause of these cataclysmic events to passing planets, the authors of Chapter 9 point to the Flood of Noah. Both may be correct, since at least four major cataclysms are evidenced.


Gold mining diggings near Fairbanks, Alaska and the Tanana Valley in the Yukon unearthed enormous deposits of frozen gravel and muck, hundreds of feet thick. Packed in these deposits are vast numbers of animals, insects, trees, plants, and human artifacts, mixed with volcanic ash – all quick-frozen in extensive mass grave layers! The species buried together include extinct horses, Super-Bisons, Mastodons and Mammoths. These perished in recent post-glacial times, along with species still living. Plants are from all regions of the earth. Although their bones and bodies are brutally broken and torn apart, their frozen flesh, skin, hair and colorings are still fresh.

Northern Siberia abounds with quick-frozen bodies and bones of Mammoths, elephants, rhinoceri, buffalo and horses. Some islands 600 miles north of the Arctic Circle are actually composed of Mammoth bones and tusks, cemented together by frozen sand. Even the delicate eyeballs of some frozen Mammoths were well preserved when discovered in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. Autopsies showed death came by suffocation/drowning, followed by immediate freezing.

In caves and valleys of England, Scotland, Wales and France are bones and teeth of elephants, rhinoceri, Hippopotami, horses, deer, huge tigers, bears, wolves, hyenas, foxes, hares, rabbits, ravens, pigeons, larks, snipes and ducks. These deposits include all ages, male and female. Other locations on earth reveal similar deposits of animals from widely separated regions, buried together, caused by a recent and general flood. The bones are undecayed and the red sandstone layer of this deposit is nearly 9000 feet thick! The buried creatures reveal contortions of fear, anger, alarm, suffocation and pain from a violent, widespread, sudden destruction. The bodies are buried closely packed, complete and in line with the sedimentary stratum. Even skin color is preserved.

Visualize Northern Britain. Here, animals and plants from tundra, temperate oak forests, deserts and jungles of many latitudes and altitudes, from salt oceans of North and South, and from fresh water rivers were all thrown together in quick successions into mass graves in chaotic fashion and buried alive, unnaturally, together with bones of extinct animals.

In the United States, from the Great Lakes to Arizona are located fish kills of similar bizarre circumstances.
Mixtures of animal bones from far distant latitudes are found in a cave near Cumberland, Maryland. The bones were broken but not weathered, and buried in gravel and rocks. Both extinct and modern species were buried together in sudden mass chaos.

The same situation exists near Peking, China, where masses of animal bones with human bones from Europe, Malaysia, and even an Eskimo are buried together. Again, the animals originated from tundra to tropics, and were thrown together violently into mass grave deposits by great water force, far away from any Ice Age activity.

In Europe, hilltop rock fissures from England to the Mediterranean contain bones of extinct and existing animals, thrown and buried together chaotically hundreds of feet above sea level. Bones of animals from widely differing climates and habitats are piled together in mass grave heaps. These bones are badly broken, but not decayed or marked by predators, and no feces are found. Among them are human fragments and artifacts. All ages of animals are found together, even fetuses, yet with no evidence of weathering before their sudden, abnormal burial, in recent time.

Near Britain’s North Sea shore are remains of former forests whose roots were sheared off about three feet below ground. Among these upright forest stumps are found the remains of 60 species of mammals, plus birds, frogs, snakes and 68 species of plants. These dead animals were native of tropical, temperate and northern climates. Six of the large mammal species still live on earth. The plant species, however, are of temperate climate, like the area today. Lying immediately on top of this North Sea forest graveyard is a fresh water deposit containing arctic plants and land shells. Upon the Arctic bed lies an ocean (marine) deposit.

Mass graveyards of widely differing species from various climates are also found in Germany and Switzerland.

Mastodons and other extinct mammals were buried suddenly and violently in Kentucky, San Pedro California, John Day Oregon, Colorado and the Southeastern United States. In the famous La Brea asphalt tar pits near Los Angeles are found mixed together plants of recent flora, modern humans and extinct animals. Their bones are splendidly preserved, but are broken, smashed, contorted and mixed incredibly by horrendous violence, and buried in gravel and tar.

At the Agate Spring Quarry in Sioux County, Nebraska lies a 20-inch thick bed of bones, like a pavement of intermingled bones of mammals, both extinct and modern species. They were deposited in sand which was moved by violent water. Tens of thousands of large animals were crushed into a thin grave bed by a common catastrophic event, not by slow accumulation.

On the Atlantic coast of Florida, remains of human bones and pottery lie together with bones of animals now extinct or not presently native to North America. All were buried at the same time.

Dead lakes in Nevada contain similar remains of extinct animals and man buried together.

Siberian polar regions contain remains of enormous petrified forests in wildly-strewn masses, mingled with animal bones, ashes, and ice, all quick-frozen in hills 180 to 300 feet thick! Britain’s North Sea buried forest has already been described as having a similar fate.

Large areas on many continents have experienced three or four drastic changes from dry land to fresh water or oceanic inundations. Bones of ocean whales are found in post-glacial deposits in Michigan, in Canada at 400 to 600 feet above sea level, and on farms of the Gulf States far south of the ice caps of North America. The St Lawrence River canyon extends 250 miles out into the North Atlantic Ocean floor. New England’s coast was once forested.

Farther south, the Atlantic Ocean surf only recently began to wash against the eastern foot of the Appalachian Mountains; the land has dropped. Recently the sea flooded the Great Plains from Mexico to Alaska. Walrus bones are found in Georgia and ice-age animals are found in marine deposits of arid Texas.

In China, some 50 feet beneath ocean (marine) deposits are found fresh water deposits of modern origin.
In South America, Darwin saw large species which had suddenly become extinct. He wondered why the Chilean coastal surf line stood 1300 feet above the present Pacific shore, with undecayed sea shells still visible. In the higher elevation Andes Mountain slopes, agricultural terraces – once cultivated for temperate climate crops – now disappear under the perennial snow line. Darwin climbed to 7000 feet into a petrified forest of broken trees, where he recorded that the soil beneath his feet had once been at sea level by the Atlantic ocean – now 700 miles to the east. In other words, much of modern Argentina and Chile was recently below sea level. The continent has raised dramatically in recent times.

At the southern end of Lake Titicaca (eleva. 12,500 feet) in South America’s Andes Mountains lie ruins of an ancient city. It was built with enormous stones, and once sat at sea level, where they grew corn on intensely-cultivated terraces that now extend up to 18,400 feet above sea level! The Andes have risen since this city was built! The lake bed is now tilted so that its high water line is 90 to 360 feet lower than before the uplift of the continent. This city was lifted 12,500 feet vertically in historic times, less than 4000 years ago, to an elevation now scarcely inhabitable by man! Surely even Darwin could see that these changes were sudden and dramatic.

Some 1200 miles east of the USA’s Atlantic coast, beneath 2 to 3 ? miles ocean water, on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, are coastal beaches undisturbed, with sediments too thin to measure. Yet sediments on nearby ridge slopes are thousands of feet thick. That ridge was once above sea level, and the valley floor was very recently sunk! In the Great Lakes region, the ancient Lake Agasiz lasted less than 1000 years. The ice age cover there melted under catastrophic conditions, in recent times, leaving a tilted lake and warped shoreline.

Utah’s Lake Bonneville was once 1000 feet deeper than the present high water line of Great Salt Lake. Four distinct lake shore lines are visible along the Wasatch Mountains from Interstate-15 near Salt Lake City, Utah. Corresponding riverbank shore lines are visible along the Snake River near Jackson , Wyoming.

Africa’s Lake Victoria had a water line 300 feet higher, and the rivers in that region once flowed in the opposite direction! The Nile River’s annual high water line used to be 22 feet higher than it is now.
A Hawaiian beach has raised 1200 feet. Other islands of the Pacific had similar experiences.
In the Atlantic, the Bermuda surf lines show elevation changes from 100 feet below sea level to 25 feet above, in sudden movements. Similar shoreline changes appear in Samoa, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, the Indian Ocean and the US Atlantic Coast.

There was a world-wide rise of land and a drop of the ocean level about 1500 B.C.! At that same time, the North Sea coast dropped, drowning Europe’s coastal regions. Buried forests, mass animal graves and sunken cities are evidences of that sudden drop.


Vast catastrophes repeatedly devastated the old world cities of Asia Minor, Crete, Mesopotamia, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Cyprus and the Caucasus during recent Bronze and Neolithic ages.

Lakeshore human inhabitants in Europe in 1800 B.C. lived in houses built on poles, which were suddenly buried by mud and sand, then rebuilt in 1200 B.C., only to be re-buried again by a high water catastrophe in the 8th century B.C. and never rebuilt. At these two natural disasters, the lake beds were tilted on a massive scale all over Europe, not long before Rome conquered Europe. Thick populations of humans and animals disappeared, and the climate changed drastically! Active mines and mountain passes in the Alps were abandoned.

