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The Gestapo Comes to Idaho Falls, Part II

April 12th, 2007 by Halli

In Part I. the “Crow’s & Original Townsite Historic Neighborhood Association” (aka COTHNA) was described, and its most recent publication quoted. It urges all residents of the affected area to report their neighbors who fail to meet city zoning requirements in maintaining their private property. Be sure to read Part I for all the details.

Frightened yet? If you are a resident of the targeted area, will you regard your neighbors with a new suspicion? What if that nosy old man next door reports you for parking your travel trailer on the street for 1 night longer than allowed? Will anyone complain about your patch of wild flowers planted last spring, calling them overgrown weeds? Can you even imagine what feature of your property some informant will find offensive? How do you feel now that your area has been designated an apparent “slum”, so run down that it is in need of federal dollars to rehabilitate?

Let us review for a moment. Ganging up on unsuspecting city residents are none other than
* The City of Idaho Falls, the leadership of which has long been in the business of totalitarianism and confiscatory property taxes.
* Kathy Stanger, whose words and actions indicate she wishes to control others, and whose politics are based on relationships rather than principle.
* COTHNA, a new, quasi-governmental organization intent on telling others how to care for their private property.
* All four members of the COTHNA steering committee (all female, by the way), who, like the Nazi party officials mentioned in Part I, no doubt will “constantly monitor the activities of all citizens” so that they may be the main sources of “information” about their neighbors reported for enforcement.

Don’t misunderstand me: I fully believe that city ordinances barring overgrown weeds, storage of non-working vehicles, etc., are designed to protect residents and their property values. However, when city officials and neighborhood cabals urge citizens to spy and report on their neighbors, the effort has gone too far. Such actions should be left to the two city “zoning enforcement officers”.

I hope you sleep well tonight, all you residents of the COTHNA “slum”. Remember, as you eat, relax, work in the yard, and even sleep in your home, the new Gestapo of Idaho Falls has their eye on you. Will you be the next property owner reported to the officials?

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The Gestapo Comes to Idaho Falls, Part I

April 11th, 2007 by Halli

It is hardly necessary to recount how the Nazi party in Germany encouraged citizens to report neighbors who weren’t toeing the party line. This statement from the “Nazi Propaganda” section of the Holocaust Museum (Washington DC) reminds us:

“The Gestapo gathered much of its information from private citizens. Even children were taught to report on their parents. The Gestapo’s main sources, however, were Nazi party officials who constantly monitored the activities of all citizens [and] used such information to track political opponents.”

But we needn’t look further than the “numbered streets” neighborhoods in Idaho Falls for similar activities in the year 2007.

A new neighborhood organization known as the “Crow’s & Original Townsite Historic Neighborhood Association” (aka COTHNA) has been formed by a few officious women apparently seeking importance, influence and a vehicle for forcing their neighbors to “improve” their private property.

In their Spring 2007 edition of “The Crow Creek Connection”, it is revealed that the Idaho Falls Planning Department has received a federal grant to aid in “focused” cleanups in town. In the article, the “City Zoning Enforcement Officer” states,

“Maybe you’ve noticed an unkempt lawn or the local ‘salvage yard’. What about that yard that has turned into a parking lot? [ ] What spots on your street have become eyesores in an otherwise beautiful area? Do you ever wish they would just disappear?

We need your help. [ ] Take a walk one day and see how many properties you notice that you wish looked a little better. [ ] Let us know about them. We appreciate your phone calls…

One issue that many residents face when reporting these types of complaints is the fear that their neighbor might find out who complained. They [ ] don’t want to feel like a snitch or a naggy neighbor. Rest assured, your complaints are anonymous.”

Included on the next page of the newsletter is a pre-printed survey with spaces for addresses of the offending properties and details of the offenses. It wraps up with the assurance that “Even if you provide your contact information, we will keep your identity in confidence”. Respondents are then directed to mail the completed survey to COTHNA (or to email the enforcement officer).

Be sure to read Part II for a summation.