Drastic changes in climate, vegetation and human prosperity are noted in Europe, Africa and Scandinavia about 2500 B.C. to 800 B.C. Some periods had year-round snowfall and winter climates.

Turkey’s legendary city of Troy was destroyed by a cataclysmic earthquake and fire. All of Asia Minor suffered from the same catastrophes. Several times their cities were rebuilt upon the ruins of the previous foundations, only to be re-destroyed by similar repeated disasters – as many as six times! Great cataclysms on a global scale unknown in modern history leveled all Mid-Eastern cities with earthquake and fire, often ending civilized cultures and leaving only nomadic bands of poverty-stricken survivors to struggle in changed climates with severely-altered topography.

Great civilizations ended abruptly in Egypt, India, Asia Minor and Europe about 1500 B.C. and 700 to 800 B. C. At about the time of Moses’ exodus from Egypt (1500 B.C.), a great catastrophe of earthquake and volcanic activity destroyed the Mediterranean island of Crete. About 50 years later it happened again.

Earth’s Ice Ages formed and receded four times in rapid, but erratic succession, in recent historical times of man! The various ice ages came suddenly, but not at the earth’s present poles. They occurred in temperate latitudes: Canada, India, Africa, Europe, Madagascar and equatorial Brazil. They did not occur at the present frigid zones, such as Northeast Siberia, where only marks of water invasion show. Northern Greenland once grew subtropical plants.

Ice caps, once two miles thick suddenly disappeared. The heat required to form an ice age cap is equal to the heat needed to melt a body of iron five times larger than the ice cap that resulted! Even if the sun disappeared and the earth lost all its heat, there would be no Ice Age! Earth’s water masses would freeze in place, but there would be no ice cap formation over a land mass. TO FORM AN ICE CAP requires first enough heat to evaporate the water bodies sufficiently to put adequate moisture vapor into the atmosphere. Then, there would follow a sudden ice deposit at the two polar axes. Only an energy source external to the earth could initiate this catastrophic sequence! What unusual forces could suddenly heat the earth’s water bodies enough to fill the atmosphere with moisture, then cause that atmospheric water to suddenly condense as snow and ice in a concentrated ice cap, instead of falling as rain or snow world wide?

Measurements of the Niagara Falls bedrock erosion rate shows that the North American Ice-Age Cap melted recently, between the years 1500 B.C. and 500 B.C. There were four Ice Ages, with three interglacial periods. The Alps glaciers are only 4000 years old. China’s red loam soil is red due to a drastic temperature change, Similar red-colored clay is found across the surface of the Western Hemisphere, and on the Pacific Ocean floor, indicating sudden cold temperatures.

Earth’s longest fault runs from Syria to the tip of South Africa, from latitudes 36 degrees N. to 28 degrees S., one third of the distance from pole to pole – one sixth of the earth’s circumference! The Jordan River follows this rift from Galilee to the Dead Sea. Enormous East-West tension pulled the earth’s crust apart, causing violent lava flows to spew from this awesome fissure. Similar tension rifts are found on the moon.

Oral traditions among nearby African natives reveal that this global-scale rift happened in the time of historic man, at the same time that the great Sahara Desert was formed from an emptied sea bottom, and the earth’s greatest mountains were uplifted catastrophically.

Arabia previously had great rivers, lakes and geysers, but today is a waterless desert. Southern Arabia was once as lushly vegetated as neighboring India. Cultivation and civilization flourished in Arabia, but ended suddenly. The great Gobi Desert region of Mongolia became dried up as suddenly as did the Arabian and Sahara Deserts.

America’s Columbia River Plateau is made up of extensive lava flows, which issued from a rift crossing much of the Northwestern United States. Human artifacts are found among these lava flows.

Earth’s highest mountains, the Himalayas, rose from beneath the sea some 3000 feet and uplifted Southward during the recent Ice Age, while man lived on the adjoining plains. That ice Age ended during the great ancient cultures of China, India, Egypt and Sumaria. The final uplift of the Himalayas occurred in the life of modern man. Man’s polished stone artifacts are found in the formations of wind-blown glacial clay soils (loess). Earth’s highest mountains are her youngest. The geology is obvious, yet men prefer to believe an evolutionary myth.

The Himalayan foot hills of India contain enormous fossil beds of both extinct and modern mammals, which originated in temperate and tropical jungle climates, and from the sea. All were buried suddenly and violently together in several repeat catastrophes. All of Southeast Asia was affected by these disasters. Similar deposits lie in Burma, separated by 4000 feet of sands. The animal bones are mixed with entire trees from uprooted forests.

All of earth’s greatest mountain ranges demonstrate clear geologic evidence of indescribable, overpowering natural violence that ripped earth’s surface well into recent historic times of man. Modern earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are merely mild readjustments, relieving stresses lingering from these recent cataclysms.

Every segment of planet earth testifies of repeated upheavals. The Alps and Juras, Gibraltar and Sicily, Himalayas, Andes, Rockies and both the Atlantic and Pacific Ridges are all historic events in the time of man! Mountain ranges thousands of miles long uplifted, overturned, folded and over-thrusted, with individual fault planes 20 to 40 miles long. Igneous volcanic deposits 10,000 to 30,000 feet thick spewed out in flows of continental dimensions! In Norway and Scotland mountains were shifted upward and over other mountains and valleys.

In the mountain-building process, volcanic forces were unleashed suddenly, melting solid rock into plastic and liquid forms, fracturing and metamorphosing existing sedimentary and igneous beds. The entire surface of the earth was drastically altered in these events. North America’s entire Rocky Mountain front heaved Eastward over the plains for many miles. Europe’s older, majestic Alps were thrust up and Northward 100 miles toward Europe on top of more recent formations. In the process, The Matterhorn was overturned! The Alps contain stone-age artifacts of recent man, uplifted now to uninhabitable glacial zones. Either the Alps raised since the Ice Age and carried man’s artifacts up with them, or you must believe men of temperate climate could inhabit 8,000 foot elevations during an Ice Age.


Huge boulders marked by water erosion are scattered erratically among the hills and valleys of Southern China. Boulders from Canada cover New England and the Great Lakes area, some weighing 10,000 to 18,000 tons each! Enormous boulders from the Alps are resting high up on the Jura Mountains to the West of their origin. From Norway’s mountains huge boulders are scattered over Germany and England. Boulders from Finland lie in Poland and Moscow, Russia. A single chalk slab in Sweden, displaced from its original site, measures three miles long by 1000 feet wide by 200 feet thick.


Coal beds 13,000 feet thick exist on earth. Lignite coal is made of trees partially converted into coal. Soft Bituminous coal more brittle; it’s plant parts are identifiable, and it contains sulphur. Anthracite coal (hard coal) is metamorphosed Bituminous coal. Some coal beds show 40 to 1000 successive beds overlying each other, with some individual beds over 50 feet thick – laid down in one sudden deposit. Salt water animal bodies are fossilized into these temperate-forest coal beds, along with boulders from far away origins, tropical coral and vertebrates from all over the globe.

How could so many coal layers occur? It would take a forest 6,000 feet thick to compress into one 50-foot thick coal bed. What heat source converted great forests into coal under anaerobic combustion? How did some patches of tree leaves survive the process still green within those coal beds? How could insect colors, animal skins and flesh remain preserved and un-decayed within some spots in those coal beds far beneath the earth’s surface? Coal was created under cataclysmic circumstances, NOT by the traditionally-accepted slow accumulation process, as purported by the theories of uniformity and organic evolution. Similarly, oil in the Gulf of Mexico was deposited only a few thousand years ago, NOT a few million years ago.


Why did land masses of Europe, Siberia and North America move first away from their original single land mass toward the equator, and then retreat away from the equator? Or did the equator move? The continents both of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres separated from each other before the Ice Ages occurred.


The universe is naturally electro-magnetically charged. Planets are electrically charged bodies. Sun spots and comet tails are also electrically charged. Light from stars is polarized. Our sun and its planets share an electrical balance mechanism. Solar tides in earth’s atmosphere are 16 times stronger than are the lunar tides on earth.

Liquid magma on earth is non magnetic. But when it cools into rock, it becomes magnetized in an orientation in line with and determined by the earth’s magnetic field at that location on the globe.

In all parts of our globe, igneous rocks are found which show a magnetism reversed from the earth’s current magnetic field orientation. This verifies that the earth’s magnetic field was reversed at the time that those rocks cooled, compared with the earth’s current magnetic orientation. In addition, the rocks of reverse polarity are more strongly magnetized than earth’s current magnetic field can account for – up to 10 to 100 times stronger! An external magnetic field large enough to shift the earth’s axis, such as a large passing comet or planet, could also be strong enough to polarize new magma flows to this degree. Such an event could be the likely cause of such flows from the earth’s disturbed crust.