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Crapo and Simpson: The North American Union Comes Home to Idaho

March 7th, 2007 by Halli

Idaho’s Congressional delegation, specifically Senators Craig and Crapo, and Rep. Mike Simpson, have been solidly denying the existence of plans to turn Canada, the United States and Mexico into a North American Union. (Senator Larry Craig is widely seen as already being on board with a merging of the three nations, as seen in his support for illegal alien amnesty.)

The following account comes from a reliable source, though I cannot personally verify the details.

On February 24, the Region 7 Republican Lincoln Day Banquet was held in Idaho Falls. An individual approached Rep. Mike Simpson and Sen. Mike Crapo with the Idaho Farm Bureau news article revealing that the “Amero” (equivalent to the “Euro”) will soon be the currency of the North American Union. Mike and Mike were asked what they knew about such plans and what each of them were doing to prevent the formation of a North American Union. Each responded that they had looked into these claims, but there was no truth to them whatsoever. Perhaps there were some private groups working together, they said, but nothing more.

The Mikes were then asked why their fellow congressman, Rep. Virgil Goode, R-VA, is sponsoring HCR 40, which says Congress is opposed to the “NAFTA Superhighway”, also viewed as the initial route for North American Union-style trade. “Oh, he’s just covering his ‘bases’”, they responded.

The person making the inquiry then happened to visit with Rep. JoAn Wood, chairman of the Idaho House Transportation Committee. Rep. Wood said she had just attended Department of Transportation meetings in Washington, DC, where she had been given a large 3-ring binder filled with information concerning the introduction of Mexican trucks into the US, and other “new” transportation policies relating to the North American Union.

JoAn actually had the binder with her, and agreed to show it to Mike and Mike, which she did. She also let them have a piece of her mind, as only a wonderful Rigby grandmother can. Mike Simpson continued to deny that a North American Union is being promoted by our government, but Mike Crapo had an awakening of sorts, requested some copies of JoAn’s information and promised to look into the issue.

Senator Crapo, we’ll be waiting for your response.

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In the mean time, what do you think our chances are of stopping this whole sovereignty-swallowing, constitution-destroying plot if even the so-called “conservatives” in Congress deny that it’s being implemented?

Previous posts containing excellent links on the subject include “The North American Union: Coming to a Country Near You“, “Congress Waking Up to North American Union?” and “Update: North American Union Denied in Argument Over Semantics“.

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Impressive New Oranization: Sam Adams Alliance

March 6th, 2007 by Halli

A new conservative organization with a great website is among us at This group was founded to help individuals and organizations “working to defend liberty, hold the government accountable, and make real political change starting at the local level.”

The intention is to provide a network for like-minded activists to connect with each other, and to showcase proven methods for organizing to make a difference in communities, states, and the nation.

For instance, a “took kit” provides tips for unearthing the facts of an issue (including how to file FOIA requests), working with the press, and building an Internet presence. A wealth of information and “best practices” is found on the website.

Richard Lorenc and Paul Jacob, a contributor to, are behind the Alliance.

I think you’ll be impressed with the resources available to the little guy who would like to make a difference. Check out the website, and then tell your friends about it.

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Why On Earth Would I Send a Check to Idaho Public TV?

March 3rd, 2007 by Halli

It’s that special time of year again – Idaho Public TV (IdahoPTV) is inflicting the state with “Festival 2007″ and asking you to dig deep to support their unequaled programming.

Let’s see – the federal government supported the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) to the tune of more than $400,000,000 in 2006. That would be $400 million of your tax dollars. (Cuts in future budgets have been proposed, but failed, due to tireless lobbying by PBS-inflamed viewers.)

The State of Idaho also gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to Idaho Public Television, an affiliate of PBS. That would be hundreds of thousands of your tax dollars.

And it’s called “public” television, supposedly free from the commercialism the for-profit stations inundate us with. And yet at the beginning or end (or both) of nearly every program, I am treated to a not-for-profit commercial. That sounds like an oxymoron because it is.

Will I call in a pledge during “Festival 2007″? Not necessary. I’ve already given twice, involuntarily, whether I watch a single minute of IdahoPTV or not. In fact, if I don’t contribute, through non-payment of taxes, I could go to jail.

I think I’ll call my current level of support good enough.

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A “Real” Exam

February 26th, 2007 by Halli

A reader pointed out that the post “An Eight Grade Education Circa 1895″ contains a purported 8th grade exam which turns out to be an urban legend, as asserted by Snopes. (Of course, as far as I know, there is no website which checks out Snopes.) However, for the sake of the argument, I accept the premise that the exam was made up.

Nonetheless, for your amusement and education I have included a link to an exam which Snopes apparently declares to be the “real McCoy”, complete with both archaic and incorrect spelling. Give it a try.

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Please Read the Comment on “Certificates of Need”!

February 20th, 2007 by Halli

It is a rare occasion when I will refer you to a reader comment in a post. However, a comment with extraordinary insight was received on the post “The Certificate of Need, Otherwise Known as the Certificate of Non-Competition”.

Please take a moment to read through this very educated discussion of the effect of “CON’s”.

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In God We Trust: A Short Video for President’s Day

February 18th, 2007 by Halli

Bob Webster, a constitutional scholar, sent the link for a wonderful video reminding us that our country is Christian, and its survival depends upon our adherence to our God.

Take just a minute to view this video.  You’ll be glad you did.  Then email the link to your family and friends.

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Guest Post: Secret Union Plan Now Being Implemented

February 17th, 2007 by Halli

The following is authored by an anonymous source in Bannock County. The piece is fictional, but illustrates actual events in Bannock County over the last 35 years.

Secret Union Plan Now Being Implemented: Comprehensive plan for a future unification for a cooperative union for County, city and school District.
Meeting held January 5th 1972, with 11 present, gathered to discuss implementation of the new plan for the democrat party’s future.
Conducting, Ray Bradford, with Daryl Jensen presiding.

As we discussed during our meeting last month, when we began our public outreach last year to deliver the goodwill pens to area merchants, we covered outlet stores including movie theatres and shops all the way down to the JC Penney block on both sides. If you still have some pens please try to distribute all of them and feel free to keep one pen for yourself as a token of the bright future of the democrat party. Let me now introduce Daryl who will describe the new plan for the future of our local party.

I want to thank all of you for being in attendance today. I also wish to thank Ray for the many years of service and his devotion to our progress and the exciting changes in the democrat party’s plans. This plan guarantee’s this party’s growth for a hundred years to come within city and county governments’ in spite of what happens at the state level.

Today we take the first step toward implementing the new plan to solidify the first cooperative union between all three branches of local government. This will be accomplished by introducing an exciting new role for labor unions, wherein they will have a position within local government rather than strictly private sector jobs. This exciting change will all but guarantee a permanent and unbreakable political position within not only our city, but also our county and eventually the entire state. The beauty of our plan lies in how subtly it circumvents citizen opposition.

Phase 1

I now wish to make a direct comparison to the success of unionizing the public schools which have placed the democrat party in the driver’s seat nationwide on every level today. Our party today is in the forefront of the public mind widely recognized as the only salvation for public education, as the people who care about our children’s future.

Phase 2

Just as sacred to the public as education are the police and firemen who protect our children and secure civilization. Phase 2 will take a lot more work coupled with a long range plan in order to accomplish it. We are already on our way.

This plan will take very careful planning to build public trust because people are very conditioned to accept unions only for the private sector.

First, we must establish a police and fireman’s union at the local level and gradually implement the county ambulance and police force into the union, which will permanently maintain democrats in both the city and the county commission seats.

Can you now see where this is going? We will not only have direct access to local taxes in order to support our people but the union itself will eventually help our party control the whole county. We will then become free to extract healthy annual raises for all the public employees now supported by rural county farm properties as well as the revenue from all the communities within our county tax base. Some may object saying that they are not recipients to all the services but there will be very little opposition to this approach.