Paleomagnetic evidence shows that the earth’s geomagnetic poles have reversed several times – the most recent in historic times of man. The moon also demonstrates recent catastrophic volcanic activity caused by an external force.


When a mass of matter (earth) rotates about an axis like a gyroscope, it cannot make itself change, and rotate about a new axis. Only an external force can cause a change in axis. Internal forces cannot alter the axis, the rotation speed or direction of the mass.

Earth’s surface has never changed sufficient to deflect its own poles even one half dozen miles, let alone a half-dozen degrees! Moon tidal forces are inadequate to move the earth’s crust. The earth presently rotates with a slight wobble, indicating a possible displacement of the axis in the past. Yet earth’s magnetic poles have reversed several times.


The entire Atlantic Coastal plain from New Jersey to Florida is covered by hundreds of thousands of oval craters, caused by meteoric showers falling from Northwest to Southeast, possibly from a large comet during the last Ice Age. More craters make a swath through the Appalatians. Western Arabia is covered by sharp, black stones from recent comet-sized meteorites.


The false theory of ORGANIC EVOLUTION is based upon the equally false theory of UNIFORMITY. UNIFORMITY, the brain child of Charles Lyell, states that today’s slow rate of observable geologic change has always been the same, and that every change takes millions of years. UNIFORMITY defies actual evidences of repeated sudden and violent changes – catastrophes.

Charles Darwin, a devotee of Lyell, made one round-the-world trip by sea as his primary field experience in geology and paleontology. Most of his observations were in South America, made from aboard ship! From this trip came his theory of the origin of species – the theory of ORGANIC EVOLUTION.

Evolutionary concepts of NATURAL SELECTION and SURVIVAL-OF-THE-FITTEST cannot explain the sudden extinction of entire races of living creatures, many of which were better suited to survive in their environment than are some living species. Larger animals went extinct more easily than smaller ones, which seemed less able to survive the global catastrophes.

No new species have evolved into existence, but several species have become extinct. No existing species has changed beyond its genetic limits. Not even scientifically-accelerated cross-breeding has or can produce a new species/race. Slow evolutionary chance processes are mathematically incapable of creating new species forms of life. The body’s response to external influences cannot change the hereditary genetic code inborn into the body’s cells.


Tree ring studies of earth’s oldest trees, 3200 B.C. years (1300 B.C.) show drastic climatic conditions between 750 B.C. and 685 B.C. Drastic weather changes affected Europe, Africa and Scandinavia about 2500 B.C. to 800 B.C. Great changes in ocean levels occurred about 1500 B.C.

Radiocarbon dating methods are inadequate for telling the earth’s age. Carbon dating is based upon cosmic rays hitting earth’s upper atmosphere and breaking nitrogen atoms into hydrogen and radioactive carbon (unstable carbon with two extra electrons). The radioactive carbon is then combined with oxygen into CO2, which is mostly absorbed into the ocean, with some incorporated into plant and animal issues.

At the death of an organism, the half-life of the radiocarbon can be measured. But, the accuracy is limited to just those organic objects from 1000 years to 20,000 years old. In addition, fossil bones and shells are unsuitable for carbon dating, because organic carbon is easily lost in the fossilization process. Honest carbon dating produces Ice Age dates of only 3000 years ago.

Carbon dating ASSUMES that: 1) Cosmic radiation has always been the same (Uniformity theory), and 2) The amount of ocean water has always been the same (Uniformity theory), since most radiocarbon is absorbed by the ocean.


Our planetary system is characterized by active processes and rapid changes. Great catastrophes have altered the earth – climatic, volcanic and tectonic catastrophes. The ocean floors have experienced repeated volcanic catastrophes, with great upheavals evident in the Arctic Ocean, Siberian tundras, Alaska, Greenland, England, Wales, France, the Alps and Jura Mountains, Gibraltar, Sicily, Sahara, Africa, Arabia, Himalaya Mountains, Burma, China, Andes Mountains, California, Rocky Mountains, Columbia Plateau, Maryland, Nebraska, Michigan, Vermont, Carolina, Atlantic Ridge and Pacific bottom. EVERY SEGMENT OF EARTH TESTIFIES OF REPEATED CATASTROPHIC UPHEAVALS!

False theories of UNIFORMITY, ORGANIC EVOLUTION and the Ice Ages are void of evidence. All theories of gradual change are scientifically inadequate.

The ocean floor lacks evidence of the thick sediments expected if the ocean had always covered the floor unchanged. The world’s highest mountains were once beneath the ocean. The continents have been sea-covered several times. Former land areas are now beneath the sea. Several sea bottoms are now dry land.

Consider these important questions:
Why is gravity stronger over deep oceans?
Why haven’t Ice Ages recurred at regular intervals?

The most plausible theory that meets the criteria to account for the actual evidences revealed on earth is that of periodic changes in the earth’s axis, caused by an external force, such a passing comet or planet – Venus, perhaps.


Due to an external force, the earth’s axis was shifted suddenly. Air and water masses would continue to move in their former directions by inertia, causing hurricanes and tidal waves over continents, carrying huge boulders, forests, gravel, sand and living creatures to be dashed about in violent chaos over the land masses.

This change in axis would develop great friction heat in the earth’s crust, resulting in catastrophic fractures and lava eruptions, forcing some sea floors upward in places, making some valleys into mountains, and dropping some previous mountains and land areas to lower elevations. The entire shape of the earth’s surface would be rapidly changed.

Some mountains would be slid plastically up and over other land masses, bending, folding, fracturing and faulting drastically in the heat and pressure of movement. Lakes would tilt and empty, while river systems would change courses and even direction of flow. Some sea coasts would rise above sea level, while others would collapse their coastal habitations into a watery grave in seconds.

Forests would explode into fire and be ripped away in mass by hurricanes and tidal waves. Sea floors would rise and empty, becoming inland valleys and barren deserts. Moved by earth’s readjusting rotational forces, global-scale tides and hurricanes would slosh back and forth from poles to equator, as the earth sought stability on its new axis, repeatedly carrying waves of destruction debris, alternately excavating and depositing layers of mixed material from global sources.

Nearly every climate would be changed. Many creatures and humans would be annihilated. Earth’s atmosphere would fill with moisture evaporated by the intense frictional heat. Dense atmospheric dust from hurricanes and volcanic eruptions would obscure the sun.

Former glaciers and polar ice caps would suddenly break apart and melt rapidly. Beneath a sunless sky filled with moisture and particulate matter, the new poles would rapidly be buried under incredible deposits of snow and ice, quick-freezing everything in its frigid zone of influence, as the earth would wobble erratically toward a new stable rotation on its new axial alignment.

Once the chaos settled, the earth would show an almost completely changed topography and climatic distribution. There would be new mountains, valleys, coastlines, river systems and lakes. Everywhere there would be profuse and extensive deposits of layers of debris. It would be an almost newly re-shaped earth surface.

Those living creatures which survived would face the task of adjusting to new climates, geographic features, food and shelter requirements, sunrise/sunset orientations and calendar calculations. Intelligent human survivors would obviously preserve some kind of written or oral history of such a cataclysmic event. At least four major catastrophes are recorded in human histories. The earth itself has recorded the physical evidences, for those humans intelligent enough to believe the evidences that abound!

Most human survivors would also be quick to ascribe their survival to their creator, in whose hands the external force was applied, for reasons best known to deity.

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Bob Webster: Creation vs. Evolution, Chapter 7

March 30th, 2011 by Halli

By Bob Webster

Chapter 1
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Statements by LDS Church leaders concerning false evolutionary theories have never been repealed:

There is no evolution. Each species exists as God made it. John Taylor, Mediation and Atonement p160

As man now is, God once was: As God now is, man may be. Lorenzo Snow, Improvement Era (Spring 1840) Vol. XXII No. 8 p. 656, June 1919.

“Evolution theory is false. Man began as intelligent man, not from lower forms. Man can never discover the mystery of life’s origin, but God has revealed much of it, and we are duty-bound to accept it. God made each species, but only man is in God’s image.” LDS First Presidency: Joseph F. Smith, John R. Winder and Anthon H. Lund.

Not only is the theory of evolution a false theory, it is often perpetrated by deliberate deception, with fraudulent evidence. For details, read chapters seven through eleven in Man, His Origin And Destiny, by Joseph Fielding Smith. A sampling of some of his comments on the hypothesis of organic evolution follows:

p. 136 This question (of evolution) has never been answered successfully other than the account in the scriptures … there is no evidence that will support it (evolution). All evidence points to the contrary.

p. 137 It requires a vast stretch of the imagination, far beyond the realms of reason, for one to accept such a theory as this. Does it not all sound extremely ridiculous? Well, so it is! Yet it is this kind of rubbish that is put forth apparently in all seriousness. Books are written about it; lectures are given in classrooms, from pulpits and platforms, and thousands of well-meaning people say they believe it.

p. 138 So we find ourselves floundering in the depths of an unfathomable hypothesis about which no one has been able to do more than make an uncertain guess.

My dear friends, cannot you see how utterly foolish it all is? Why is it that thousands of intelligent-looking human beings are willing to accept these stupid teachings? Frankly it is because Satan has deceived them and they love darkness rather than light. (See II Thes. 2:8-12)

. . . Darwin’s . . . hypothesis is not only groundless, but absurd and harmful to society. It is groundless because there is not a single fact in the universe that can be cited to prove that man is descended from the lower animals. Darwin does not use facts; he uses conclusions drawn from similarities. He builds upon assumptions, probabilities and inferences, and asks the acceptance of his hypothesis notwithstanding the fact that connecting links have hitherto not been discovered. There are myriads of creatures about us . . . and not one is in transition from one species to another ….

p. 140 The evolutionist guesses himself away from God

p. 141 . . . be prepared to ridicule these pseudo-scientists who come to you with guesses instead of facts.

p. 142 If the Bible said anything so idiotic as these guessers put forth in the name of science, scientists would have a great time ridiculing the sacred pages . . . . We have all read such silly things in supposedly scientific articles. Surely an hypothesis is hard put to have to resort to such foolish things as evidence.
p. 144 . . . in all of (Darwin’s) works, there is nothing but speculation and supposition. Not one single fact.

p.144-57 (paraphrased) Deceptions, restorations, imaginations, reconstructions, estimations, misleadings, weird theories, hoaxes, presumptions and manufactured evidences to fraudulently deceive have been used to convince the world of so-called missing-link pre-humans, such as Trinil Ape Man, Neanderthal Man, Cro-Magnon Man and Piltdown Man.

p. 157 . . . the advocates of this pernicious theory go to the most ridiculous lengths and resort to the most absurd conclusions based on imaginary discoveries and fables. . . . they can create species and groups and supply missing parts which in their imaginations disappeared millions of years ago. . . and then the plotters have been forced to resort to fraud and deception to bolster up their futile attempts to prove a Satan-inspired cause, the real purpose being to destroy faith in God.

p. 159 . . . yet little or no notice is taken of any arguments against evolution, and hence for the most part students hear only one side of the case.

p. 160 The powers advocating evolution are now sitting in our schools, colleges, scientific circles and controlling the press to a great extent.

p. 161 . . . so they guess that once many millions of years ago, life must have come on the earth spontaneously. They have no proof, they can discover no proof, and before any court where justice is dispensed and evidence is required, their case would have to be thrown out of court.

There is, I repeat, no greater crime than turning away of our fellow man by the teachings of corrupt and malicious doctrines from the true worship of their Heavenly and Eternal Father, the maker of all things.

p. 163 . . . there is something more in life than the mere forces of chemistry and physics.

p. 167 . . . no inorganic substance has ever taken upon itself animation and developed into life.

The Lord placed a line of demarcation between the animal creation and the human family in the very beginning, before the foundations of this earth were laid. In fact there is an eternal decree that animals of different families, or species, shall remain separate from other species, and there are bounds they cannot pass.


p.145 In the American Museum of Natural History, New York City, in the “Hall of the Age of Man” is a sequence of three busts purporting to be restorations which show the evolutionary development of man. These three missing links between apes and man, as restored by J. H. McGregor, show sequential changes in certain physical features, such as prominence of the chin, reduction of the eyebrow ridges, reduction of the prominence of the lower face, and increases in cranial capacity for the brain.

Each “missing link” supposedly represents an entire evolutionary stage or race of beings, all of whom had that appearance and development. Arranged left to right from oldest to youngest, these three missing link busts are called Trinil Ape Man (Pithecantrhopus erectus), Neanderthal Man and Cro-Magnon Man. With true apes on the left and, and modern man on the right, this sequence of busts is commonly shown in science books and encyclopedias as the true developmental pedigree of man. Apes are apes, and men are men, but let’s examine how those three “pre-historic” men, and a fourth one – Piltdown man – were really discovered and “reconstructed” by evolutionists to fill the imaginary gap between apes and man.

P. 148 NEANDERTHAL MAN: In 1856, in small cave at Neanderthal Gorge near Elberfield, Germany, two laborers found a piece of human skull. A local physician then assisted in the subsequent discovery of several other human bone fragments; those included: a well-preserved thigh bone; sever poorly-preserved arm bones; a piece of forearm bone; a right shoulder blade; part of a collar bone and five pieces of broken ribs.

There were no other artifacts or human tools with these human bones. Dr. Rudolph Virchow, President of the Anthropological Society of Berlin for thirty years, determined the skull to be a pathological specimen. He further stated that he had seen similar skull shapes on modern men who then walked the streets. Other scientists compared the sloping forehead to the great Sir Henry Irving, to the renowned Marquis de Lafayette and to Rudyard Kipling. Nevertheless, Neanderthal Man was placed in the middle of the three “missing link” busts.

P. 150 TRINIL-APE MAN: Dr. Eugene Dubois, a Dutch military surgeon, found the following bones in central Java:
1. In 1891 a small piece of upper skull and molar teeth, on the left bank of the Solo River near Trinil.
2. In 1892 a left femur bone 50 feet from the site of the skull find, along with a second molar tooth and another tooth from other locations nearby. Other bones had been excavated from this overall site before and after these finds.
From these minor fragments, Dr. Dubois reconstructed Trinil Ape Man (Java Man) and crowned him with the name, Pithecanthropus erectus. Dubois even assigned it a brain capacity of 858 – 900 cc., and declared it to represent an entire race of pre-men.
These Trinil bone fragments were shown in 1895 before the Third International Congress of Zoologists in Leiden, Germany. Dr. Rudolph Virchow, president of that assembly, and the world authority at that time, declared the skull to be that of a large gibbon ape, and criticized Dubois’s imaginary sub-man. Several other authorities also determined it to be a gibbon. Soon after, Dr. Dubois sealed up his Trinil bone fragments and refused further scientific examinations of them.

Even the organizer of the missing link bust sequence, Professor Henry Fairchild Osborn, and his two aids at the American Museum of Natural History, pronounced the Trinil creature to be an ape, and further denounced the theory of man’s descent from the apes. Nevertheless, Pithecanthropus erectus was placed as the oldest of the three busts, next to the apes.

P.150 CRO-MAGNON MAN: At Cro-Magnon, Dardogne, France were found three skeletons. They were not very old, were over six feet tall and had large cranial capacities. Logically, the evolutionists placed these bigger and more intelligent specimens at the top of the missing link sequence, closest to modern man, proudly welcoming them into their evolutionary family tree.

Stop for a moment and consider the absurdity of these unscientifically-assembled creatures as ancestors of man.
1. From a few bone fragments, found under questionable circumstances, complete skulls were reconstructed by imagination, and in opposition to recognized scientific authorities, and declared to be proof of evolutionary links between apes and man.
2. In some cases, from a few skeletal fragments, an entire skeletal frame was reconstructed with its height, weight, and body posture determined, all by imagination.
3. From the reconstructed beings, the overzealous evolutionists declared them to be representative of entire races which existed for centuries. From there, it was an easy stretch of the imagination to assume their cultural life styles, living standards, food and clothing habits, geographical spread, communications, self defense and sex life.

All of this imagination science has been foistered onto a gullible, modern world as truth, under the guise of science. What a shocking testimony of the unbelief of the children of God. To use an evolutionary slur, Man’s enlarged cranial capacity must not have been accompanied by a corresponding enlargement of the substance within.

As imaginary and fraudulent as were Trinil Ape Man, Neanderthal Man and Cro-Magnon Man, the extent of outright fraud in evolutionary reconstructions was never to more evident than in the case of

About 1911, in a gravel road near Piltdown Common, Sussex, England, a small portion of a skull was found by some road workers. This was given to a British lawyer named Charles Lawson. Later, in different parts of the gravel bed were found another piece of skull, a canine tooth and a piece of jawbone. All of these small pieces could fit in the palm of one hand. From these, Dawson reconstructed Piltdown Man, and proclaimed it to be a new genus which he humbly named Eoanthropus dawsonii.

P. 152 Dawson set the canine tooth in the lower right jaw. But scientists later found that the bone pieces did not belong to the same individual. The canine tooth was an ape tooth, which actually belonged in the upper left jaw position. Furthermore, the jaw and molar teeth were from a chimpanzee, whereas the skull cranial fragments were human. In 1916, scientific papers declared the Piltdown Man’s jaw to be convincingly and irrefutably that of a chimpanzee, and the skull top human.