The hardest part will be to make a union transition from private companies and corporations that will be monopolized by government employees. Why? Our party’s future depends upon making this very transition. The eternal fabric and sanctity of police and fireman unions will ensure public job security, and create allegiance within a public employee voter block, who will gladly vote for our party.

This party support becomes greatly multiplied through extended family members and friends, making it practically impossible to lose an election. The school teachers, firemen and policemen are so sacred that no one will dare to challenge the union.

This will give us a much stronger position than we could have ever hoped to achieve within private business unions simply because the old style of union membership is uncertain. We must have an elected majority on the city counsel and gain the majority on the county commission seats or this plan simply will not work folks.

Don Abram-
Daryl…this plan bothers me somewhat because you are obviously changing the original purposes for labor union’s in order to shift the democrat party into a monopoly of power that cannot be challenged through the voices of the people at the ballot box. Each citizen is will eventually be forced to foot the bill for government unions, just like the teachers, fire, and police departments. The long range plan is to empower all levels of government with union allegiance.

The best way that we can protect the citizen or little guy is to guarantee that police and fire departments are giving him the best protection available, coupled with road and comparable water costs for his family.

Aren’t the costs for these services going to go up dramatically in order to support the higher wages proposed for our political purposes?

Your answers are yes, & yes. Inflation is already driving up these costs and we must simply keep employee raises aligned with current inflationary levels which are also amplified by fair union scale.

You and I both know exactly how unions work. These proposed raises and benefit packages now become a bargaining chip for union arm-twisting for more leverage to raise wages and, therefore, taxes. This surely changes the union into a kind of parasite-monster standing directly in the way of citizens’ control of local government. The employees’ union will surely replace citizen involvement in the governing process.

The union cannot replace citizens simply because people will still have the same right to appose tax increases for union wages.

I can surely see this now as hundreds of local and county police and fireman stand in their uniforms at a City Council meeting, demanding annual salary increases. No citizen would dare stand and tell firefighters and their policemen they do not deserve a raise.

This plan is not fair because those who pay for police protection find themselves pitted against those who provide their police protection. No citizen will publicly isolate himself by opposing those who risk their lives. This plan stinks to high heaven!

Don, please hear out the plan before you condemn it, because it simply is not as bad as you envision it. This plan will greatly improve our area and each community.

Todd Christiansen-
Why is this plan such a secret? Why is it necessary to pull the wool over citizens’ eyes? I am very opposed to anything so secretive, especially when it is hidden behind props that cannot be openly discussed in the light of day.

The public is always suspicious of something new. When governing people you must approach them according to their level of understanding. If you blurt out our real plan, you will surely have ignorant people at our throats challenging what is best. I believe that this plan will someday make our city larger than the capitol city of this state.

Well, that brings up another concern. Is it even constitutional to seize public entities so the employees answer to a public employee union and no longer to the voters? The teachers union has become so powerful that it controls education by blackmail and if you do not believe me go appose them in court and see who wins! Why would the public support a union which takes their taxes and then denies them union representation to oppose the very same union which is taking their money? This is crazy!

The answer is they do not want to oppose their police and firemen who do such a good job for them. Unions impose honor and respect.

Jay Anderson-
Citizens will no more speak against our union than they dare oppose the teachers’ union. They simply accept the proposal that these people deserve pay raises. What business do you know who wants to become labeled in this community as anti-children, or anti-union?

It is the same principle as being labeled anti-police. Which small town in the entire county would dare raise their voice to challenge these institutions? They will not fight against it, folks, and it will soon work like a charm. We will have access to unlimited power and funding. You will see the wisdom of this union plan simply because the public employees are also paying customers. The fears of opposing public servants and losing a large number of union customers who support their business do not seem worth opposing the plan.

These fine union folks might simply begin shopping somewhere else.

Insurance companies, real estate, health professionals will all be supportive of the union which will have no public opposition. What few complaints there are will simply fall upon deaf ears.

I am opposed to this plan because I believe its implementation will ruin the democrat party and possibly the country. I fought in the Korean War defending freedom and you folks want to turn us into another Soviet Union. A dominant government union becomes a monopoly of power and destroys freedom. What in the hell are you guys doing here?