P. 155 Finally, in 1923, the Piltdown skull was declared an elaborate hoax. Although the human cranial pieces were genuine, the jaw and molars were of a modern ape which had been deliberately filed down and stained, perhaps as a prank by the workmen on the lawyer. Thus ended the evolutionary claims for Piltdown Man as a missing link.

Piltdown Man hasn’t been the only hoax. Other fraudulently-created primitive men have also been discovered and proven false, such as LaQuina Lady, Heidelberg Man, Moustier Man and Peking Man. All were fabricated from a few scattered bone fragments, lacking evidence, and whose parents were imagination and deliberate deception. All found, for a brief time, a gullible audience of evolutionary worshipers, as anxious to denounce God as a mere theory as they were to believe in these frauds.

If you were a true seeker of truth, the information presented so far will thrill your soul, and you will never be satisfied with anything but the truth. Above all, however, remember that the proof does not come by the mind alone, but by the revelation from the Holy Spirit, which no science can measure. With the Apostle Paul, I appeal to you to , Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesyings. PROVE ALL THINGS; HOLD FAST TO THAT WHICH IS GOOD. (I Thes.5:19-21)

Chapter 8 will present some of the good evidences commonly being ignored in the world today, in favor of false theories of men.

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Bob Webster: Creation vs. Evolution – Chapter 4

March 7th, 2011 by Halli

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Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three


In this chapter we are at last ready to dive into the heart of the controversy surrounding CREATION-VS-EVOLUTION. As we discussed earlier, the focal point of conflict seems to be the 1 God-day equals 1000 years in the Creation story, as opposed by the millions of years age of the earth declared by evolutionists. The previous chapters presented the scriptural evidences that the CREATION position is literally true.

When originally created, this physical earth was in a TERRESTRIAL status. During those peaceful Garden-of-Eden conditions, there was no aging or death on earth! All living creatures lived endlessly. All land was in one place, and the sea covered the rest of the earth’s surface. The surface of the earth was relatively smooth, mild and peaceful, producing its foliage and food spontaneously for the benefit of all creatures. No form of life harmed, attacked or ate any other, only its foliage or fruit.

Adam and Eve were the first human flesh on earth, although they were not yet mortal. There were no pre-adamite “cave-men” progenitors. These two children of God, Adam and Eve were fully intelligent, yet as innocent as the cattle. All creatures lived in peaceful harmony, without pain, disease or death. Like all other creatures, Adam and Eve were designed with the ability to bring forth offspring after its own kind, but as yet ignorant of and unmotivated about how to do so. Genetic cross-breeding or mutation was impossible, being restricted in its genetic code by limits set by the Creator. Those limits lovingly protect each species and avoid chaos. There are different kinds of flesh for man, beasts, fishes and birds. They did not evolve from one common ancestor, although there were similarities in many of the regeneration processes. Each kind of creature was a specific creation, genetically different from all others.

When first placed on earth in their TERRESTRIAL state, all animal creatures could intercommunicate in a common language. Adam had not been taught any “reckoning of time,” since time was irrelevant; time was endless. Then Satan was allowed by God to enter the scene to provide the opposition necessary to help Adam and Eve exercise their free choice between right and wrong. Satan, filled with hate from his rejection, was determined to destroy the Father’s Plan of Salvation, which now condemned Satan and his angels of misery and hate.

Soon after placing them here, God had carefully instructed Adam and Eve to:
1. Multiply and replenish the earth.
2. Take care of the Garden, and have dominion over all the earth.
3. Not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Using his persuasive skills again, and speaking through the voice of the subtle serpent, Satan presented portions of truth, mingled with deceit and twisted logic, to convince Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit. Yes, the fruit was an actual fruit, not sex, despite how modern distortions portray it. Eve desired to gain knowledge, and to be as the Gods, knowing good from evil. She especially needed knowledge to keep those first two commandments. She made her choice.

Eve ate deliberately, and found the fruit to be delicious as promised. Quickly, she realized that she alone had eaten, and would be left alone, isolated from both Adam and the Father. She earnestly reasoned with Adam to eat of it also, breaking the third commandment so they might remain together to fulfill the first two, which they could only accomplish together. Adam agreed with this necessity, and also chose to eat of the forbidden fruit. Otherwise, they would have remained separated forever without knowledge, posterity or joy.

Together Adam and Eve reasoned that it was worth the penalty of suffering and even eventual death in order to know good from evil, and to complete their God-given commandments. In their original innocent state, Adam and Eve had no awareness of their sexuality, or how to multiply and replenish the earth, as commanded. But with the change that came into them now, they became mortal and understood.

With this willful breaking of a simple commandment (a law), sin entered the world. This is The Original Sin. Since no sin whatever may remain in or enter God’s presence, Adam and Eve were exiled from their beautiful Garden-of-Eden home near present Independence, Missouri, to a nearby location known as Adam-Ondi-Ahman, Missouri. God prepared their first clothing from animal skins, and taught them by His own voice how to struggle and survive “by the sweat of their brow.” He also taught them the need for a Redeemer, and promised to provide one.

But the consequences of their original sin extended far beyond Adam and Eve themselves. All of the earth and all creations under Adam’s jurisdiction also fell from the blissful TERRESTRIAL state to a lower TELESTIAL state of mortality. All of Creation, organic and inorganic entered mortality together. This is The Fall Of Adam.

It is at this point that the aging process began, leading toward death and decay. Also at this time began the counting of TIME in mortality, for Adam and for all the earth. There also began a new enmity and adversity between creatures, developing into predator-prey food chain relationships. The earth itself became harsh and rough, yielding its resources only with difficulty, particularly for mankind. Some climatic influences became severe and troublesome.

Just as the TERRESTRIAL Garden of Eden state of innocence would have endured endlessly without the Fall of Adam, so also this new TELESTIAL fallen state would have continued forever, unless rescued by the pre-planned effect of a SAVIOR. The SAVIOR would pay the ransom debt of Adam’s original sin, mercifully satisfying the demands of justice.

Justice requires that every sin be paid for by innocent mortal blood. The SAVIOR would make it possible for Adam and all his posterity to be freed from the penalty of an endless death caused by the original sin, and to enjoy the presence o f the Father again. His ATONEMENT would also erase men’s personal sins, upon conditions of personal repentance.

It is because of these religious reasons that the earth is like it is today. Consequently, it is futile to try to understand earth and life under any other explanation or theory. Creation is not a theory; it is fact! Evolution is only a theory (a guess), and a false and unverifiable theory at that! It is worse than false, Evolution is anti-God, anti-truth and anti-salvation! It is Satan’s counterfeit for truth, a counterfeit religion!

Now that the earth had entered mortality, how long will it stay that way? When would the SAVIOR free it from both original and personal sin? When would the anticipated end come, so that God’s children could come home again? As pre-planned by God, mortal earth (after the Fall of Adam) would exist for six God-days of 1000 years each, followed by a seventh day of rest.

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Bob Webster: Creation vs Evolution – Chapter Two

February 14th, 2011 by Halli

By Bob Webster

Chapter One available here.

Few topics are argued more bitterly than is THE ORIGIN OF THE EARTH. Yet, many scholars and religious leaders avoid the subject, at least publicly.

Creation supporters, clinging faithfully to the Biblical account in Genesis, find themselves assailed relentlessly with strong-sounding evidences and “logic” from what Apostle Paul called the wisdom of men and science falsely-so-called. With the Bible alone, many Christians have felt hard pressed to defend Creationism in any tangible terms, beyond their own firm faith.

On the Evolution side, the weight of numbers of supporters has been intimidating to non-evolutionists. So complete is the world-wide indoctrination of the theory of evolution into the textbooks, encyclopedias, university dogma, research and scientific literature, political philosophies and social beliefs that the theory is accepted as though it was an established fact – as truth!

Perhaps the favorite “evidence” thrown against Creationists is the “millions-of-years age of the earth,” as determined, supposedly, by the process known as carbon dating. While on one hand the evolutionists talk casually of an earth millions of years old, they gasp in disbelief at a Creationists account of only a few thousand years.

For many Christians, carbon dating and the geologic time table of millions of years are a severe test of their faith. Feeling outnumbered and inadequately armed when challenged to produce “proof of Creation, Christians often struggle to ride the fence, trying to accommodate an awkward marriage of portions of both arguments. Some even suggest that, “maybe God used evolution as His method of Creation.”

Fortunately, the Genesis account no longer stands alone. God has provided additional witnesses in modern scriptures to strengthen and support the Biblical truths about Creation. Both Biblical and modern testaments have been revealed from heaven to man in times when this knowledge was needed. Together, they stand so clear and understandable that the honest truth seeker, both in faith and in science, can accept the evidence.

However, for those who lack a conviction of the reality of these modern testaments, as delicious as they may seem, they cannot use them, without first agreeing that these modern prophets and scriptures are divine, and that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is actually the true church of Jesus Christ, restored in purity and power on earth.

It is in this very point that the LDS member with testimony has the enormous advantage. Standing firmly on the side of True Religion, the LDS Creationist may experience what Jesus experienced when His doctrine of truth became too hard for the popularly established religion – “and from that day they followed him no more.” Most Biblical Creationists, while welcoming the LDS support, will not accept LDS modern prophets or scriptures, regardless of how true it may sound to them.

False Religion and False Science alike will simply refuse to believe truth, until they become converted by the Holy Spirit to know that Joseph Smith is a true, modern prophet of God. So, to a degree, the unfortunate conflict continues, even between LDS and Biblical Creationists. The LDS believes the Bible’s Genesis account, but the non-LDS Christians oppose the LDS Christians’ modern revelations on Creation.

If, however, we can agree on the divinity of these modern sources, then we can proceed to discuss the age of the earth. These modern evidences from the Creator Himself reveal exciting and clear information about the Creation.

Bible scholars have often had difficulty defending the Biblical concept of one day with God equals one thousand years on earth. This has been a focal point of attack by the supporters of the geologic time table, which assigns millions of years of age to the earth’s sedimentary rock layers. In Genesis Chapters one through five is found a day-by-day account of the Creation sequence of events. In addition, the principle Bible references which mention the 1 day to 1000 years relationship are:
Ps. 90:4; II Pet. 3:8; and Rev. 20:2-4 (See T.G.: THOUSAND, TIME, CREATION)

But now modern revelation provides even more clear explanations to support the Bible account:

Moses Chapters 1 – 7, especially 1:8, 25-39; all of Ch 2; 3:1-7; and 7:30. Compare with the Genesis account. Please read these before continuing.

Ab. 1:31 Moses had the records of the patriarchs since Adam, which contained knowledge of the Creation, of the planets and stars, as God had revealed it all to all ancient prophets.

Ab. 3 Before Abraham went into Egypt to escape a famine, God showed him the organization of the heavens, the stars in space and the earth’s creation.

Ab. 3:4 One rotation of Kolob (star nearest To God’s home star) on its axis equals 1000 years of time on earth. Kolob governs our earth and solar system, besides many other earths like ours, peopled with God’s children.

Ab. 3:5-10 There are SET TIMES to the revolutions, days, months and years of the earth, the sun, moon and all stars.

D&C 88:25 Earth abides celestial law.
:36-38 All space and all kingdoms abide a law.
:42-45 There are FIXED courses, times and seasons of earth and all planets.
121:31 SET times, seasons, revolutions, days, months and years. (See also D&C 121:12 and 130:4-9).

Alma 30:44 “All the planets which move in their regular form do witness that there is a supreme Creator.”

(These scriptures can be found at

As clear and understandable as these revealed truths are, they should be sufficient for the faith of any Latter-Day Saint. But there is yet another segment, often overlooked, which reveals even more about how God intelligently organizes His creations out in space, for His eternal plan. It is FACSIMILE STONE NUMBER 2 in the Book of Abraham, in the Pearl of Great Price. As explained in the introduction to the Pearl of Great Price, it was translated by the Prophet Joseph Smith from certain Egyptian mummy scrolls which came into his possession..

Joseph’s notes alongside the drawings of FACSIMILE STONES NUMBERS 2 and 3 explain that God has withheld the interpretation of some of the hierogliphics. The characters which Joseph was permitted to understand shed exciting light on the precise timing relationships which govern all of space. As interested as modern men are in the exploration of space, this knowledge is enough to put a True Scientist into orbit!

For background, we see first that FACSIMILE STONE NUMBER 3 shows Abraham, the prophet of God, reasoning in Pharaoh’s court upon the topic of astronomy. Remember that Abraham had received this knowledge by direct revelation from God just prior to entering Egypt. FACSIMILE STONE NUMBER 2 contains that very same knowledge which Abraham was explaining to the Egyptians. The modern world praises the advanced knowledge and understanding of astronomy of ancient Egypt. But they received it from God’s prophet, Abraham.

It may help, to understand the organization of creations in space, to visualize the design of a simple bicycle gear. The large front sprocket is connected by a chain to a smaller rear sprocket. One turn of the large sprocket/gear turns the small gear several times, depending on the gear ratio. Whether linked by a chain or by directly intermeshed teeth, all gear systems are designed on this same principle of gear ratios and an external source of power. They are deliberately made by an intelligent creator for a purpose, on earth as well as in heaven

Just like gears, each planet in space is governed in its movements by an invisible, yet real power linkage from a greater planet, one which moves in a slower order of rotation on its axis. Thus, their revolutions about their axes, rotations in orbits within larger systems, and the reckoning of their times, seasons, years, months days, hours and minutes are PRECISELY SET by their Creator, following eternal laws of order, for eternal purposes.

All space is governed by intelligent laws of order, harmony and good. CONFORMING OBEDIENTLY TO THAT INTELLIGENT SYSTEM IS WHAT CONSTITUTES BEING A GOD. God is a God because He has attained perfect obedience to the orderly laws of truth and good. That is true love. God acts only by perfect love. Because all of His thoughts, intents, and actions are made in perfect love, the elements and powers of eternity obey Him. By His word He creates and sets worlds and solar systems in motion. Because the elements exist in tune with the frequency of perfect love, they respond automatically to His wish, just as a remote-controlled toy car obeys its designed signal. It can’t do otherwise; that’s how it is made and programmed. God is the very personification of love, and when He speaks, the elements willingly obey His energy frequency. They obey the sons of God also, under appropriate conditions.

As long as we’re talking about the “big picture,” as God sees it, it may help to put things into perspective by looking up at the star-filled sky on a clear, dark night. What we can see is only a very, very limited view of space, in breadth or depth. Special telescopes and cameras can reveal more stars than the human eye itself can ever see. If seeing is believing, these instruments can greatly aid our knowledge and our faith.

All of the bodies and powers which man has been able to discover in space is what we call our universe. Our earth’s solar system is a minute part of only one galaxy in our universe. Our Milky Way is shaped much like a giant pinwheel, composed of several million stars. These stars are more densely concentrated near the thicker center, tapering and curving out into less-concentrated arms at the outer edges.

Telescopes have seen other galaxies with this same type of spiral shape. Our solar system, they say is located out near the end of one of those curved arms of stars (the X on the sketch). When we see the Milky Way at night, we are actually looking inward, edgeways toward the cross-section of that starry arm (arrow). Even the several million stars and solar systems of our galaxy are not the end of space. Space is an endless repetition of galaxies, nebulae (star clouds) and stars, separated by vast distances. The farther our instruments can see, the more we discover. It is endless.

For example, by pointing a special telescope out toward space from earth’s Northern Hemisphere, the resulting computerized mosaic pattern of lights shows that there are at least one million galaxies in just that narrow and short distance view of space (* see reproduction next page 2-6). By aiming the earth’s strongest telescopes in that same viewing area, 1.1 billion galaxies can be seen! Then, within only a tiny 6 by 6 degree square of that overall view, one million galaxies can be seen.

In other words space is endless! The nebulae, galaxies and clusters of galaxies go on forever! The number of solar systems in just our own Milky Way Galaxy, which potentially could have an earth situated like ours where life could exist, is realistically numbered in the millions! That’s just our galaxy! And the galaxies are countless . . . and endless.

The awesomeness of our own tinyness amid all that space makes the scriptures just that much more meaningful (TG JESUS CHRIST – CREATOR). But before you let yourself feel like an insignificant nobody, stop and think . . . there has to be an important reason behind all that space and stars. There is. And it is thrilling to know.

The next natural question to arise is, “Why?” Why is all of this enormity of space organized in this way? The prophet Moses asked the same question, and the Creator gave him this explanation, “FOR BEHOLD, THIS IS MY WORK AND MY GLORY – TO BRING TO PASS THE IMMORTALITY AND ETERNAL LIFE OF MAN” (Moses 1:39). Re-read that and think about it.

In other words, God exists to have children, and to help them achieve perfection, as He has, to be like Him, to be with Him, to have all that He has . . . yes, to become Gods themselves, as He is. This is the real purpose of all the creations of space, including this earth. It is all for man, the very children of God! How’s that for mixing science and religion? It is simply and inescapably true. Eventually, every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that it is true. As a modern prophet has expressed it, “As man is, God once was, and as God is, man may become.” (Lorenzo Snow).

Yes, God was once a mortal man on an earth, who perfected himself in obedience to the same eternal plan which we face, and became a God. God is His title; Elohim is His name. His consuming passion is to rear His beloved children unto perfection, like unto Himself and to His beloved firstborn Son, Jehovah, our brother and Savior, Jesus the Christ. This Father-to-Son process is as endless as space (Moses 1:29-40).