You’re just simply wrong, Todd. For the first time we will be in a position to actually do something about education, poverty, unemployment, racism, and discrimination.

At last we can crack down on bigotry and greedy businesses who exploit the public. We will control the water and therefore regulate vital services.

Just listen to yourself, Ray. You sound like a crazy tyrant who wants to control the world so you can force the world to do the right thing. You need not go back far in history far to see where this plan has failed. I cannot believe what I am hearing.

The plan is already working in New York and California and if we do not get on board everyone here will someday move to California to find prosperity and then we are left behind.

This all sounds to me like our party is going to take advantage of the publics’ good faith in order to follow a plan that will empower a secret takeover of the public treasury. It will be hidden under a prop of water, police, fire, school districts, and public employees in order to destroy the two-party system in America. The public will never swallow this. What makes you believe no one will catch on to this? What’s next, taking peoples private property for union raises?

Think about this. Today the democrat party and education are exactly the same thing. Even republicans refer to education and our party in the same context. The reason we have that position is simply because the teachers union gives us leverage to pit the teachers against their school boards for higher wages. Republicans do not wish to become labeled anti- education in the media so they dare not challenge our plan.

When they do challenge us we solicit citizens and businesses to place the “support the teacher” signs everywhere and run those Republicans out of office just like they are public enemy number one. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

You must agree that this plan works every time, simply because the public is not as smart as you think. They are busy people and the majority will likely vote democrat until their dying breath. Why? Because their dad was a democrat. They honestly do not care about these changes in their party.

You are creating an unconstitutional middle man who is not elected by the people, in order to rule by a secret subversion of the Constitution. I do not understand why our kids need to be used by democrats, Republicans, or unions for political purposes. This will surely undermine education itself and the kids are already being used as the bargaining chip by teacher unions to leverage more taxes from us.

The cost of education will climb through the roof and you folks will never have enough money. You already know they cut classroom funding in order to make a sympathy case for more and more money and make the taxpayers, kids and teachers hostages to create voter guilt. I do not like the idea of hiding behind a curtain or a prop of public sanctity for the purpose of gaining power. This is what I have been taught is a secret combination. I am out of this plan as of this moment.

How can you justify doing all of this funny business when the public will surely question you about your motives for seeking power?

If a tree falls in a forest when no one is around to hear it fall, will there be a sound? No!


We anticipated that some of you would not like the new plan, and so we remind you that this is a nationwide party plan and the party must stay together on the same course. We cannot survive as a party unless we are on the same page everywhere. We are a party of compassion and not a dictatorship as Mike and others have charged.

One more thing! Suppose the entire country rebels against this plan someday? Won’t that destroy the party?

Who controls the water Mike? Who controls code enforcement? Who controls the police? Do you think anybody will continue a rebellion when they suddenly face huge fines or have their water shut off? This is a win-win situation for the democrat party. It is a plan to take control of these entities and does not mention our roll in health and welfare, or environmental programs. No one can justify attacking our party for doing good things. Think about it and you will see it is true.

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Learn About Sex Offenders in Your Neighborhood

February 13th, 2007 by Halli

There has been a movement nationally to make sex offender information available to everyone. Idaho residents have several resources.

Our best is provided by our own Idaho State Police. This is complete with photos, convictions, addresses, and dates. There is a separate list of violent sexual offenders.

Another great site is Family Watchdog, which has national information, mapping all 50 states. You can even sign up for free updates which will let you know when new sex offenders move into your neighborhood. There is also information to help you educate your children in safety precautions.

Do your own search – you will quite likely find a familiar face on the registry that you weren’t expecting. While unsettling, it is best to be armed with the knowledge, and warn your children.

One of my daughters found that the man teaching her Sunday School class has a 2005 conviction for a sex offense. Perhaps you’d better view these lists sitting down.

It is important to note that individuals on these registries should not be harassed or intimidated. In fact, in Idaho, those actions are also criminal offenses. However, it is best to be forewarned.

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