*See the computer mosaic picture of space available at the address below. Each minute bright white square dot represents 10 galaxies. The dullest gray dots are one galaxy. Photocopied from the Co-Evolution Quarterly, 1978-79. A copy of the entire 2 ? x 3-foot mosaic can be obtained by sending $5.00 US to ONE MILLION GALAXIES, Co-Evolution Quarterly, Box 428, Sausalito, California, 94966.

This is what makes this short earth life so eternally important! All we need to do is obey our loving Father’s instructions and we cannot fail. He has provided the way for everything to be accomplished successfully. As a coach trains his team, so our Father’s commandments are his best counsel to bring us, His own beloved children, home to Him again. They are all for our own eternal good. But the coach cannot play our roles for us. Only we can perform, and obey or disobey, making conscious choices for ourselves.

A proper understanding of this overall process helps us not only to explain science and religion, but more importantly, it motivates us to live right for the right reasons. WE ARE GODS IN EMBRYO!

Just as a space craft returning to earth must obey precise laws to safely hit the “re-entry window” of earth’s atmosphere, so also must we follow the straight and narrow path to perfection, back to our heavenly home. It’s exciting! And oh how our heavenly parents love us and want us to come home to them again, where we will continue our progress, providing new earth creations for our own spirit children.

FACSIMILE STONE #2 teaches us that our earth’s branch of God’s creations in space consists of a series of organized planets, interconnected by a precise power linkage, as surely as the two bicycle sprockets are connected by a chain drive. It’s much like a series of gears. At this point we do not know the exact power system, but some day we shall. In fact we must master it, when we begin our own creations in space. It sure beats playing harps!

FACSIMILE STONE #2 reveals more than any other scriptures on this topic, so far, and Latter-Day Saints should be thankful and pray for confirmation of the Holy Spirit. Then they should testify enthusiastically of the truth, against worldly theories. Thanks to this revealed knowledge, we know a little more of the HOW and quite a bit more of the WHY our earth was created. Who could reject this truth from the pure source, in favor of false and unverifiable theories of men?

We are nearly ready to examine some of the details of the true creation story. But one more step first. Let’s check out the Master’s Plan, so we can understand 1) Where did man come from? 2) Why is man on earth? and 3) Where is he going after this life? Answers to these questions help us to understand WHY the Creation took place as it did, HOW LONG will earth last, WHAT WILL HAPPEN to the earth in the end, and if there are OTHER EARTHS inhabited by man. If you are interested, Chapter three is packed with answers.

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Bob Webster: Creation vs. Evolution – Chapter One

February 7th, 2011 by Halli

By Bob Webster

What is Truth?

Many people say there is a conflict between science and religion. There should not be, but there certainly is. True Religion is in conflict with both False Religion and False Science. Likewise, True Science finds itself in conflict with False Science and False Religion. The only two in harmony with each other are True Religion and True Science. Not even False Religion and False Science are in agreement with each other. This unhappy porridge of conflict might be diagramed as follows:

True Religion False Religion
True Science False Science

It is no wonder people are confused, when they are being confronted by all four positions, each claiming to represent “the truth.”

One incorrect assumption that people make is thinking that all parties honestly desire the truth. History shows that most people prefer to be socially accepted than be right. They will accept the position of the popular majority rather than be right, or fair, or good. Seldom have the majority, as a mass of society, accepted the truth if it was not socially popular. Rarely has more than a minority adhered to the truth.

Even more noticeable is the reality that the majority group is seldom content to allow the minority to believe as they wish. Majorities usually seem determined to persecute the minority in an effort to force it into social compliance with the majority. Usually, determined minority dissenters have been treated as “enemies of society,” to be done away with. The “natural man” tends to act that way.

On earth today, False Religion and False Science dominate the beliefs of the majority of people. There is a reason for this condition, a reason which only True Religion can adequately explain.

Pontius Pilate was not the only person to ask the penetrating question, “What is truth?” (Jn.18:38). Joseph Smith, the Latter-Day prophet, also ventured to ask. But whereas Pilate received no answer directly from the Savior, the youthful Joseph did, by revelation, providing the world with this eternal definition:
“Truth is knowledge of things as they are, as they were and as they are yet to be.” (D&C 93:24)
Before you continue, repeat that definition to yourself another time or two.

You may have heard the philosophical argument that, if several people witness an identical event, such as an automobile collision, that non of their testimonies will agree exactly. Therefore, the argument concludes, there is no absolute truth. In this same manner, some critics dispute the Bible, concluding that, since there is no absolute agreement in the accounts of the various Bible writers. There is no truth … hence no God.

In every field of interest, including science and religion, there seems to be a driving passion to declare that there is no God. But the truth is, there is a God/Creator. And even though several eye witnesses may give varied accounts from their varied viewpoints, God knows the event did occur, and how, and why. Whether it was an automobile collision, or an event in your personal life, God knows the truth of it totally. When we consider that Bible records have survived centuries of efforts to copy, compile and translate them into many languages, it is no wonder that modern readers in different cultures and languages differ in their interpretations and understanding of the same passages of scripture (Before continuing, please read I Ne. 13:26; and II Ne 29:3-10).

TRUTH IS TRUTH regardless of the source. Truth doesn’t depend on haw many believe or disbelieve it. Truth does not contradict itself. It can’t. When God says He created the earth, that’s the truth, and there is no other acceptable explanation. All truth originates from God, and it may be discovered to man’s satisfaction.

Consequently, both the scientific method for discovering truth, and pure faith – the religious method for receiving revealed truth, will yield the same result – TRUTH. If the Creator considers certain information appropriate for man to know, He can make it available for man to discover or receive by the appropriate method. Truth does not vary according to the perceptions and descriptions of the observer. Truth exists! Only the observers’ perceptions and descriptions may vary. It is up to the observer to bring himself into harmony with the truth, to accurately identify it, and then to conform to its reality.

Ever since the Fall of Adam, man has been divided in his belief by a dual nature. On one hand, he seeks for good – to advance and improve. On the other hand, man follows a natural tendency toward disbelief, disobedience and degenerate behavior. Generally man has shown a greater inclination for degeneracy and evil than for enlightenment and good. The reality of the Great Flood in Noah’s time, followed by the Tower of Babel confusion of languages, are just two of the many historic testimonies of man’s propensity to degenerate from high standards and truth.

That’s how the natural man is, until he becomes converted and committed to the Savior’s standards – “born again” in the Holy Spirit – and puts off the old natural man and becomes a new, spiritually reborn man in Christ (Mosiah 3:19). Until that happens, man not only pulls away from the truth, but seems determined to attack the truth, and to persecute those who have learned to love and follow truth. All of this arises from the CONFLICT diagramed earlier.

Again, TRUTH IS TRUTH, and whether revealed from God or discovered by scientific search, it is TRUTH. Whereas religion deals with WHAT happens and WHY, science attempts to discover the HOW of truth.

True science follows the scientific method of discovery of empirical evidence; it tests all possibilities and accepts all relevant evidences. The inevitable result is, True Science discovers truth. This discovered truth will harmonize perfectly with the revealed truth received by True Religion. We must remember, however, that so far, both sources of truth are dealing with incomplete information. Not all truth has been revealed by God yet, and many secrets of the earth, like missing pieces of a puzzle, are not yet discovered by science. Some truths are not available to be discovered by the traditional scientific method.

In addition, the water is muddied further by False Religion and False Science. False Religion not only denies the power and true nature of God, but it even denies much of His revealed truth. It prefers “the philosophies of men, mingled with a little scripture.” In similar fashion, False Science prefers to believe the theories of vain and deceiving men, ignoring the discipline and honesty of the scientific method of discovery. False Science even ignores or discards many obvious evidences from many sources which may conflict embarrassingly with its preconceived theories.

Science looks for tangible proof, not faith. Yet both the Creationist and the Evolutionist begin upon a similar premise, which requires faith. The Creationist believes (faith) there is a God/Creator. The Evolutionist believes (faith) that his theory can account for all things, which eliminates the need for a God.

The major difference is that the Creationist begins with a God/Creator who has actually revealed Himself and His works to man. In contrast, the Evolutionist begins with his own self-conceived theory, and then attempts to force all evidences to support that theory, even when the realities of true science do not and cannot verify or support it.

The Apostle Paul soundly rebuked the worldly beliefs of both False Religion and False Science on several occasions:

I Cor. 1:25-27 “God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise
2:14 … the natural man receiveth not the things of the spirit of God; for they are foolishness unto him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

II Tim. 3:7-8 “… ever learning and never able to come to a knowledge of the truth.”
4:3-3 “… they will not endure sound doctrine … and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned into fables.”

I Tim 6:20-21 “Timothy, keep … avoiding profane and vain babblings, and operations of science, falsely so called; which some professing have erred concerning the faith.”

Col. 2:8 “Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.”
(Also I Cor 3:19-20)

The Book of Mormon prophet Nephi spoke similarly when he said:

II Ne. 9:19-20 “… O the vainness, and the frailties, and the foolishness of man! When they are learned they think they are wise, and they harken not unto the counsel of God, for they set it aside, supposing they know of themselves, wherefore their wisdom is foolishness and it profiteth them not. And they shall perish. But to be learned is good if they harken unto the counsels of God.”

In other words, a learned scientist who is also a man of God will find and accept the truth from all evidences and all sources, and he will recognize them as harmonious, as they must be and are. But an investigator who rejects or ignores evidences because they may not fit his pet preconceived theory, distinguishes himself as a False Scientist, unworthy of trust before men or God (II Pet. 2:1-2; 3:3-9).

With truth defined in the brief introduction to this point, let’s examine the truth of Creation. It all began out there in space. The mistake many people make here is they want to jump right into the heat of the argument over the “age of the earth,” without first settling the question of truth, as just discussed. It is nearly impossible to discuss the matter with any hope of agreement, unless some basic truths are first agreed upon:

1. There is a God/Creator, He is all knowing and all powerful.

2. God created this earth, and He created it for man, who is God’s literal offspring.

3. Earth and man are programmed to pass through a pre-planned series of develop- mental stages. Those who are obedient will become perfected, as God is.

4. Man is born free to act and choose for himself which course he will follow. His own conscious decisions will influence and determine his eternal destiny.

If we can agree that there is a God/Creator who exists with a purpose for man and earth, then we are in a better position to examine and appreciate the truth of CREATION, which is presented in Chapter Two.

Chapter Two will be posted in one week.

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Bob Webster: Creation vs. Evolution – the Introduction

February 7th, 2011 by Halli

Bob is the author of an amazing manuscript entitled “Creation vs. Evolution” in which he explains why he, as a scientist, believes in Creation by a Divine Being. This post includes the introduction, and the first chapter will be posted immediately. Thereafter, one chapter will be posted each week. If you would like to have the manuscript in its entirety emailed to you, please use the contact form.

One of the problems in communications is that different people have different mental definitions of the same words, and consequently misunderstand and misinterpret one another. For the purpose of this book, the following words are used with the definitions provided here:

CREATION – means a planned, purposeful and deliberate act or series of actions by an intelligent Creator – GOD – resulting in the formation and organization of this earth and all of its contents, living and non-living. Each individual form of life was made complete, and each form was made genetically separate from all others.
The Biblical/scriptural time frame of 1000 years on earth for each God-day of creation is understood to be literally true, even though the counting of time was as yet irrelevant during the Creation period. This Creation implies not only a pre-planned, definite and sudden origin for all life, but that the earth and all associated with it have a pre-planned sequence of events to complete during a set time of duration, to be followed by a specific conclusion and a permanent reorganization of the earth and all its contents preparatory to its ultimate destiny.

All of this is for the benefit of man, who is the literal offspring of the Creator/Father God, and the entire process conforms to universal laws which govern endless space. Space is governed by Gods, of whom our Father is one. Man, likewise is capable of becoming a God, with the overall objective of continuing the Creation process for his own progeny.

RELIGION – in this book is considered to be the belief in a Creator/God, and includes the history of man’s origin and his subsequent relationship with his Creator. Religion also includes man’s practices of living, and his rituals of worship which are associated with his relationship with his Creator.

SCIENCE – is the systematic method of acquiring information and testing a theory against all available evidences, to determine if the theory is true or false. If not true, the theory is either discarded, or revised to conform to current evidence and retested. To be considered scientifically accurate, the procedure must be replicable by at least two independent parties, yielding the same result. A true scientist rigorously follows strict procedures, honestly recording all observations, and accepting all pertinent evidences, regardless of whether or not these evidences support the initial theory being tested. Science involves the use and development of equipment, procedures and materials for experimentation.

EVOLUTION – is a theory which presupposes the theories of uniformity and survival-of-the-fittest. With that foundation it proposes that the universe, the earth and all life forms on earth are the result of accumulative chance over enormous periods of time. The development of new life forms by mutation, or by cross-breeding of different forms would be considered “evolution.”

However, in this book, minor variations (e.g. varied colorings and sizes of flowers, animals or man, etc) within a species would not be considered as evolution, but mere adaptations.

UNIFORMITY – is a theory that the natural ongoing, physical, chemical and life processes evident today have always been this way, and are the key to interpreting events in the past or future. Changes in these processes are assumed to be slow and gradual, requiring millions of years for even minor changes to appear, survive and become dominant in their environment,

SURVIVAL-OF-THE-FITTEST – is a theory that living organisms survive by adapting to their environment as it changes. Those forms most able to adapt to changes are those which survive and predominate. Those least able to adapt become subordinate or disappear as extinct forms.
This theory presupposes that mutation is the primary way in which living things change and adapt to their changing environment, enabling them to survive.

MUTATION – is a theory which presupposes that the genetic code inherent within a living organism can be altered, by either energy rays (X-rays, gamma rays, etc.) or, by repeated exposures to other physical influences of the environment (temperature, moisture, rough, smooth, light, dark, stress, etc.). These alterations/adaptations in response to the environment can then be inherited by its offspring, according to this theory.

Mutation presupposes that all life forms on earth (living or dead) originated from one common ancestor in the ocean, which in turn originated from chance association and combination of non-living chemicals, which subsequently came to function as the original, primitive life form ancestor.

The chapters of this book attempt to follow a logical sequence. For example, before you can really dig in to get a satisfying answer to the question, “How old is the earth?” it is first necessary to define truth. This is done in Chapter 1, followed by the true account of the origin of earth, in Chapter 2.

Such a deliberately-planned creation by an intelligent human Creator naturally raises the question, Why? In response, Chapter 3 opens our view to “The Big Picture,” explaining the reasons behind all creations. It’s a view from God’s paradigm. Finally, Chapter 4 jumps into the heart and heat of the age-old science-vs-religion controversy, the age of the earth.

After that, Chapter 5 will compare the key principles upon which both Creation and evolution are founded. Chapter 6 then provides answers to some of the questions most commonly asked. Before you are tempted to turn directly to Chapter 6, remember that without the understanding gained in the first five chapters, the answers in Chapter 6 might not be clearly understood.

Chapters 7 through 10 are four chapters of references to statements and evidences by modern scientists and Christian leaders. The entire Chapter 7 consists of excerpts from LDS Apostle Joseph Fielding Smith’s writings, and from statements by other LDS Church leaders.

Chapter 8 comes from two valuable books, filled with known scientific evidences which are being ignored by the scientific and educational communities. These two books are Worlds In Collision and Earth In Upheaval by Immanuel Velikovsky. Although Velikovsky’s viewpoint is agnostic, his dedication to revealing true evidences is fearlessly scientific. His non-religious bias enhances the validity of his material.

Chapter 9 is derived from a priceless book by two scientists who are also Christians. In their scholarly work, The Genesis Flood, John C. Whitcomb Jr. and Henry M. Morris expose the heart of some amazingly unscientific procedures and conclusions which are currently accepted worldwide as true. Other Creation books by Christian authors are listed in the Appendix of this book as valuable references. You may be surprised to see what a wealth of information is available, considering the void of it in our system of education and common social belief.

Chapter 10 is drawn from three books: The Creation, by LDS scientist and teacher Frank B. Salisbury; Science And Mormonism, by Melvin A. Cook and M. Garfield Cook, who quote famous LDS scholars and church leaders on both sides of the issue; and Earth In The Beginning, by Eric N. Skousen, who proposes interesting answers to the ages and variety of fossils.

Armed with the outstanding TOPICAL GUIDE (TG) found in the back of the LDS King James Bible, an exciting study awaits the truth seeker. You will want to thoroughly study all of the cross-references in the TG under such headings as: CREATION; EARTH; JESUS CHRIST – CREATOR; MAN; TIME; and THOUSAND.
In addition to the Bible, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price and Doctrine And Covenants you’ll find exciting material in other books and tapes by LDS authors, some of which are listed below:

Book or Tape Author

Man, His Origin And Destiny – Joseph Fielding Smith
Doctrines of Salvation – Joseph Fielding Smith
Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith – Joseph Fielding Smith
Mormon Doctrine – Bruce R. McConkie
Discourses of Brigham Young – John A. Widtsoe
The First Two Thousand Years – W. Cleon Skousen
Introduction To The Dead Sea Scrolls (tapes) – Inar Erickson

As part of your preparation to receive these treasures of truth, please take the time to read each scripture reference. Don’t skip past it, simply because it isn’t printed here for your convenience. As you study, pray sincerely to receive understanding of the true meaning as intended by the Lord. God bless you in your search for truth.

Robert L. Webster

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